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Fundington power point 1


Published on, The Funding Capital is a crowdfunding portal enabling entrepreneurs, visionaries, artist, innovators and founders to raise funds through Social Networking. connects Founders, Donators and Investors in one place online to promote business growth and development.

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Fundington power point 1

  1. 1. Crowdfunding describes the collective cooperation, attentionand trust by people who network and pool their money andother resources together, usually via the internet, to supportefforts initiated by other people or organizations.
  2. 2. Almost $1.5 billion was raised in 2011 by Crowdfundingplatforms around the world (according to an industryreport released by Massolution). This amount isexpected to double in 2012 and $6.2 billion is forecastto be generated by Crowdfunding sites in 2013 (Ref:Gartner Research).536 Crowdfunding Portals (“CFPs”) worldwide1 million successful campaigns were run by CFPs in2011Average fundraising campaign timeframe is 91 weeks
  3. 3. “With the fraud rates in the unregulated world of donationcrowdfunding hovering around 3%, I think if the Internetssunlight effect is allowed to work, we will find investmentcrowdfunding sees even lower incidents of fraud. Thereare a number of factors at play in making that work,including the pledge system and the basic vettingrequired.” David Marlett Founder and Managing Partner, Crowdfund International
  4. 4. Social Media IS NOT A FAD The average person spends over eight hours a week on social media and has over 150 friends on Facebook78% of people make purchasingdecisions based on peerrecommendationPeople "believe in the little guy"or they want to be "part of thenext big thing“People have a tendency to wantto be part of a community
  5. 5. PortalsAnalysts of portals and investmentsSpecialized SoftwareRisk Managers (insurance)Professional Business SpecialistsEscrow AgentsResellers of Purchased Shares