Olympic countries 2012


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A Snapshot of Countries Participating in the London 2012 Olympic Games . By Grade 6MD & Grade 6P

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Olympic countries 2012

  1. 1. A Snapshot of Countries Participating in the London 2012 Olympic Games . By Grade 6MD & Grade 6PGrade 6 created slides by researching one of the 204 countries to compete in the Games. We realised that there are many factors which affect how countries perform at the Olympics.
  2. 2. M Mali has been in 1(2008) Olympics but has never won a gold medal. A Famous Athletes: Adama Coulibaly, Alou Traoré, Alphousseyni Keita, Amadou L Konte, Amadou Sidibé. IThe population in Mali is 15,839,538 http://www.google.com/
  3. 3. The population of Cyprus is around 573,566. Cyprus hasCyprus been in the modern Olympics since the year Cyprus 1980.The country has won amedal in the Olympicsand came close whenAnastasios Andreoucompeted for Greece in Bibliographythe 1896. • Flag • World Map • Information
  4. 4. AlgeriaThe population ofAlgeria is 34,994,937.Algeria has won 4 goldmedals 2 silver medals Algeria debuted inand 8 bronze. 1964. Hassiba Bulmerkao is the very fist gold medallist for Flag Map Information Algeria
  5. 5. GuineaGuinea athletes are best at trackand field and swimming. Guineahas not won any medals in theOlympic Games.The population of Guinea in 2003was 8,480000. Bibliography http://www.google.com.au/search http://www.telegraph
  6. 6. Monaco is located in the SouthWestern part of Europe. It is oneof the worlds smallest countries.Monaco’s southern side is facingthe Mediterranean Seas whichmakes it a popular touristattraction. It takes 1 hour towalk around the width of Sports/MonacoMonaco. The population ofMonaco is 33,000 and most of Google mapsthe people there are rich. Inthese Olympics, 9 athletes arecompeting. Monaco has wonone bronze Olympic medal.
  7. 7. LiechtensteinLiechtenstein is not that good at summer sports, mostly goodat winter sport when it comes around. Athletes havecompeted in athletics and shooting.Oliver Geissmann just missed out on a place in 10m air riflefinals in 2004. Liechtenstein have not won any medals.The population in Liechtenstein is 32,207 people. Bibliography telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/countries/ nationsencyclopedia.com:maps.google.com.au/maps
  8. 8. Great Britain Team GB, who get their maiden Olympics competition underway against reigning gold medallists France in Group A on Sunday, were unable to cope with their European opponents and were behind in the game from the off, trailing 18-10 at half-time. This is about football!!! http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&tab= wl
  9. 9. R Romania has been in the Olympics 18o times and have won a total of 293m medals. Romania have aa population of 21,390,000.n Famous athletes: Nadia Comaneci, AlexandrI http://www.google.com.au// a Stoian, Adina Anton, Alinaa Militaru and Adriana Nechita- Olteanu.
  10. 10. ChadKaltouma Nadjina,is a sprinter whocompeted in 1996, 2000 and 2004. InChad. This is the only person to be inthe Olympics from Chad. bibliography Chad is on top of the country central FlagAfrica. Chad is a 3rd world country. MapsThis country only participates insummer.
  11. 11. Israel•The population of Israel is7,105,000•The capital of Israel isJerusalem.• Israel’s the 100th smallest By Laurencountry. IsraelIsrael FlagIsrael FactsIsrael Map
  12. 12. By Jacinta INDIA• India is the seventh largest • India has won a total of 17 country in the world. medals in the Modern Olympics.• It’s Population is 1 billion. • India hasn’t hosted the Olympics• The capital city is Delhi. not once.• There are 7 languages • India has been competing in the spoken in India. India Olympics since 1928. • The Indian Olympic motto is "Citius-Altius-Fortius" (faster, higher, stronger). Bibliography: Indian Map Facts on India Indian Flag Facts on India Facts on India Facts on India
  13. 13. North Korea 1.The population is 223,479 088. Location 2.The capital of North Korea is Facts FlagOlympic History Pyongyang. North Korea MapNorth Korea first competed at the summer Olympic Gamesin 1972. At the Munich 1972 Olympic Games, shooter LI HoJun won his countrys first gold medal and the women tookhome bronze in 1972 for volleyball. To date they have sent284 participants to the Olympic Games in 16 sports.
  14. 14. 1. Capital is Zagreb 2. The population isCroatia Map 4,495,904Olympic factsFun Facts 3.Life expectancy isFlag around 71 4. Croatians canOlympic Location speak around fiveHistory languagesCroatia has won in total 17 medals (3gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze). Themost popular sport of Croatia ishandball. It has won Croatia two ofthe gold medals. Croatia haspreviously made it into 6 Olympicgames and have made it into the2012 London Games.
  15. 15. Judo is Barbados’ best sport at the Olympics. BARBADOS Barbados athletes often travel to many different camps to become the best in the Olympics. The population of Barbados is 0.28 million.http://tofocus.infohttp://www.telegraph.co.ukhttp://maps.google.com.auwww.thelondon2012olympics.com
  16. 16. http://www.worldatlas.com SIERRA LEONE http://maps.google.com.au http://www.telegraph.co.uk Sierra Leone’s has a population of www.zimbio.com 5,997,486. The capital city is Freetown.Sierra Leone’s does well in the decathlon and boxing events. Some of its greatathletes are Columba Blango. He reached the decathlon final in 1980. Also inboxing Israel Cole made the quarter finals in 1984.
  17. 17. South Korea South Korean athletes have won a total of 215 medals at the Summer Games. South Korea is located in EasternPopulation: Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula48,754,657 bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea population acknowledgments where is korea located Facts south korea
  18. 18. Bermuda’s population is est. 69,080.Bermudas climate is subtropical; mild, humid;gales, strong winds common in winter. http://maps.google.com. au
  19. 19. Japan The population of Japan is 126,475,664 people. Japan is located in Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula. Japan has won 361 medals in the summer sport and most of it was won in judo. Japan won only 31 medals in the winter Olympics. So far now Japan won 1 gold 4 silver and 6 bronze. Masahiko kimura has been considered one of the best judoka in Japan and he has defeated Canadas Doug Rogers who won a silver medal in 1964. Image siteshttp://www.population.com http://wwwlocation of japanhttp://violentdeathproject.com/images/Japan-flag.gif
  20. 20. Brazil is the largestcountry in South Americaand covers nearly half(47%) of the SouthAmerican continent. It iscurrently the fifth largesteconomy in the world.In the Olympics Brazil havewon the Football manytimes and go to thesummer and winter azstarnetOlympics. geography flag-wallpapers databaseolympics
  21. 21. Chile extends like a ribbon down the west coast ofSouth America for over 4,000 kilometres—butaverages only 150 kilometres wide. Chile has not donewell in the Olympics. They havent got a medal in theLondon Olympics 2012. In previous Olympics theyhave won 13 medals altogether. maps.google good-wallpapers wikipedia
  22. 22. Kenya has won 75 medals at the Kenya2008 Games 23 gold, 28 silver, 24bronze. The most known and bestOlympic athlete from Kenya isrunner Kipchoge Keino who won 4medals (2 gold, 2 silver) in 1968and 1972. Kenya is known for therelong & middle distance running likeDavid Rudishia who is the fastestman in the world for 800m. map information
  23. 23. Interesting facts: China is the third biggest China country in the world. The Chinese are really smart. The Chinese are really good at swimming and table tennis at the Olympics. Population: 1,347,350,000 Map FlagInformation
  24. 24. Cubamap information The best Olympics for Cuba was the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona they won 14 gold. The highest medals was in boxing they won their highest total of gold in boxing (32) and athletics (10).
  25. 25. Olympic Facts: Interesting facts:Iceland doesnt do reallywell at the summer The Coastline of Iceland is 4,988Olympics. They winabout one medal each km long. The sports that Icelandyear. They didn’t win a likes is football, handball and Golf.medal in the 2012London Olympics. The They like going whale watching.sports they are good atis Handball and football.Population:319,575 Bibliography: flag Info Map
  26. 26. Bhutan Bhutan is located in the North Hemisphere in South Asia. It is located near the east end of theHimalayan Mountains and landlocked Bhutan has only entered two athletes between India and China. in the Olympics this year. Kunzang Choden has entered in shooting and Sherab Zam has entered in archery. Bhutan first entered in the Olympics in 1984. The y have entered in Olympics seven times so far. So far today (1/8/12) no medals were awarded to the Bhutanese. Google Maps Bhutan Bhutan Wikipedia London 2012 Bhutan
  27. 27. Singapore Singapore has entered twenty- eight different athletes this year Singapore is a small country at the London 2012 Olympics. So that is connected to Malaysiafar today (1/8/12) no medals were which is in Southern Asia. Did awarded to the Singaporeans. you know that in Singapore Singapore first entered in the chewing gum is banned? Olympics in the year 1948. They have entered in the Olympics Google Maps Singapore seventeen times so far. Singapore Wikipedia London 2012 Singapore
  28. 28. IRAN Iran is the 18th largest country inthe world with a total of1,648,195 sq Km. The countryis slightly smaller then Alaska.The population of Iran is 74,798,599The first women in Iran competed in theOlympics was in 1996 at Atlanta.In the London Olympics Iran hasreceived no medals yet. Iran Locationfirst competed in 1948 and have googlemaps. bforball.com been in the Olympics ever since, www.googleexcept for 1980 and 1984.
  29. 29. The population of Ireland is 4,480,000 Some of the athletes that are competing for Ireland this year are Paddy Barnes, JessieBarr, Kieran Behan, Claire Bergin, Brendan Boyce and Fionnuala Britton.So far in these Olympics Ireland has received no medals. maps.google.com www.layoutsparks.com www.google.com.au/ http://www.london2012.com
  30. 30. Georgia Georgia has a population of around 4,486,000. In the 2008 Olympic games Georgia won 3 gold and 3 bronze medals. Georgia first performed as an independent nation at the Lillehammer 1994 Winter Olympic Games and then sent a team of 34 to the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. Judo, weightlifting and wrestling have been the most creative sports for Georgian athletes.BIBLIOGRAPHYInformationMaps
  31. 31. Fast facts about Argentina: • About 10% of Argentinas population have private health covers. • The first animated films were made in Argentina in 1917 by a man named Quirino Cristiani. •The hottest and coldest • Olympic fast Facts about Argentina: •Argentina first participated at the temperatures ever recordedBibliography: Olympic games in 1900. in South America haveArgentina at the Olympics •Argentina only won a bronze medal occurred in Argentina.Fast facts about Argentina in this Olympics.South American mapOlympic information about Argentina
  32. 32. Italy has won 522 medals in the SummerOlympics and 102 in the Winter Olympics. The population of Italy is 60,626,442 Italy have won 228 gold medals which make them the 4th most successful country. Italy is around France, Greece and Germany. Flag website Italy have hosted 3 Olympic Games. Google Maps • 1956 Winter Olympics in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Wikipedia •1960 Olympics in Rome. •2006 Winter Olympics Torino.
  33. 33. The first Summer Olympics that Jamaica participated in, was the 1948 London Olympic games. Since then, fifty-five medals have been won by a Jamaican. Only one of(Information has not beenupdated since the Beijing 2008 those medals was won inOlympic Games.) something other than athletics. It was won at the 1980 Moscow Olympics in an event called Cycling. The population of Jamaica is: Flag Website 2,709,300. Google Maps Wikipedia
  34. 34. Malta Olympics Fact:Fact: • Malta has been involved in 14 summer• Malta is made of three Islands- Olympics since 1928. Malta, Gozo and Comino. • They have never been in a winter• The capital city of Malta is Valletta. Olympics.• Mala is very old, It had people there • The flay bearer was William Chetcuty. since 5200 BC. • Malta has competed in Athletics• The population of Malta is 417617. Swimming and Shooting. Bibliography: http://kids.yahoo.com/reference/world-factbook/country/mt--Malta http://www.maltabulb.com/facts_about_malta.html http://www.lonelyplanet.com/maps/europe/malta/
  35. 35. Colombia has a population of 46,927,125 . Colombia is well know for making the best coffee in the world .Colombian money is called pesos. One of Colombias most famous athletes is Maria Isabel Urrutia she won Colombias first gold medal in the womens 75 kg weight lifting in the 2000 Sydney Olympics . Colombia was very proud of her because she had won their very first gold medal.The first time that Colombia competed in theOlympics was in 1932 .Colombia has competed inalmost all the summer Olympics games apart fromthe 1952. Also they competed in one of the winterOlympics in 2010.Colombian athletes have won intotal 11 medals since the 1972 Olympic games ,6silver medals ,1 gold medal and 18 bronze medals allthese medal were won in six different sports . Bibliography: Google maps. Colombias flag website Wikipedia Colombia _
  36. 36. Thailands Facts: THAILANDArea: 198,455 sq mi.Capital City: BangkokPopulation: 60 millionMain Language: ThaiCurrency: BahtThailand first participated at the Olympic games in 1952, and has sent athletes to compete in every summer Olympic games since then, except when they participated in the 1980 summer Olympic games. Thailand has also participated in the winter Olympic games since 2002. THAILAND Thai athletes have won a total of twenty-one medals, mostly in boxing. Thailand Map Thailland flag Thailand Facts
  37. 37. BibliographiesGoogle Maps Flag
  38. 38. EGYPT Egyptian athletes have won a total of 26 medals, wit h43 London 2012 weightliftinranking g as the80 Beijing 2008 Egypts Facts: top medal-ranking Area: 386,900 sq. mi. producing1912 First Olympic Capital City: Cairo sport.appearance Population: 69 million Main Language: Arabic Currency: Egyptian pound Egypt Facts Egypt Facts Egypt Egypt Map Egypt Flag
  39. 39. Greece is a European countryThe first ancient Olympic games were with a population of around 10.9held in 776B.C in Mt. Olympus to pay million people and has about 140respect to the Gods. Now we have the islands. The capital and largestmodern games which Greece has been city in Greece is Athens and theto every time. Athens has held the highest mountain in Greece is Mt.games three times. Olympus which is where the Gods of Greek mythology where said to be. Their religion is Greek Orthodox, the language is Greek and the currency is Euro. Bibliographies Megaflags.com Google Maps Athens Guide Greece today for kids
  40. 40. The population of Spain is estimated about 40,525,002. Spain’s national anthem is called La Marcha Real the anthem also has no lyrics.Spain firstjoined theOlympics in1900. Spainhosted theOlympics in1992 inBarcelona. http://www.donquijote.org Google images Google Maps
  41. 41. Came 27 in the medal count for the Olympics they got 2 gold 5 silver and 2 bronze. Romania were first represented at the Paris 1924 Olympic Games. In there first year there ruby team earned a bronze medal. Romania first gold medal was won by Losif Sirbu in shootingBibliographygoogle maps Information Site
  42. 42. MEXICO!The population of Mexico is112,336,538. Mexico is the largestcity. In the 2012 Olympic Gamesmexico has one 1 gold medal, 3silvers and 3 bronze. Mexico hascompeted in football, divingarchery and taekwando. They haveone 1 gold in football, 2 silver Mexico in the Olympicsmedals in diving and also 1 Mexico Information !bronze, in archery they have one 1 MEXICO FLAGsilver and 1 bronze and intaekwando they have won only 1 MEXICO MAP
  43. 43. Facts about Sri LankaSri Lanka hasone of theOldest flags Sri Lanka is the Sri Lanka wasin the World 1st Country to called Ceylon until have a Female 1972Sri Lanka was Prime Ministerpreviously calledCeylon until1972 Sri Lanka Olympic History Sri Lanka first participated at the Olympics in 1948 at London Sri Lanka participated in every Summer Olympics except in 1976
  44. 44. Australia Australia has competed in the Summer Olympics 27 times and 2 of those times with New Zealand. In the Winter Olympics they participated 22 times. Australia hosted the Summer games twice. In 1956 in Melbourne and in 2000 in Sydney. Bibliography Google Images Google Maps London2012 Official Website
  45. 45. RussiThe population in Russia is around 141,930,000 people. Inathe last Olympics at Beijing Russia won 23 Gold 21 Silver and29 bronze medals.The first Olympics Russia competed inwere the 1900 Games in Paris, competing in equestrian andfencing. The first medal that was won was in 1908 at theLondon Olympics. MapsBibliography: London 2012
  46. 46. Syria MapSyria is located on the Syria Facts Syria FactsMediterranean sea, betweenIraq, Israel and TurkeyThe population of Syria19,750,000Syria has won 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 Syria heading Syria Flagbronze medal throughout all theOlympic Games. So far this year Syriahasn’t won any medals.
  47. 47. Brazil competed for the first time at the Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games, where Guillermo PARAENSE won gold in shooting (rapid fire pistol). They have taken part in every Olympic Games since 1993 Brazil has won 3 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze. 17 in total. 2 in beach volleyball, 3 in boxing, 1 in football, 1 in gymnastics – artistic, 4 in judo, 1 in modern pentathlon, 1 in sailing, 2 in swimming and 2 in volleyballBibliography.• Google Images• Google Maps• London 2012 Aus
  48. 48. Madagascar is the forth largest island in the world.Madagascar has 2 seasons, a rainy season fromDecember to April, and a dry season from May toNovember. Madagascar factsMadagascar has competed in every Olympic Madagascar factsGames that has been held. Madagascar FlagMadagascar has never won an Olympic medal. Madagascar factsMadagascar has a population of 21,315,135. Madagascar Map Madagascar Heading
  49. 49. Summer Games Canada has sent AthletesGold: 58 to every summer OlympicSilver: 94Bronze: 108Total Summer: 260Winter Games Canada Games except for 1896 and 1980 because they refused to go. At the London Olympics theyGold: 52 have a total of 281Silver: 45 athletes.Bronze: 48 The population of CanadaTotal Winter: 145They have won a total of 405 Canada is 32,057,701 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_at_the_Olympics maps.google.com.au http://www.east-coast-golf- vacations.com/prince-edward-island.html images.google.com.au/
  50. 50. The population ofTuvalu is 11,636.(2005) Tuvalu Tuvalu first competed in the Olympic Games in 2008, they only had 3 athletes. Two were competing in 100m sprint and the other athlete was competing in weightlifting. They also entered 3 athletes this year. Bibliography: Tuvalu map Tuvalu Facts Tuvalu Flag Tuvalu Information
  51. 51. The country competed as Malaysia at theMelbourne 1956 and Rome 1960 OlympicGames, and finally as Malaysia at Tokyo 1964.In those Games, the team also includedSingaporeans. Malaysias medals won this year: •Badminton 0 gold, 1 sliver, 1 bronze. • Diving 0 gold, 0 silver 1 bronze Bibliography: Google images Google maps London 2012 Malaysia Website
  52. 52. The population in Hungary is Hungary 10,014,324Hungary first tookpart in the modern So farOlympic games in Hungary hasAthens 1896 4 gold 2 silver and 3 bronze medals All together in the summer Olympics Hungary has won 471 medals in the Summer Olympics.
  53. 53. ArmeniaՀայաստանArmenia was the first country to acceptChristianity.Armenia is located in the middle east and is notconnected to the ocean.Armenia current rank in the LondonOlympics is 47Gold Silver Bronze 0 1 1
  54. 54. Mauritius The population of Mauritius is 1,265,870. They have only been in the Olympics four times. In all the Olympic games Mauritius has been in, they have not yet won a medal. They first took place in the Los Angeles in the 1984 Olympics.Bibliography:Mauritian Flag Mauritian Facts Mauritian Map
  55. 55. Fiji’s population is 918,675. 95 .5% are male and 51.9% are female. In the 2008 Olympics there was only 6 competitors which had only competed in five spotshttp://en.wikipedia.orghttp://kids.yahoo.comhttp://maps.google.com.auhttp://www.google.com.au
  56. 56. FRANCE The population is 65,400,000France has hosted the Games on five occasions: •1900 Summer Olympics in Paris •1924 Summer Olympics in Paris •French athletes have won 636 medals at the Summer Olympic Games. Fencing and cycling are their best sports. So far this Olympics, France has Bibliography won 8 gold medals, 9 http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&tab=wl silver medals and 9
  57. 57. India first participated inOlympics in 1900 in Paris. Thecountry was represented byNorman Pritchard. He won twosilver medals in 200m dashand 200m hurdles. Then aftera gap of 20 years India againparticipated with two athletesin 1920 Antwerp Olympics andwith eight members in 1924Paris Olympics.
  58. 58. GERMANYGermany has hosted twoSummer Olympic Games.They hosted the SummerGames in 1936. Theyalso hosted the 1972 So farSummer Olympics. Germany has won 5 gold medals, 10 BibliographyThe population is silver medals http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&tab=wl81, 700,000. and 7 bronze &q=germany medals.