Keynote: Building e-Capability


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This presentation accompanied the keynote that I gave on 16 August 2012, to the Taranaki Secondary APDP 'Kidz at the Centre' conference >

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  • 2.00
  • 2.10
  • 2.10
  • 2.15 My story from A School to illustrate that a focus on skills, and on buying infrastructure doesn’t sustain. What was missing?... 5 teams > 5 flag with the 5 headings on them
  • 2.10
  • 2.25 In the middle of a page > Think of a student who has just started - what do we want for them? - jot down 5 words - and now what does this look like in a digital world?
  • 2.35 and now what does this look like in a digital world? citizenship..... e-mature school. Listen for your team’s focus
  • 2.45 What are you doing at the moment - exchange a story.
  • 2.50 eLPF
  • 3.00
  • 2.55 discussion
  • Why are we trying to lift e-capability for our students? Link to vision? And if we don’t? image
  • 2.40
  • 3.10 Story of...?
  • 2.05 My story from Marsden to illustrate that a focus on skills, and on buying infrastructure doesn’t sustain. Come back to this story at the end...
  • 3.25 a takeaway
  • Circle on a print out of the dimensions and explain why - for them or my school?
  • Keynote: Building e-Capability

    1. 1. Raising e-capability: Roadmaps and signpostsKaren Melhuish Spencer @virtuallykaren #kidzatthecentre
    2. 2. No hea au? QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    3. 3. What’s coming up?• What’s important?• e-Learning Planning Framework: the what, the how, the why• Where might you start? Image: nathangibbs
    4. 4. Palm pilots and certificates What is the issue for this school? Image by crdotx
    5. 5. Future-focused learning “wicked problems... highly complex, uncertain, and value-laden” Source: Frame and Brown (2008, p. 226).; image from
    6. 6. What’s important?
    7. 7. Thriving in a digital world What is the role of... • leaders? • teachers? • professional learning? • technologies and infrastructure? • whānau and community? YouTube source: Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation
    8. 8. How will we get our learners ready?How is your school preparing learners’ for a digitised future?
    9. 9. What is the e-LearningPlanning Framework?
    10. 10. A shared, national roadmap➡ where are we?➡ where might gonext?➡ how might weget there? Source:
    11. 11. Emerging Engaging Text Extending Empowering
    12. 12. ✓finding out ✓planning✓investigating ✓teacher- directed✓ICT as add-on Image: DavidDMuir
    13. 13. ✓trialing ✓establishing✓increased focus on learning ✓growingawareness and use Image: Christy Tvarok Green
    14. 14. ✓aligned & strategic ✓integrated✓focus on learning ✓authentic use ✓shared roles ✓whole community Image: Mark Pinder for the Guardian
    15. 15. ✓sustained ✓ubiquitous ✓24/7 ✓higher-order✓community driven ✓networked & blended Image: chesbayprogram
    16. 16. What if ....schools do not strategically integrate digital technologies? Source: alubavin
    17. 17. what’s the point? Opportunity toAccess participatenclusionEquity New pathways to new knowledgeEngagement hrough priorknowledge Civic engagement Source: wakingphotolife
    18. 18. the promise of ultra-fast broadband.... VISION: Connected, capable, lifelong learnersPersonalised learning: e-portfolios, collaboration, flexibility Appropriate choice for teaching and learningServices: LMS, emails, video conferencing, storage... Speed...reliability....volume Fibre to the gate...wireless...switches..routers
    19. 19. it takes a village... Sustained, Blended, inquiry- involved focused leadership professional community Equitable, openaccess to reliable Authentic, higher- ICTs order, collaborative Culturally responsive, learning connected community focus
    20. 20. How are schools using it? “... (the ELPF)rather than assumptions. real picture meant that the senior team could get the It is a good guiding document so schools know where to go next rather than guessing - or leaving the harder partsfor and only example.... it provides a resourcing, out focusing on say framework for support”
    21. 21. A possible way forward not on the plate - it is the plate Source: Self review tool for teachers [].
    22. 22. what could the school have done? Image by crdotx
    23. 23. e-Learning reviews...• Integrate with the whole school strategic plan• Involve the school community• Are deliberately lead• Draw on evidence• Are iterative Image by jemsweb
    24. 24. Content on TKI & community in the VLN
    25. 25. How might you use it? One action that you will take away from here nz
    26. 26. Using Storybird to improve literacy
    27. 27. Explore a dimension TrialFind out Begin toTech focus focus on learning SustainIntegrate Ubiquitous Aligned to & needs networked
    28. 28. WHAT we learn HOW we learnThe properties of ICTs context