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Traditional Turkish Coffee


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Traditional Turkish Coffee

  3. 3. WHAT IS COFFEE?• Coffee is a brewed beverage with a distinct aroma and flavor prepared from the roasted seeds of the coffea plant.• The meaning of coffee is ‘qahwah’ in Arabic.It current meaning started to gain in the 14th century.It has become ‘kahve’ in Turkish.
  4. 4. COFFEE SEED• The coffee is grown tropical climates.Flower of coffee is white and care of coffee is green.• There are many types of coffee but Arabica and Robusta are used in Turkish coffee.• Arabica is produced by 70% in the world.It has 1% or 2% caffeine.• On the other hand, Robusta is produced by 30% in the world.• Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica(2% - 5% caffeine)
  5. 5. COMING AND SPREAD• First of all, coffee is come to Anatolia by Yavuz Sultan Selim after Egypt War in 1519.• It spread to Europe by Turkish traders and sailors (16th century).• Coffee is used as significant beverage in Ottoman palace. Later, it spread to entire population. Lastly, coffeehouses were opened.
  6. 6. TYPES OF PRESENTATIONCoffee Süvari• is common culture in Aegean region.• none of sugar.• is present by teacup
  7. 7. Coffee Yandan Çarklı:• cook without sugar but present by Turkish delight.
  8. 8. Coffee Dibek:• Coffee which beats with stone mortar cooked in cup.• is prepared personal.
  9. 9. Coffee Devebatmaz:• İncludes coffee foam more than the others.• None of sugar.
  10. 10. PREPARING AND PRESENTATION• Put 2 teaspoons coffee for a cup of coffee.• Cup of water for the number of a person.• Optionally put sugar.(none of sugar, a slightly sugar, medium sugar, with sugar, plenty of sugar)• is cooked slowly over low heat.
  11. 11. BENEFITS• Lower cholesterol• İncrease the impact of relievers 40%• Reduces the risk of breast cancer.• İncrease the energy.• Open breath• Prevents high blood pressure.• Requlates the functioning of the bowels.• Prevents the formation of cellulite.
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  14. 14. Thanks for your time…QUESTIONS &ANSWERS ?