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Community Mapping

  1. 1. MAPLE RIDGE,BRITISH COLUMBIA Community mapping presentation 2011 By: Melina Dale
  2. 2. Maple Ridge Located 45 KM east of Vancouver, Maple Ridge is asmall town that is well known for its beautiful scenery and countryside. This town is full of people ranging from all different races, genders, and ages. Together, this community can accomplish great things.Although, there are a few things within the community that could use some work.
  4. 4. GREG MOORE YOUTH CENTREThe Greg Moore youth centre provides a safeplace for youth to be rather than out roaming the streets. It contains a calibre gymnasium, swimming pools, a sauna, rauqetball courts,and a games room. The youth centre is open daily and provides many other services for youth in the community other than fitness and fun.
  5. 5. Other services the Greg Moore Youth Centre offers include :y night dances for teens aged 12-18 Rock ClimbingBabysitting courses Skateboarding Outreach Initiative Program Leadership courses Counselling Movie Nights Basketball Soccer
  6. 6. Social Services of Maple RidgeThe ministry of family services and developmenthas an office in Maple Ridge for children andfamilies who are not functioning to their fullpotential. I made a visit to this office to find moreinformation about what programs they offer tofamilies and teens who are seeking help. When Ientered this office I felt very comfortable as I wasimmediately greeted by the receptionist. I noticedmany posters directed towards teenagers aboutsex, drugs, and smoking. As I was talking to thereceptionist she informed me of a few places andprograms which help the teens and families whogo there on a regular basis.
  7. 7. The Iron horse safe house is one of the places that the receptionist at family services told meabout. This is a safe house for teenagers aged 13- 18. It is a five bedroom house which opened onJune 15, 2005. Over 640 teens have stayed in thesafe house since then. The safe house provides a bed, shelter, and food for those who can not have it provided or provide it for themselves.Teens can stay there for up to one month as long as they follow the rules of no drug and alcohol use and a 9 o`clock curfew.
  8. 8. Counselling The receptionist at family services mentioned that many families get referred to family counselling. Some counselling agencies which she told me about include:• Generate hope counselling services• New hope counselling• Touch stone counselling
  9. 9. Teen Parent Program Maple Ridge Secondary School provides a program for teen parents who wish to complete their high school education. The teens can take self-paced or regular paced courses through the school while they areprovided with free, fully licensed daycare on the school grounds.
  10. 10. MEALS ON WHEELSMeals on wheels is a program that deliversmeals to the elderly or disabled who liveindependently. Meals are delivered Mondaythrough Friday between 11:30 am and 1:00pm. Extra meals can be provided for holidaysand other special events. Participants in thisprogram receive each meal for only $6.50. Allmeals are hot, nutritious and have beenprepared by the Maple Ridge Senior Centre.
  11. 11. St. George Anglican Street Ministry Through the help of many volunteers, St .George`s can provide soup or a hot meal, sandwiches and coffee to over fifty homeless people every Saturday evening, throughout the whole year.
  12. 12. The Salvation ArmyThe Salvation Army is a great help for many of theunderprivileged people in Maple Ridge. TheSalvation Army helps provide shelter and clothingfor those who cannot afford it. They will soon bebuilding a `Salvation Army Caring Place` forfamilies who do not have a comfortable or safehome to live in. There is a salvation army store inMaple Ridge which collects clothes for the lessfortunate as well as sells them, with the profitsgoing towards those who need it most.
  13. 13. COMMUNITY CLEANING The Maple Ridge community has many homeless and drug addicted people running around its streets. Because of this, there are parts of the city that have been very run down and not kept up to par. Peoplegenerally try to avoid these areas but, not too long ago the Maple Ridge council bought 10 run down properties. They tore town the houses and other infrastructure on these properties and are now prepping them for new houses. While much of thepopulation believes this would be a better spot for new stores or a new shopping center, the majority of thecommunity is happy that these run down houses in the heart of the city are finally gone.
  14. 14. Diversity in the CommunityMaple Ridge is a very diverse community. From the people,to the shops and restaurants you will never find anything or anyone who is the same. Most people in this community accept the diversity and the fact that everyone has the same rights, although there is a select few people who donot agree with that. Personally, I enjoy the fact that I can go into this community and meet new people of all different ethnicities. I also enjoy that in the community you can experience all different kinds of culture. There are Chinese stores that sell tradition Chinese art, your tradition American clothing stores, and all different types of placesto eat such as: Thai food, Greek food, Japanese food, Italian food, Chinese food, and American food.
  15. 15. Events and HolidaysEvents and Holidays really seem to bring thiscommunity together. Weather its the Olympics orCanada Day, there always seems to be some sortof celebration. The community puts on manyevents such as concerts, festivals, and familygatherings throughout the year. They host theseevents at memorial park, a small park beside themunicipal hall. Thousands of people come out tothese events with their families and friends andhave a great time!
  16. 16. Helping Ourselves, Help OthersAs mentioned earlier, Maple Ridge has manyhomeless and drug addicted people wandering itsstreets. One of the main reasons for this is thatthere are very few places that they can go toreceive help and shelter. Maple Ridge is indesperate need of a rehabilitation center forthose who wish to receive the much needed help.Although there is many people who do not wantthe help there is just as many that do, but areclueless on how to receive it. It needs to be madeclear to these people that help is available.
  17. 17. BullyingI have been told, and witnessed myself that bullying is alarge problem in this community. There are many childrenwho are not as fortune as others and they seem to be putdown an awful lot because of it. People are also bulliedbecause of family traditions, their ethnicities, etc. Bullyinggenerally starts in schools and is then carried out in moreserious and violent matters. I think the schools in thiscommunity must take bullying as more of a serious offencethan they currently are. Perhaps, they could have classesthat teach kids the effects that bullying can have onchildren. They could also teach the children about othercultures and why things are that way in certain cultures. Ithink that would help the bullying situation in thiscommunity quite a bit.
  18. 18. More Shops, More JobsThe Maple Ridge community is growing quickly.With the rapid rate that it is growing at, there ismore people than jobs. Many people in thecommunity must commute to other communitiesin order to work. There is currently two verysmall malls in this community. Maple Ridge needsa new shopping center. The community has beentold for years that they will be receiving one but,it has yet to happen. New houses continue to bebuilt and if the city council doesn’t decide tobuild the new shopping center soon, this city willsoon be very over populated.
  19. 19. CRIME RATEThe crime rate in this community has been rapidlyclimbing within the past few months. Lately there hasbeen many crimes ranging from armed robbery andtheft to manslaughter and seventeen-eighteen year oldboys being stabbed. When asked, citizens of thecommunity said that “it is absolutely ridiculous, thepolice really need to step up their enforcement” and“its so sad to hear about everything that is happening,you would think it would be an eye-opener to thegeneral public”. The crime rate has gotten so bad thatthere have even been incidents of teens being“jumped” outside of the police station.