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Workforce 2020 - Recruiting in the Age of Googlization


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The April 2018 Insights Webinar Series featured Recruiting in the Age of Googlization author Ira S Wolfe. Complete this Candidate Experience Quiz at
Session learning outcomes include 3 mindsets that suck the air out of recruitment strategies, the top 5 recruiting blunders and how to fix them, and best practices that work in the Age of Googlization. Wolfe can be contacted at and "Recruiting in the Age of Googlization" is available on Amazon ( and other bookstores.

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Workforce 2020 - Recruiting in the Age of Googlization

  1. 1. Insights Webinar Series Workforce 2020 Speaker: Ira S Wolfe Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  2. 2. Meet Your Speaker Ira S Wolfe Success Performance Solutions Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  3. 3. • Discover the three myths that suck the air out of recruitment strategies. • Learn how to avoid the top 5 recruiting blunders. • Identify best recruiting and staffing practices that work in the Age of Googlization. Session Learning Outcomes Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  4. 4. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. 3 Key Things I’ve Learned.
  5. 5. 5 Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  6. 6. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  7. 7. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  8. 8. McKinsey & Company Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  9. 9. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  10. 10. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. Recruitment
  11. 11. This is the candidates’ perception of most recruiting practices …. … and this is where your company needs to be! Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  12. 12. 1. Lack sourcing and marketing strategy 2. Expect to hire just-in-time 3. Poor employment branding 4. Bad candidate experience 5. Lack evidence for decisions Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  13. 13. Post-and-pray is not a strategy! Copyright Ira S Wolfe 2018. Success Performance Solutions 484-373-4300
  14. 14. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  15. 15. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. Candidate Experience Starts Well Before A Candidate Applies
  16. 16. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. 1. How many candidates actually see your job postings? 2. What percentage of candidates start an application? 3. What percentage of candidates complete them? • Reputation matters • First impressions matter
  17. 17. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  18. 18. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  19. 19. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  20. 20. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  21. 21. Best Practices to Fill and Fix a “Leaking” Recruitment Funnel Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. Fill and Fix Your “Leaking” Recruitment Funnel
  22. 22. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. 1. How many candidates actually see your job postings? 2. What percentage of candidates start an application? 3. What percentage of candidates complete them?
  23. 23. Source: JobVite, Based on 50 million job seekers and 10 million applications 6 Interviews 1 New Hire 1 Job Offer 48 Applications 432 Visitors Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  24. 24. • Source • Quality • Demographic • Device • % Application Completions Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. VIEWS STARTS COMPLETED
  25. 25. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  26. 26. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. We are a dominant engineering firm that boasts many leading clients. We are determined to stand apart from the competition. Strong communication skills a must. Ability to perform individually in a competitive environment. Superior ability to satisfy customers and manage customer relationships. We are a community of engineers who value effective relationships with many satisfied clients. We are committed to understanding the engineer sector intimately. Proficient oral and written communications skills. Collaborates well in a team environment. Sensitive to clients’ needs and can develop warm client relationships.
  27. 27. 1998 2018 Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  28. 28. Be careful not to lose good candidates to overly complex, complicated, or inconvenient application. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  29. 29. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  30. 30. Watch Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  31. 31. Thank you for submitting your application with XXX. It has been forwarded to our HR Department. We will contact you if you are selected. Please do not call us. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  32. 32. We really appreciate you taking the time to apply for [position] at [company]. We take every application very seriously because hiring the right employees is serious business at XXX. Our recruiters will review you application over the next few days and get back to one way or the other. Thanks again and good luck on your search. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  33. 33. It’s been a few days since you applied for the [job]. I just wanted to let you know that your application is still being reviewed. Thank you for being so patient. I hope to have more news soon but if not, I’ll continue to update weekly. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me direct with any questions or changes. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  34. 34. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. • Engage promptly and often • Replace “cold and corporate” with “warm and welcoming” • Embrace mobile and video • Provide a candidate “itinerary”
  35. 35. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. 1. How many fields does the candidate need to complete? 2. How long does it take to complete it … on a desktop AND mobile device? 3. How quickly do you acknowledge receipt of the application?
  36. 36. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. People Analytics
  37. 37. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. “People are our most important asset.” Where is your data to back this statement? “In God we trust, all others bring data.” W. Edwards Deming
  38. 38. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  39. 39. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. Recruiting Metrics You Should Know • Candidate Abandonment • Time to Fill • Cost to Acquire • Quality of Hire • Candidate Net Promoter Score • Flight Risk
  40. 40. • Recruit more skilled candidates • Engage more skilled candidates • Get better Application completion rates • Improve Conversation with candidates • Hire top talent Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  41. 41. • Job descriptions are boring! Do not just copy-and-paste. • Be creative, relevant, authentic, responsive and mobile friendly. • Use lots of images and video • Make social media your friend! Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  42. 42. – Minimize clicks it takes to apply – Schedule interviews promptly – Eliminate HR’s black hole – Don’t allow hiring manager to blow it with delays and bad interview skills Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  43. 43. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. • How effective is our recruiting funnel? • How long does it take to travel our funnel? • What obstacles can we remove quickly? • What do we need to measure now?
  44. 44. Copyright2018.IraSWolfe. Test Your Candidate Experience Quotient!
  45. 45. Download a FREE Chapter at Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.
  46. 46. Speaker Contact Information Ira S Wolfe Success Performance Solutions Lehigh Valley, PA Mobile: 717-333-8286 Office: 484-373-4300 Email: Web: Twitter: @hireauthority LinkedIn: YouTube: Copyright2018.IraSWolfe.