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2. cmu babs dissertation briefing


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2. cmu babs dissertation briefing

  1. 1. CMU BABSDissertations
  2. 2. Remember!Your supervisor is yourbest friend... figuratively!
  3. 3. Marking SchemeCriteria Max MarksObjectives 15Secondary Information 20Primary Information 20Analysis 20Conclusions/Recommendations 10Originality 10Presentation 5Total 100
  4. 4. Expected StructureTitle Page:• Title of study• Who is submitting• To whom• Date of submissionDeclaration
  5. 5. Expected StructureAcknowledgements???Executive SummaryTable of ContentsList of Figures, Charts and Tables
  6. 6. Expected StructureChapter One - Introduction• Background to Study• Rationale and Significance• Aims and Objectives• Research Questions OR Hypotheses• Signposting (Chapter Previews)
  7. 7. Expected StructureChapter 2 – Literature ReviewRelated concepts, theories and modelsChapter 3 – Research Methodology1. What are the concepts related to ResearchMethodology?2. What methods have you used?3. Why did you choose them? How did you implementthem?4. What are the limitations and ethical issues you werefaced with?
  8. 8. Expected StructureChapter 4 – background of Company, Industry,Country...(depending on topic)Chapter 5 – Data and Analysis• Secondary Data• Primary Data• Analysis• Findings
  9. 9. Expected StructureChapter 6 – Conclusion and Recommendations• Summary of Findings• Responses to Research Questions/Hypotheses• Recommendations• Basis for Further Research
  10. 10. Expected StructureReference ListBibliographyAppendices
  11. 11. Rules to Follow• Use correct English and good grammar• Use British English not American English• Avoid slepping errors• Use diagrams and figures where necessary (incolour)• Relate appendices to content• Primary data is compulsory• Paraphrase, paraphrase, paraphrase
  12. 12. Rules to Follow• Word Limit – 15,000• Good presentation skills• Third person reporting style• 2 printed copies (hard bound), 1 soft copyand submission on the student portal
  14. 14. Dear Student,I am writing to you to warn you of our increasing concerns about plagiarism – particularlyduring the dissertation part of your course. This practice of using another student’s work orpassing off established texts as one’s own work is a very serious mistake. It will not betolerated either by us or by our University partners -- and guilty students are dealt with veryfirmly . Students should understand that we have very clear systems to detect plagiarism .it is also unacceptable because the integrity, value and standard of all of our degreesdepend on them being based on every student producing their own very best effort.This warning is important because we are dealing with five cases at the moment,under our student disciplinary system, and these have also been reported to ourpartner university . Students who are guilty of plagiarism face a number of seriouspenalties—possible immediate termination from the course, the student visaextension being refused, possible re-submission having to take place from the homecountry and –even if permitted to re-submit, an additional student fee of £1000 beingcharged.We trust that all students will take notice of this warning, as we strongly advise youthat it is in the best interests of all students to comply with our assessmentregulations.John Phillips.International Development Manager,The London School of Commerce Group.