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Contrast of differences between two historical movies


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Contrast of differences between two historical movies

  1. 1. Historical MoviesEnglish 2 (ENGL 0205)Assignment 2Melika Bordbar (0311455)FNBE Jan 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  2. 2. Prewriting:1- The story of love of each movie. The whole stories of both movies2- The environment in both scenes. Where they use to get the movies or which place. Their genres…….3- The ending or how their story will be finish. Good ending or bad ending. Sad or happy endingFNBE Jan 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  3. 3. Contrast of differences essay between “Shakespeare in Love” and“Pride and Prejudice”Two weeks earlier, we were asked to write a compare or contrast essaybetween two movies. We just had to genre to choose which historical and musicalmovies were. Then I chose two historical romance movies which are “Shakespeare inLove” (John Madden 1998) and “Pride and Prejudice” (Joe Wright 2005). After I sawthese two movies my definition of historical romance movies is the history of the lovestory between two persons and it can be happy story or sad story. In my mind historicalmovies in all refers to, the true story which it happened in the past.Deciding between two things is an everyday issue, and we usually end upmaking a decision upon what is the best offer or outcome for us. In this case I amconsidering the differences between two historical romance movies, which are“Shakespeare in Love” and “Pride and Prejudice”. In “Shakespeare in Love” movie it isall about the story of young poet, actor and playwright William Shakespeare struggleswith his latest work “Romeo and Ethel of Pirate’s Daughter”. Young wealthy Viola is agreat fan of Shakespeare’s plays and works. Viola must to be married to the coldhearted Lord Wessex, but constantly dreams of becoming an actress. Women were notallowed to act on stage at that time, but she dressed up herself as a boy and going bythe name of Thomas Kent, Viola successfully auditions for the part of Romeo. SoonWilliam and Viola are caught in a forbidden love that provides rich revelation for hisplay…. . In “Pride and Prejudice” movie it is all about story of life of five Bennet sisters,including strong willed Elizabeth and Jane, they have been raised by their mother withone purpose in their life which is finding a husband. When a wealthy bachelor takes upFNBE Jan 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  4. 4. residence in a nearby mansion, the Bennets are abuzz. Amongst the man’ssophisticated circle of friends, surely there will be no shortage of suitors for the Bennetsisters. But when Elizabeth meets up with the handsome and snobbish Mr. Darcy, thebattle of the sexes is joined. But Mr. Bingley the best friend of Mr. Darcy like Jane, Janealso likes him…. . Contrast of differences in my movies can be three points which arethe love story, environment and the ending in each movie.Firstly, the love stories in these two movies are extremely different. In“Shakespeare in Love” William Shakespeare is an actor, poet and playwright. Actually,this movie show the real life of author William Shakespeare, when he wanted to wrotethe story of “Romeo and Juliet”. In movie William need to be fall in love with a womanfor he can finish his play, “Romeo and Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter”. But he could notfind his true love. One day while they got a test from participants to choose their actors,the latest participant with the name of Thomas Kent started to do the Romeo part andafter finishing he just gone. On that moment, William found he was doing very well andhe is the one for the Romeo’s part. William just ran and follows him and he just arrivedin a big castle. It was a big party there. In the party, William saw a very beautiful andwealthy girl which he fell in love with her at a glance. That girl was a Viola, but she hada fiancé. In fact, Viola was Thomas Kent, but she dressed up herself as a boy and withthe name of Thomas Kent, because women are not allowed to act on stage at that time.After two days, William just knew Thomas Kent was Viola. They loved each other’s andthey had some private dating. Viola also came and acts as Romeo and they exercise ina theater for many days and no one knew about their mystery till one day, somethinghappened and everyone saw Thomas was a girl. Everyone was angry and they stoppedFNBE Jan 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  5. 5. their exercising and Viola went back to go to her marriage. William did so manyadvertising about “Romeo and Juliet” for people to come to theater. On viola’s weddingday, she saw the advertisement and she went to the theater and did her acting as aJuliet and William as a Romeo. Finally William finished his story but they never could betogether. To the opposite of the movie “Pride and Prejudice” the Bennet’s family are apoor family and they have five daughters. The story is more about the two olderdaughter of this family, the strong willed Elizabeth and Jane. Their mother raised themwith one purpose in their life which is finding a husband. A wealthy bachelor Mr. Bingleytakes up residence with his best friend Mr. Darcy nearby a Bennet’s family place. Mr.Bingley and Mr. Darcy wanted to marry, so they got a party and told to their neighborsto come. The Bennet’s family went to this party. When Mr. Bingley and Jane saw eachother’s, they loved and after all they had plane to marry. Mr. Darcy also saw Elizabethand at a glance he loved her, but he was very rabid. Elizabeth also liked him but shewas very proud. After very long story, finally Mr. Darcy told her “I love you”, but she didnot accept him. And again after months, he told her again “I love you”, finally sheaccepted and they had been together. These stories showed the differences of love inthe two movies, how the William and Viola love each other’s whereas Mr. Darcy wasrabid and he was scared to show his love to Elizabeth and also Elizabeth was veryproud, but actually they loved each other’s.The second differences in these movies can be the environment in bothmovies. In “Shakespeare in Love” most scenes are in a theater and some of them in acastle. In this movie William is a playwright and Viola is from a royal family. This moviegenre is romance, drama and comedy. Some part of this movie was comedy but not all,FNBE Jan 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  6. 6. like the scene which someone act as a buffoon in theater. This movie is all about the lifeof famous author William Shakespeare when he wanted to write about “Romeo andJuliet” story. But in “Pride and Prejudice” movie most scenes are in the village and someof them in a city in very big houses. Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley are from a very rich andtraditional family and Jane and Elizabeth are from the poor family and villagers. Themovie genre also is romance and drama but not a comedy movie, and the movie is veryformal. In this movie also can see some traditional religion of England. This movie isfrom a novel and is all about a normal life and normal persons.Last and the most attractive differences is the ending part of movies. In“Shakespeare in love “movie William and Viola are love each other and they know abouttheir feelings. Viola had a fiancé and she must be married to that person because theQueen didn’t let her. At the end, William and Viola never could be together, and Violajust married with Lord Wessex and William Shakespeare continues to write more andmore stories with the supporting of their Queen. To the contrary of the movie “pride andprejudice” Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth love each other’s but they never tell their feelings toeach other’s. After some meeting, Elizabeth found he is not the guy which she wants.Finally after a big story, she found his personality good and she really loves him, accepthis love when for second time he told her “I love you”. These stories showed thedifferences of ending part in the two movies, how the William and Viola love eachother’s but they never could be together whereas Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth after a verylong story they show their loves to each other’s.To conclude, in fact these two movies are historical romance but theirstories are totally different and one of them have a good ending but another one have aFNBE Jan 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  7. 7. bad ending. Also the way of showing love in each movie is totally different, but in bothmovies they fight for their true love. In a brief both “Shakespeare in love” and “Pride andPrejudice” had a lot of differences including difference in the love story, environmentand the ending of each movie.FNBE Jan 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar