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Chemistry periodic table presentation


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Melina Munton Per 8 chemistry Minarets high school.

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Chemistry periodic table presentation

  1. 1. Periodic Table presented by Melina Munton
  2. 2. Dimitri MendeleevIn 1869 he was the first to publish the Periodic table ofelements although another scientist had a similar tableHe wrote down each element, and put ones with similarproperties under earlier ones.
  3. 3. organizationThis is a group This is a Period Goes in order of atomic mass
  4. 4. Helium#2Hemass of 2
  5. 5. Heliumit is in ba#oons and starsIt is named a$er the greek sun god Helios
  6. 6. Mercury#80Hgmass~201
  7. 7. MercuryIt is used in thermometers and lights.It is one of 2 elements that are liquids at roomtemperature
  8. 8. Nickel#28Nimass of ~58.7
  9. 9. NickelIt is mostly in a#oys such as stainless steel.It is one of only 4 elements magnetic at room temperature
  10. 10. works cited