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grade 9 blended learning reach ahead math program at SJAM

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  • Blended learning uses the tools of the provincial learning management system (LMS) to teach and support learning in a face-to-face class. Through blended learning, K-12 students can access high-quality course materials, course calendars, and assignments during and outside school hours.Students can also take part in face-to-face lessons and communicate with their teacher and classmates using a suite of secure online tools inside the password-protected LMS. These tools help students learn or review key concepts, stay organized, show what they have learned, submit assignments, track their achievement, and communicate with others. This suite of online secure tools includes:
  • Number Sense and Algebrademonstrate an understanding of the exponent rules of multiplication and division, and apply them to simplify expressions;manipulate numerical and polynomial expressions, and solve first-degree equations. Linear Relationsapply data-management techniques to investigate relationships between two variables;demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of a linear relation;connect various representations of a linear relation.Analytic Geometrydetermine the relationship between the form of an equation and the shape of its graph with respect to linearity and non-linearity;determine, through investigation, the properties of the slope and y-intercept of a linear relation;solve problems involving linear relations.Measurement and Geometrydetermine, through investigation, the optimal values of various measurements;solve problems involving the measurements of two-dimensional shapes and the surface areas and volumes of three-dimensional figures
  • Reach ahead pres

    1. 1. Grade 9Math Program SJAM February 2013
    2. 2. Learning Goals… I will be aware and appreciate the educational value of the program I will be able to review the program and be able to make an informed decision with respect to my child’s participation Should my child participate, I will be able to support my child in the process through ongoing communication with teacher and school
    3. 3. Polleverywhere On your device …  Go to Or on our iPads…  Mlula’s polls in my folder on each device
    4. 4. Blended Learning
    5. 5. Advantages… Earn a high school math credit now in Grade 8 Access online content anywhere and anytime - home, school, public library, relatives, etc Face to face lessons with teacher Online content to further reinforce concepts Engaging technological integration Open communication between gr 9 teacher, gr 8 teachers, administrators and parents
    6. 6. Big Ideas… Number Sense and Algebra  Linear Relations  Analytic Geometry  Measurement and Geometry
    7. 7. What is d2L? Click to see D2L…
    8. 8. d2L
    9. 9. d2L
    10. 10. Online Integration Thatquiz, quizlet, khan  And on iPad.. academy,, man  Quizard lite gahigh, explorelearning  Various apps: sketchpad, graphing calculator,  Creation tools such as: comic touch, photo wall  Screencasting with educreations
    11. 11. Face to face learning Differentiated instruction to  Interactive whiteboard with accommodate different engaging whole class or learning styles small group activities to reinforce concepts Group work and collaboration for problem solving Gaming for making connections
    12. 12. Google forms… Tell us about you and your son/daughter On the iPad,  With your son/daughter, please complete the survey
    13. 13. Contact InformationEmail: @m_lula