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Teer Shotej Tea - Branding and Positioning


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This presentation is mainly designed for BRANDrill 2017 (Inter University Branding Competition arranged by VoB).
Here is the BRIEF of the competition:

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Teer Shotej Tea - Branding and Positioning

  1. 1. Round 1 TEAM ARCHON TEER সতেজTEA Tagline: সতেজো । কাতে আসা । ভাত াবাসা
  2. 2. Segmentation Geographic: 1. Urban & Semi-Urban Areas 2. Tier-1 and Tier-2 Cities (according to Real Estate Tier Classification) Demographic: 1. Age 20 to 40 2. Educated, Aware, Responsible and Aspiring Citizen 3. Family/Home Manager (Mainly Women) Psychographic: 1. Comfort seeking Customer 2. Luxury Oriented 3. Active in Family and Friend issues Behavioral: 1. Drink tea in Regular Basis 2. Quality Conscious, Aware and Informed Positioning: Target Market:
  3. 3. Porter’s Five Forces: 1. The word TEER represents the name of the Organization from which SHOTEJ came from 2. The cup of tea on the TEER word represents the FRESHNESS and bring the feel of having TEA. 3. The Color of the word TEA represents the original TEA LEAF Color 4. Our main BRAND color will be Green (used for writing TEA word). Green color focuses on SHOTEJOTA (Freshness) Logo Justification
  4. 4. MARKETING TACTICS (1ST YEAR) TVC,RDC, BILLBOARD SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SALES PROMOTION & GUERILLA MARKETING TVC, RDC, BILLBOARD SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SALES PROMOTION & GUERILLA MARKETING From the beginning we will start with TVC and RDC, here we firstly will run a TVC for building brand awareness and then we will come up with a madness for tea while watching sports on the theme of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 in our second TVC Billboards will be hang on the busy office area, residential areas (Bashundhora, Uttora, Mirpur etc.) One of our prime TG is youth of 17-28 years old they are available is social media. To attain them, we will open social media pages (Facebook & Instagram). Here we will create catchy posts, images, animation and ensure maximum REACH. We will provide tea cups with brand logo in local tea gathering places and tea machines in university cafeterias and offices. We will also go in association with super shops (Agora, Shopno) and provide them our special designed shopping bag (Tea Bag style). we will set dustbins in local parks Through The Year Start After 3 Month At 7th Month Justification  Our first TVC will grab the consumers attention and 2nd TVC will strike on the BUZZ of cricket madness of Bangladeshi people.  Billboards will be hang on office areas and residential areas where most of our TG remains  Social media engagements will grab emotions of our youth  Providing customized bags to shops, setting dustbins in parks and cups and tea machines in offices will create a good positioning on our consumer’s mind Timeline
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN #shotejota #valobasha #kacheasha EVENT PROMOTION MARKETING TACTICS (2ND YEAR) Social Media Campaign We will run a hashtag campaign for creating maximum buzz. Here participants will take their special moments with a cup of ( Family time, Friend zone Adda, Worktime with tea). those pictures will be posted in our event page. Highest share and liked pictures will be rewarded. Winners from every month will get opportunity to visit “Sylhet Tea Garden’’ with their family members or Friend. Event Promotion Big events like National/ International Cricket matches, big gathering like science Olympiad, university admission test etc. will be our target. there we will do direct selling. MARKETING TACTICES (3rd YEAR) Justification  Social media is quick way to do catch maximum audience.  A gift like Sylhet trip can increase consumer base  Event promotion can ensure maximum reach  At 3rd year we will be a well known organization and then sponsoring or becoming partner of renown events will hold consumer loyalty Sponsoring different events and going in partnership with big programs so that they can spread the TASTE of Shotej to Consumer base Timeline first 6 month from 8th month
  6. 6. Sample Creative