Online Marketing Trends 2014


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Online Marketing Trends 2014

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  • These trends are recommendations of key areas of investment to consider to improve performance in 2013. Focused on improving commercial performance.Sharing examples of performance data.
  • In 2013 we reviewed top level trends which was useful, but if we repeated the poll at this level today, for 2014 we would get similar results.
  • The three core areas of investment in marketing for 2014 are likely to continue to be Mobile and Content Marketing and Big Data. I would like to think that Conversion Rate Optimisation and Marketing Automation would increase in investment since these are about process and improving performance, so can potentially offer lower risk returns than other activities.
  • In my review of areas of increased investment in 2014 I’m going to drill down into more detail than the previous year to focus on specific customer engagement and targeting techniques that can be applied across customer lifecycle touchpoints as defined by our RACE planning frameworks.
  • How Digital Marketing integrates with other marketing channels is the biggest challenge of implementing digital marketing for me, more important than any specific channels. It requires leaders to define a vision of how channels will integrate and the transformation needed in people, process, tools and metrics to make the most of digital marketing. In other words, it needs a long-term strategy. In 2011, when we launched Smart Insights Expert membership we defined these 11 factors for success that we believe are important. In 2013 Econsultancy developed their Modern Marketing manifesto which I recommend as a way of thinking through different performance drivers that need to be harnessed for integration. Modern Marketing has been adopted by other vendors like Oracle/Eloqua with the “Modern Mark” persona which is a neat device, but I personally dislike “Modern Marketing” as a label since it’s a tautology – current marketing is always model. Instead I prefer to think of what’s needed for Digital Transformation to Integrated or Multichannel marketing..
  • When I talk to Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Managers at large organisations they have a 3 year look ahead, updated more frequently looking at these type of key issues.
  • Growth hacking is a concept from startup companies that is being applied more to larger organisations in 2013. Digital marketers may know it has CRO, but it’s broader than this, looking at testing different business models and refining Product offering and Pricing models too. We recommend the success factor mapping technique based on Ishikawa as a way of defining investment in platforms and activities to drive growth.
  • Modern Marketing naturally focuses on the customer and we’ve seen more focus on use of Customer Personas to help here. Our customer persona toolkit is one of the most popular practical resources on Smart Insights.In 2014 I expect the trend to more focus on managing the total customer experience to continue. From a focus on first touchpoint User Experience and usability to touchpoint mapping across customer journeys and through the customer lifecycle to post sales support and customer service.
  • As defined in my books since 2001, defining the right online value propositions for different personas has been key to online engagement, so I was interested in the examples of YouTility described by Jay Baer in his new book where content and interactive tools are developed to deliver the OVP.
  • The majority of trends and techniques and recommendations are in Reach since gaining attention within increase of media channels is biggest challenge.
  • 2013 has seen a growth in targeting options in each of Facebook (e.g. Promoted Posts, Custom Audiences, FBX), LinkedIn (Sponsored Updates adding to targeted ads) and Twitter (Keyword, Interest, Device and Geographic targeting of Promoted posts), these have given many more options to target the user particularly on mobile devices where the majority of social media interactions occur today in many consumer markets.
  • Google’s earlier developments to bring customer touchpoint point modelling to the mainstream have been added to in 2013 by the new Attribution modeling tool and journey analysis.
  • With Google’s new enhanced campaigns having a large impact on CPC (for example, Greenlight has seen a 30% increase in CPC since Enhanced campaigns) through enhancing competition working out the best way to adjust bids for mobile will be a source of attention for many consumer brands.
  • iOS6 accounts for 90% of iOSSearch visits
  • In 2013 Twitter’s 6 second Vine videos, the Instagram equivalent and Snapchat have become increasingly important with many brands trialling campaigns. This isn’t a fundamental trend that will help transform most businesses though and there is a danger in chasing these “Shiny Objects” as Jeff Bezos has them.
  • Search continues to be a major driver of visits, leads and sales for many businesses, so it’s important that companies, or their agencies are on top of the latest changes in the Google algorithm. I recommend the 10 factors in the Search Engine Journal summary for the best practical guidance in 10 areas, you can look at the SEOmozfactors, but this is more technical, less practical.
  • Learning objectives are in two areas – first related to the experience on different platforms and then the content to engage the audiencePlatforms include desktop, but also mobile and social
  • Sales of 1 billion
  • Doug Kessler – Velocity Partners
  • In the SEO recommendations, there is a big focus on how to achieve content quality and social signals, so attention on how to develop what Neil Patel calls “Epic” content, MichaelStelzman calls “Nuclear” content should be a strategic focus of marketing in 2014. Take a look at our Content Marketing matrix to review the options..
  • The development of more interactive content marketing techniques will be a trend in 2014 – take a look at this interactive dashboard from Econsultancy as an example.
  • Of course Content Marketing is two words and I think marketers’ efforts often focus too much on the Content rather than the Marketing – I think we’re guilty of that. More investment in resource to help with outreach and partnership will help here.
  • There are some really interesting examples of mobile responsive landing pages being developed - rather than traditional, static form based pages every interesting to see how these develop in 2014. Take a look at these examples from Google and They both use a model of a scrolling approach so they work across device. A bit like old-school squeeze pages, but more immersive through the styling and use of imagery and video.
  • Learning objectives are in two areas – first related to the experience on different platforms and then the content to engage the audiencePlatforms include desktop, but also mobile and social
  • When Chris Goward of Wider Funnel asked recently “when did you last update your website?” Over 50% haven’t done a major update in the last year – shocking! In the talk I describe our approach to 90 day planning and Evolutionary site design.
  • The increased use of mobile technology means that all structured testing and experiments need to take this into account too. It becomes more important to segment your CRO efforts and test on tablet and smartphone. I recommend this deck by Chris Coward on mobile CRO.
  • We are regularly advising on better use of analytics on Smart Insights. Google have released a number of improvements in 2013 to encourage this like Universal Analytics, Advanced segments and improvements to conversion attribution modelling. We hope this means they’ll that there will be deeper use of analytics in 2014.
  • Learning objectives are in two areas – first related to the experience on different platforms and then the content to engage the audiencePlatforms include desktop, but also mobile and social
  • To develop the customer best experiences you have to go beyond the hard data from analytics and get real feedback from real customers. The use of tools to help with this should increase too as companies take a more holistic approach to CRO.
  • While discussion of using the individual social platforms will, continue a more holistic approach looking at integrating social media with web and email touch points should continue as part of Social CRM.
  • Throughout this review mobile has played an important part and email marketing is no exception since the data shows the majority of email interactions are now in Mobile for consumer brands. So getting the mobile experience right through responsive design as shown in this post is where many companies will focus if they haven’t already.
  • I’ve been recommending the use of the event-triggered email marketing or what we now call behaviour email for many years. The increased focus on marketing automation means that more sophisticated programs will be developed.
  • Data on channel attribution shows that for retailers email is usually one of the top three sales drivers weather first touch for last touch. It’s also important for generating sales for many other types of business. Perhaps some of the social media and content marketing budgets should be allocated to more sophisticated testing like the examples that we look at in our email marketing course and 7 Steps Guide.
  • Our final trend is one of the most exciting, but also one of the most frightening, that I think will be discussed a lot in 2014 as Google Glass goes on sale. Marketing applications of Glass and its impact on search will be limited, but one Glass app, Glashion, was recently released this week where you can snap clothing and bags of footwear of other passers-by and then complete a comparison shop. Is that exciting or scrary?
  • Online Marketing Trends 2014

    1. 1. Briefing Digital Marketing Trends 2014 Download: #marketingtrends2014 Dr Dave Chaffey 1 Trends Briefing
    2. 2. About Dave Chaffey  Books  Online advice and consulting • • • • About Dave Chaffey A professional trainer in E-marketing since 1997 Author of 5 bestselling marketing books now in their 4th and 5th edition Manages a marketing advice site with paid members in over 50 countries Insights Director at agency ClickThrough Marketing 2 Trends Briefing
    3. 3. Share your ideas on innovation in marketing to win! #marketingtrends2014 3 Trends Briefing
    4. 4. 4 Trends Briefing
    5. 5. 22 Trends and recommendations structured around RACE Planning 5 Trends Briefing
    6. 6.  PLAN Trend 1: Defining Future vision of “Modern” or Integrated Marketing 6 Trends Briefing
    7. 7. 2011           1. Digital marketing is Marketing 2. You need a strategy 3. Measurement and optimisation to improve commercial results are the foundation 4. Joined-up customer-centred marketing is essential 5. Keep communications human 6. Be agile 7. Inbound marketing trumps outbound marketing 8. Engagement is the real challenge 9. Think Global, Act Local 10. Markets are conversations  PLAN 2013            1. Strategy 2. Commercial 3. Customer Experience 4. Integration 5. Brand 6. Data 7. Personalisation 8. Technology 9. Content 10. Social 11. Character 7 Trends Briefing
    8. 8.  PLAN Recommendation: Create a Success Map for Digital Marketing Define what is core to your Vision Example of Ishikawa or Fishbone diagram Growth Hacking post Trend 2: Managing performance drivers through growth hacking 8 Trends Briefing
    9. 9.  PLAN Source: Richard Sedley Trend 3: CXM: Investment in Marketing Personas and touchpoint mapping 9 Trends Briefing
    10. 10.  PLAN Audience use of digital and social media > Personas Commercial goals > Customer engagement > OVP > Marketing Mix Branded Content Marketing Strategy Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Integrated Digital platform tactics and tools OVP = Online Value Proposition = Brand Adding Value to Audience  Help me do my job / live my life  Help me develop / learn  Help Make me look good  Help Entertain Me!  Help me Select and Use Products Trend 4: Investment in Brand OVP/YouTility 10 Trends Briefing
    11. 11. Improving Reach Key Trends  Increased micro-targeting options  Mobile targeting  Engagement through Visual Apps  Quality SEO signals 11 Trends Briefing
    12. 12.  REACH Selecting the best communications mix 12 Trends Briefing
    13. 13.  REACH Q. Which media work best for you? 13 Trends Briefing
    14. 14. Investment (resource needed)  REACH AdWords Facebook custom audiences Influencer PR FBX Retargeting Facebook Promoted Posts Sponsored Tweets SEO Media related PR AdWords Remarketing Social amplification Instagram Integrated engagement campaigns Vertical niche campaigns Blog marketing Effectiveness (potential sales volume) Trend 5: Increased in paid, owned, earned media targeting 14 Trends Briefing
    15. 15.  REACH Recommendation: Use Google’s Multichannel Funnels and Attribution Models to report effective touchpoints Trend 6: Use of attribution to assess media effectiveness 15 Trends Briefing
    16. 16. Recommendation: Review average touches per order and Number of channels per order to understand consumer behaviour 16 Trends Briefing
    17. 17. Trend 7. Mobile user online ad investment 17 Trends Briefing
    18. 18. Recommendation: Account for “Not Provided” and iOS6 in deep analysis. 18 Trends Briefing
    19. 19. Trend 8. Engagement through visual apps + content 19 Trends Briefing
    20. 20. 20 Trends Briefing
    21. 21. Jeff Bezos on Shiny Objects "There are always shiny things. A company shouldn’t get addicted to being shiny, because shiny doesn’t last. You really want something that’s much deeperkeeled. You want your customers to value your service. Wired Interview 21 Trends Briefing
    22. 22. SEO Trends?      1. Content – requires depth and detail “Epic/Nuclear” 2. Different types of content give traction 3. Author authority and social signals matters 4. Links remain critical, but bar for quality keeps going up. 5. Diverse anchor text needed after Penguin      6. Great design matters 7. Guest posting comes under increased scrutiny 8. Social continues to exert a powerful influence 9. Mobile performance and compatibility matter 10. SEO is less tactics, more strategy Source: Search Engine Journal, MoZ ranking factors Trend 9. SEO Signals = Content, author and outreach quality 22 Trends Briefing
    23. 23. Increasing InterACTion Key trends  Interactive content marketing  Investment in outreach  Immersive-responsive landing pages 23 Trends Briefing
    24. 24. Growth example: 24 Trends Briefing
    25. 25. 25 Trends Briefing
    26. 26. Using content to drive growth – B2C 26 Trends Briefing
    27. 27. The Content marketing / engagement challenge Slideshare: Doug Kessler - Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge. 27 Trends Briefing
    28. 28. Criteria?  Rev/visit  Demand+ lead gen  Amplify  Brand fit  SEO  Longevity Trend 10. Evaluation of content and social media marketing investments 28 Trends Briefing
    29. 29. Matrix Presentation title Author's name 22 December, 2013 Confidential 29 Trends Briefing
    30. 30. Trend 11. Interactive content marketing 30 Trends Briefing
    31. 31. Trend 12. Investment in Outreach and Partnership 31 Trends Briefing
    32. 32.  ACT Trend 13. More immersive mobile responsive landing pages 32 Trends Briefing
    33. 33. 33 Trends Briefing
    34. 34. 34 Trends Briefing
    35. 35. Increasing Conversion Key trends  Evolutionary site design / growth hacking  Mobile CRO  Improvements to Universal Analytics 35 Trends Briefing
    36. 36. Source: Chris Goward - WiderFunnel Trend 14: Evolutionary site design 36 Trends Briefing
    37. 37. Example: 90 Day planning across RACE Q2. Mid-funnel page tests using Google content experiments Source: Strategy into Action Q3. Home page enhancement and Pippity pop-up lead generation 37 Trends Briefing
    38. 38. Recommendation: Review leads, sales from different device, resolution Advanced Segments Trend 15: Mobile CRO 38 Trends Briefing
    39. 39. Browse vs. purchase channels 120% 100% 80% 60% Browse 40% Purchase 20% 0% Store Website msite Apps 88% Debenhams customers use mobile to browse vs. 12% purchase The challenge of Mobile CRO 39 Trends Briefing
    40. 40.  Vision on Left…  In place 2014:  Universal Analytics giving:  Data import – Measurement Protocol  Cross-device tracking  Advanced Segments Updates e.g. cohorts  Improvements to custom report dashboards  Attribution modeling now mainstream Trend 16: Deeper use of analytics 40 Trends Briefing
    41. 41. Also use Multichannel Funnel reports to help with budget allocation 41 Trends Briefing
    42. 42. Source: Occam’s Razor Avinash Kaushik 42 Trends Briefing
    43. 43. Improving Engagement Key trends  Customer satisfaction and feedback  Social media marketing  Engaging Email marketing  Wearable computing and lifelogging 43 Trends Briefing
    44. 44. Trend 17: Customer feedback tools mainstream 44 Trends Briefing
    45. 45. Trend 18: Integration through Social CRM 45 Trends Briefing
    46. 46. Trend 17: Mobile email popularity 46 Trends Briefing
    47. 47. % Email Opens across desktop and mobile Location: Published / Surveyed: Sample: Source: Worldwide July 2013 Collected from 250 million email opens Litmus Feb 2012-June 2013 Original source: Litmus blog 47 Trends Briefing
    48. 48. Trend 20: Marketing Automation. Behavioural email gets serious! 48 Trends Briefing
    49. 49. Source: Philips presenting on Trend 21: Email testing increases in sophistication 49 Trends Briefing
    50. 50. Using event-triggered emails – Marketing Automation / Re-marketing example  1. Generic branded follow-up email : +10% conversion rate.  2. Personalised remarketing email with a promotional code for a 5% discount time limited to 72 hours: +100% conversion rate.  3. Personalised remarketing email with a promotional code for a 5% discount time limited to 48 hours: +200% conversion rate. Source: Smart Insights: Email re-marketing 50 Trends Briefing
    51. 51. Source: Econsultancy Trend 21: Leaders blend responsive design + content + relevance 51 Trends Briefing
    52. 52. Trend 22: Wearable tech and lifelogging 52 Trends Briefing
    53. 53. 53 Trends Briefing
    54. 54. Let’s Connect! Questions & discussion welcome  Blog  Feeds ghts  Email Newsletter 54 Trends Briefing