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08 disrupt


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A lecture by Melih Arat

Published in: Business, Technology
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08 disrupt

  1. 1. A lecture by Melih Arat – Disrupt Think the Unthinkable to Spark Tranformation in Your Business Luke Williams
  2. 2. A lecture by Melih Arat – melarat.blogspot.comThe old mantra, ‘differentiate, or die,’ is no longer relevant.
  3. 3. A lecture by Melih Arat – The first stage is crafting a disruptive hypothesis.• “I wonder what would happen if we ……………………. .” For example, “What would happen if we sold socks in sets of three where none of them match?”
  4. 4. A lecture by Melih Arat – Creating a disruptive hypotysesis• What do you want to disrupt?• What are the cliches• What are your hypotheses? – What if….
  5. 5. A lecture by Melih Arat –
  6. 6. A lecture by Melih Arat –
  7. 7. A lecture by Melih Arat – Kinect•
  8. 8. A lecture by Melih Arat – The second stage is discovering a disruptive opportunity.• It is about exploring the least obvious. In corporate world, the consumer research is usual, but when it is about discovering an hidden opportunity it is not very functional.
  9. 9. A lecture by Melih Arat – melarat.blogspot.comDiscovering a disruptive opportunity?• What are your observation?• What are your insights?• What are your opportunities
  10. 10. A lecture by Melih Arat – melarat.blogspot.comApple Store
  11. 11. Dutch Boy Paint
  12. 12. The Swiffer
  13. 13. A lecture by Melih Arat – The third stage is generating a disruptive idea.• Opportunity is not the idea; it is an empty space you can use; but you have to find out what you are going to put into this space; and that is the idea.• The cars are traditionally for transportation. The disruptive opportunity is about the car is for entertainment of family.
  14. 14. Playing videogame in the back seat
  15. 15. A lecture by Melih Arat – The Template for Disruptive Idea• Label: What is it?• User: Who is it?• Benefit: What is the use of it?• Method: How?• Different: Really?
  16. 16. A lecture by Melih Arat – melarat.blogspot.comThe fourth stage is shaping a disruptive solution.• This stage needs a practical and feasible solution. There are millions of good ideas; but a few solutions. Because solutions are always feasible, practical and applicable.• The prototypes are good for this stage. The prototypes are like dresses of ideas. You can see one idea works or not. You can easily understand if it is ergonomic, functional, desirable, elegant or vice versa.
  17. 17. A lecture by Melih Arat – Shaping a Disruptive Solution• Learn what do people really think – Use an unconventional research method like in-depth interviews – focus on what is not said• Which idea should you move forward – Set up review team – Visualize a solution• What is your solution – Create a storyboard – Create a mock up – Produce a series of photos or video scenes.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. A lecture by Melih Arat – The fifth stage is making a disruptive pitch.• Disruptive solutions are big problems to sell. Because they are disruptive. Before the customers the people in one company will be against a disruptive solution. Because as the disruptive solution means it is against tradition and clichés in one business.• The author suggest to prepare a 9 minute pitch that take audience to a thought phase “Hey, this is a great idea! How do we implement it?”
  20. 20. A lecture by Melih Arat – melarat.blogspot.com1. The Status Quo (Printing needs and printers)2. The Observations (ownership of a functional printer + paper)3. The Story (what if no ink, no paper, no printer-great problem)4. Tell them what they don’t know (there should be an alternative to printing)5. Give them a turning point (the opportunity) (e-mail, txt messaging, sending a barcode)6. Make it familliar (This is a DVD movie, far from theater, you can get it everywhere)7. The Solution8. Make change appealing (the advantages)9. Live them on a high (the ethos) “Think out of socks” “Just do it”