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Prospectus of Army IBA MBA


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Army IBA has designed the MBA program to meet the requirement of a modern business professional. Our courses deliver the latest education and experiences which benefits the students in their service career. Army IBA organizes its programs in a tranquil, pollution free and in a secured campus at Savar cantonment.

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Prospectus of Army IBA MBA

  1. 1. Page 1 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Army Institute of Business Administration (AIBA) Savar Cantonment AIBA AIBA is the pioneer Institute of Business Administration run by Bangladesh Army. On 15 January 2015, AIBA Savar started its journey at Savar Cantonment. This institute was formally inaugurated by the honorable Education Minister, Government of the Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh on 5 March 2015. Location of AIBA, Savar The campus is located at Savar Cantonment area with all infrastructural support from Savar Cantonment. There are many other important institutions in Savar such as Jahanginagar University, BPATC, Dhaka Export Processing Zone and most important the National Martyr Memorial. Our AIBA campus is very adjacent to Savar Golf Club and surrounded by natural beauty which is highly favorable for the students to study and cultivate their knowledge and skills. Motto The motto of Army Institute of Business Administration (AIBA) is "Knowledge is Power". Mission The mission of this Institute is to develop the business leaders to respond to the knowledge based global requirements. Vision Army Institute of Business Administration (AIBA), Savar is the premier centre of education for the students of business studies, to be world class business professionals and to create as well as transfer the knowledge & excellence of business leadership in Bangladesh. It will gain recognition globally that will attract faculties and people from all over the world. The Institute Our Institution is run by the Act of Bangladesh University of Professional (BUP) located at Mirpur Cantonment under which AIBA imparts education and awards bachelor and masters degrees in Business Administration. The Institution follows the BUP academic system with all its distinctive features, credit hours, letter grades, examination policy etc. This
  2. 2. Page 2 institution has the unique academic entity which provides a tranquil, pollution free and secured campus life and above all a congenial academic atmosphere and conduction of final examination. It has well equipped class rooms with multimedia projector and modern equipment, library, students' accommodation for both male and female located in a safe, secured and serene area of Savar Cantonment. AIBA leads the way in creating jobs and dedicates the advancement of learning skills and innovation to business research for the 21st century. MBA Program Summary MBA Program is designed as a professional graduate program to meet the requirements of effective management. Central to this approach is development of creativity and judgment of the students. A unique educational approach is used to groom the graduates who enter the AIBA from diversified academic backgrounds. AIBA initiates an active learning process so that the potential business executives can work in their specialized areas armed with the necessary tools of conceptual, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Areas of Specialization-MBA Finance # Human Resource Management (HRM) # Marketing # Management Information system (MIS) # Entrepreneurship # Grading System Letter grades are used to evaluate the performance of a student in a course. The following grading system is currently followed for performance evaluation of the students: Numerical Grade Letter Grade Grade Point 80% and above A+ (A plus) 4.00 75% to <80% A (A Regular) 3.75 70%to <75% A- (A Minus) 3.50 65% to <70% B+ (B Plus) 3.25 60% to <65% B (B Regular) 3.00 55% to <60% B- (B Minus) 2.75 50% to <55% C+ (C Plus) 2.50 45% to <50% C (C Regular) 2.25 40% to <45% D 2.00 <40% F 0.00 .................. I Incomplete ................... W Withdrawn The AIBA Authority reserves the right to review/revise the above grading system.
  3. 3. Page 3 Distribution of Marks for Evaluation The grade in a course will be based on overall evaluation of student's performance in assignments, examination, quizzes, term paper, project works, class attendance, class participation etc. The distribution of marks for assessment in a course will be as under: a. 1x Mid-term examinations of approximately 1 hour duration : 20% b. Comprehensive Semester Final Examination : 50% c. Quizzes weekly tests : 10% d. Term paper and/or project work including presentation : 5% e. Assignments, case studies, class participation : 5% f. Individual presentations : 5% g. Class attendance and participation, etc : 5% Total : 100% Entry Requirements: An applicant must have at least a Bachelor degree in any field of study with no third division/class or CGPA below 2.5 at any level. Trimester System The program is divided into six trimesters of 16 (sixteen) weeks each. During a trimester each course meets once in a week in single sessions of 3 hours. The total contact hour for a course in a trimester is 42. The concerned faculty may schedule additional sessions for a course as needed. Class Time Day Time Friday 10.00 AM-01.00 PM 02.30 PM-05.30 PM 05.30 PM-08.30 PM Course Structure Sl. No Course category No. of Courses Credit per course Total credits 1 Core Courses 14 3 42 2 Major/Area of concentration 3 3 9 3 Capstone 1 3 3
  4. 4. Page 4 4 Dissertation 1 6 6 5 Total - - 60 Cost Structure Semester Fees Total Establishment Admission Tuition Miscellaneous 1st 5,000 15,000 25,000 1000 46,000 2nd 5,000 - 25,000 1000 31,000 3rd 5,000 - 25,000 1000 31,000 4th 5,000 - 25,000 1000 31,000 5th 5,000 - 25,000 1000 31,000 6th 5000 - 25,000 1000 31,000 Total 30,000 15,000 1,50,000 6,000 2,01,000 Payment System Selected candidates are to deposit their admission and other fees (Tk: 46,000/-) at any branch of Trust Bank Limited directly using the following Bank Acc Information: Acct Name : Army Institute of Business Administration Acct No : 0010-0210013704 Bank Name & Branch : Trust Bank Limited, Savar Cantonment Branch or Candidates may provide DD/Pay order from any scheduled Bank operating in Bangladesh in favor of “Army Institute of Business Administration” NB: DD/Pay order/Money Receipt/Deposit slip to be deposited with Admission form. Academic Year and Trimester English Calendar year is the academic year for this program and one year is divided into three trimesters: Trimester Duration in Months Spring January to April Summer May to August Fall September to December Master Paper & Defense Following three months Admission Procedure: 1. Upon decided to get admitted in AIBA, Visit AIBA web site ( to know details about the admission procedure. 2. Please download the “Admit Card” and “Application Form” from the website. Or you may collect the hardcopy of “Admit Card” and “Application Form” from AIBA admission office and get those filled on your viva day.
  5. 5. Page 5 3. Any candidate possessing “Entry Requirement” is eligible for applying in MBA program. 4. A candidate is required to attend a viva-voce for admission in MBA program. (No written examination). 5. Viva-voce is conducted on the working days (Sunday-Thursday) between 09.00 AM to 1.00 PM. (Deadline for Admission in MBA-3 is 22 December 2016) 6. A candidate should carry following documents on the viva-voce day: a. Original and photocopy of S.S.C (or equivalent) examination and mark sheet. b. Original and photocopy of H.S.C (or equivalent) examination and mark sheet. c. Original and photocopy of Bachelor Degree (or equivalent) examination and mark sheet. d. Original and photocopy of National ID card. e. Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate. f. 10 Coppice of Passport size photographs. g. On completion of the viva-voce, AIBA Accounts Officer will guide the candidate about the payment procedure of different fees. Trimester wise Distribution of Courses Trimester Course code Title Credit hours 1st BUS 501 Business Communication 3 MGT 502 Management and Organization Behavior 3 BUS 502 Mathematics for Decision 3 2nd BUS 505 Computer and its applications in Business 3 Buss 503 Microeconomics 3 MGT 502 Human Resource Management 3 3rd ACC 502 Management Accounting 3 BUS 602 Legal Environment of Business 3 BUS 504 Business Statistics 3 4th FIN 601 Financial Management 3 BUS 601 Macroeconomics and Policy 3
  6. 6. Page 6 MKT 601 Marketing Management 3 5th MGT601 Production and Operations Management 3 MGT602 Strategic Management 3 BUS 602 Research Methodology 3 6th Major Elective course 3 Major Elective course 3 Major Elective course 3 Internship/Dissertation 6 Total Credit hours 60 Major Courses: Finance pre-requisite: Financial Management No Course Code Course Title 1 FIN 8602 Financial Institutions @ Markets 2 FIN 8603 Corporate Finance 3 FIN 8604 Investment Management 4 FIN 8605 Portfolio Management 5 FIN 8606 Corporate Restructuring 6 FIN 8607 Financial Analysis and Control 7 FIN 8608 Financial Derivatives 8 FIN 8609 Merger and Acquisition 9 FIN 8610 Project Management 10 FIN 8611 Insurance & Risk Management 11 FIN 8613 Real Estate Finance 12 FIN 8614 Corporate Governance Human Resources Management (HRM) Pre-requisite: Principles of Management, Human and Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management. No Course Code Course Title 1 HRM 8602 Strategic Human Resources 2 HRM 8603 Manpower Planning and Personnel Policy 3 HRM 8604 Training and Development 4 HRM 8605 Industrial Relations 5 HRM 8606 Conflict Management and Negotiation
  7. 7. Page 7 6 HRM 8607 International Human Resources Management 7 HRM 8608 Change Management 8 HRM 8609 Human Resource Information System 9 HRM 8610 Labor Laws of Bangladesh 10 HRM 8611 Organizational Development 11 HRM 8612 Compensation Management 12 HRM 8613 Gender in Management Management Information Systems (MIS) Pre-requisite: Computer Applications in Business No Course Code Course Title 1 MIS 8601 System Analysis and Design 2 MIS 8602 Database Management Systems 3 MIS 8603 Decision Support Systems 4 MIS 8604 Object-Oriented Programming 5 MIS 8605 E-Commerce 6 MIS 8606 Digital Office Automation 7 MIS 8607 Operating System 8 MIS 8607 System Integration, Security and Internet 9 MIS 8609 Applied Artificial Intelligence 10 MIS 8610 Data Communication and Networking 11 MIS 8611 Management of Innovation and Technology Note: The distribution of Courses may be changed by the authority if necessary. Marketing Pre-requisite: Principles of Accounting, Management Accounting No Course Code Course Title 1 MKT 8602 Global Marketing 2 MKT 8603 Consumer Behavior 3 MKT 8604 Integrated Marketing Communications 4 MKT 8605 Brand Management 5 MKT 8606 Strategic Marketing 6 MKT 8607 Services Marketing 7 MKT 8608 Marketing Research 8 MKT 8609 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 9 MKT 8610 Sales and Retail Management 10 MKT 8611 Industrial Marketing 11 MKT 8612 Agricultural Marketing 12 MKT 8613 Social Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility 13 MKT 8614 E-Marketing 14 MKT 8615 Rural Marketing 15 MKT 8616 Marketing Channels Management 16 MKT 8617 Sales-force Management
  8. 8. Page 8 Contact Website:, E-mail:, Telephone: No: 3184 Exchange: 02-7791100-7 Cell: Admission Officer: 01769098188, Public Relation Officer: 01769098189, Account Officer: 01769098190, Deputy Director (Admin & Finance): 01769098187, Deputy Director (Academy): 01769098186 Conclusion AIBA has designed the MBA program to meet the requirement of a modern business professional. Our courses deliver the latest education and experiences which benefits the students in their service career. AIBA organizes its programs in a tranquil, pollution free and in a secured campus at Savar cantonment.