Creating dynamic conference sessions hcea 2013


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Presentation at HCEA June 2013 with JoAnne Harris of American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

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  • Shout-outs from audience
  • Anecdotes and stories, fear, noveltyOutline the session first, and tell where each new idea fits in the outline HierarchySpotlight one thing at a time10 minute rule
  • What it tends to be: 3 15-minute ppt presentations
  • A true panel discussion. No ppt; moderator encouraging discussion
  • How do we get there?
  • Matt Lauer and Bobby Brown
  • Brian Polis at PivotEvery industry has journalists you can tap to be an interviewerTwo peersFire-side chat
  • grouping by topic several speakers who each present
  • First slide of PechaKucha section
  • West Hartford, CT Town Hall about Healthcare Reform
  • Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas
  • Melinda:
  • Creating dynamic conference sessions hcea 2013

    1. 1. Creating Dynamic ConferenceSessionsJoAnn HarrisDirector, Educational ServicesDivisionAmerican Society of Health-SystemPharmacistsMelinda KendallVice President, Business SolutionsFreeman
    2. 2. Polling questionWhat piece of the industry do you represent?Event managementExhibit managementVendor/HotelOther
    3. 3. What we will cover• Learning and accreditation standards• Engagement techniques• Session formats that engage• How do we get there?
    4. 4. Learning:Accredited Healthcare ProvidersACE AARC CCMC CME CNE CPE PACE etc.Standards in Place• Needs Assessment• Practice Gaps• Active Learning
    5. 5. Learning: Cognitive PsychologyThe brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things.1. Emotions get our attention2. Meaning before details3. The brain cannot multitask4. The brain needs a breakBrain Rules, by John Medina
    6. 6. Audience Response• Hand Raising• Response Cards• Technology– Audience Response System– Event App– Poll Everywhere
    7. 7. Audience Engagement• Think, Pair, Share• Table break-out discussions• Full-room discussions• Games, activities
    8. 8. Session FormatsDiscussion:What session formats are there?
    9. 9. Poll: What session formats does yourevent currently use?• Single presenter• Panel• Workshop• Town Hall• Interview• Debate(hand raising)
    10. 10. Panel
    11. 11. TV Panel Discussion
    12. 12. Event Panel Discussion
    13. 13. TV Interview
    14. 14. Event Interview
    15. 15. Likelihood to Implement Interview?A. Very LikelyB. MaybeC. I’ll think about itD. Probably notE. Not on your life(Audience participation cards)
    16. 16. Short Topics
    17. 17. Short Topics• Lightning Talks: 5 to 10 minute limit• TED Conference: 18 minutes• PCMA 2012: 3 Twenty-minute keynotes
    18. 18. ASHP Clinical Pearl SessionsOne idea, concept, or fact that has been useful inday-to-day practice, and may not be widelyknown, understood, published, or taught.Overall Session Topic5-minute IntroductionFive 5-minute PearlsTen-minute Q & AFive 5-minute PearlsTen-minute Q & AFive 5-minute PearlsTen-minute Q & ATwo-Hour Session
    19. 19. Pecha Kucha20 seconds per slide20 slides
    20. 20. Engage the AudienceBeginPechaKucha
    21. 21. Engage the Audience• Town Hall• Fireside Chat• Salon• Structured Discussions• Working Group• Campground
    22. 22. Town Hall
    23. 23. Town Hall Q&A
    24. 24. Fireside Chat
    25. 25. Fireside Chat
    26. 26. Structured Discussion
    27. 27. Structured DiscussionBrainstormingProblem solvingExecutive roundtablesIndustry issues
    28. 28. Working Groups
    29. 29. Working GroupsAIHA Breakthrough Thinking Challenge• Important issue in Industrial Hygiene• Panel of experts– Introduces issue– Sets guidelines• Break-out groups solve issue• Compete to present to board
    30. 30. Campgrounds
    31. 31. Campgrounds
    32. 32. Case StudyExpert outlines the situationAudience quizzes the expertAudience figures out the solution
    33. 33. Case StudyIndustrial HygieneUnsolved Mysteries
    34. 34. Hands-On Training
    35. 35. Hands-On Training
    36. 36. Hands-On Training
    37. 37. Demonstrations
    38. 38. Engage the AudienceTapping the expertise in the roomGetting details from expertsNews-related informationQuestion and answerProblem solvingHands-on trainingDemonstrationsEnd of Pecha Kucha
    39. 39. Salon
    40. 40. Reality TV ThemeSetting the record straight.Preparing for new regulations in the industry.Becoming a scientific writerWinning methods forsolving therapeuticdilemmas
    41. 41. Car Talk
    42. 42. Project Runway
    43. 43. TV Debate
    44. 44. Are Debates Appropriate forAssociation Events?Moderator: Chris MetzgerPro JoAnn Harris 1 minuteCon Melinda Kendall 1 minuteRebuttal Pro JoAnn Harris 30 secondsRebuttal Con Melinda Kendall 30 seconds“The Great Debate” Debate
    45. 45. Who Won?Yes, debates are appropriate to my event!No, certainly not!
    46. 46. Talking Head
    47. 47. Powerpoint Principles• Healthcare presenters like lots of data• Healthcare presenters need guidance• Provide guidance to presentersFor example:• Fewer words on slides• Font size• Use graphs, incorporate pictures
    48. 48. How do we get there?• Session formats• Call for proposals• Best speakers• Industry experts• Industry journalists/moderators• Timely or controversial topics– Trends– Technology– Regulations– Challenges
    49. 49. SummaryThink about engagementDesign your sessionsInvite great speakersInvite real discussionDon’t be boring
    50. 50.