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2011 SunGard AS Corporate Overview

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2011 SunGard AS Corporate Overview

  1. 1. SunGard Availability Services –Corporate Overview To learn more about SunGard Availability Services, please visit
  2. 2. SunGard History 1978 1983 1986 1997 2001 2002 SunGard Data Systems IPO NYSE Listing Comdisco Europe reach (SDS) formed Acquisition expandedInvented disasterrecovery  SunGard is  SunGard  Stock  SunGard acquires  SunGard formed through Data listed on Comdisco’s acquires the leveraged Systems NYSE as business continuity Guardian IT buy-out of a listed on SDS services division of Sun NASDAQ as  Availability Oil Company SNDT Services geography reach extends to Europe 2005 2005 2007 2008 2010 TodayInflow Acquisition Leveraged Buyout of SDS VeriCenter Strohl Systems 365 Hosting Acquisition Acquisition Limited SunGard  Second largest  SunGard  Successful  Acquires Ireland-  The Premier strengthens leveraged buy out addresses integration of based leading provider of capability to strong leading Business hosted integrated recovery, support  Transaction demand for Continuity infrastructure managed production production valued managed Management provider to hosting, consulting operations at $11.4 billion led hosting and software tool into strengthen our and business by Silver Lake production Availability portfolio of continuity availability Services portfolio Managed Services management and Cloud software solutions offerings © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 2
  3. 3. SunGard Availability Services  The pioneering leader in IT Operations and Specialized Information Availability Management, trusted to deliver responsive, integrated and reliable Business solutions that are easily managed and help our Process customers win  Over 5 million square feet of global operations space; more than 80 facilities world wide  More than 25,000 workforce continuity positions Broad Industry world wide Footprint  Over 30 platforms  Redundant, dedicated global network  Continued investment in technology, tools and infrastructure  6 times winner of the Business Continuity Service Provider of theYear Award Category  2008 winner of the Outstanding Excellence in Leadership Business Continuity and the Data Centre Strategy of the Year Award  Recognized as Leader in the Disaster Recovery space by IT analyst firms Gartner and Forrester; recognized on Gartners Cloud Services Magic Quadrant © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 3
  4. 4. Our Customers  We are a trusted partner, providing flexible, customized solutions to solve customer problems  Over 10,000 customers world wide  More than 70% of Fortune 100 corporations rely on our services  Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and Business Services industries are heavily represented within the customer base; also significant customers from the Transportation, Telecommunications and Utilities, and Government verticals © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 4
  5. 5. Our Vision SunGard Availability Services: “The IT solutions provider of choice to ensure the availability of our customers’ business operations." © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 5
  6. 6. Recovery Services  Tiered, customized solutions based on applications and business process criticality, AdvancedRecoverySM for mission-critical delivered by an industry innovator and leader; applications flexibility to shift solution mix as business  Replication Solutions requirements change (Storage, Server)  Experience and track record of success – 100%  Backup & Recovery Solutions (Secure2Disk) recovery rate over 30 years; pressure-tested processes IT Recovery Services for less time sensitive  AdvancedRecoverySM options backed systems by SLAs  Systems Recovery  Cost optimization – shared infrastructure and Workforce Continuity and skills; optimized spend by using single vendor vs. Managed Recovery expensive point-solutions Services for a complete solution  More than 25,000 workforce continuity positions  Mobile Workplace and world wide Workplace Center  More than 40 mobile recovery units world wide  Full System Restoration SunGard has successfully supported thousands of recoveries to date. And, to help ensure our customers are prepared, we also assist them with their recovery testing efforts – completing more than 100,000 tests over the last decade alone. © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 6
  7. 7. Managed Services  Higher levels of availability AdvancedHostingSM  Operational excellence – Operational structure and Solutions supporting best practices backed by ITILv3 service-centric physical and virtual model, SAS 70 Type II & ISO 9001 certification and platforms PCI DSS-compliant facilities and processes  Co-location  Comprehensive, scalable offerings – diverse  Managed Co-location customer mix across industries and sizes  Enterprise Managed  Secure and highly reliable infrastructure with Services continued investment Enterprise Cloud  Cost benefits – a more effective use of capital Infrastructure (operational versus capital expenses) and more affordable access to infrastructure and skills Messaging &  Over 3,600 Managed Services customers world Collaboration wide representing industries such as Business Remote Managed IT Services, Transportation, Utilities, Healthcare and Services Financial Services A commitment to innovation: SunGards strategic road map is built to leverage advances in virtualization, blade server, wide area network (WAN) and storage-acceleration technologies. We will also continue to help shape emerging utility and cloud computing service delivery models. © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 7
  8. 8. Consulting Services  Focus on Availability, Security, IT Efficiency Consulting Practice and Compliance Areas  Helping clients identify risks, develop strategies  Business Continuity & and implement and maintain solutions Disaster Recovery  Extensive Experience:  Storage Optimization • Over 200 Consultants  Data Center and IT • Over 10,000 customers world wide Services • 250,000 hours of customer engagements annually  Information Security across multiple industries  Proven Methodology • Pressure-tested plans and processes • Built on best practices and standards  Customized approach  On time and on budget delivery Certified expertise including: CBCP, Project Management, CISSP, VMware®, Storage, Data Center and Microsoft®. © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 8
  9. 9. Business Continuity Management Software  A single source for end-to-end Disaster  BIA Professional® to collect plan Recovery and Business Continuity information with expertly designed surveys  LDRPS® to build and maintain plans with the Planning and support industry standard planning tool  Leveraging a common platform, that  Vendor Assessment simplifies the process of gathering and analyzing survey enables data consistency across multiple information to assess vendors planning, testing and execution-  Work Force Assessment provides a clear understanding of work force criticality and management processes, as well as availability to strengthen planning efforts seamless enterprise reporting  Risk Assessment identifies threats to any location  All-in-one Continuity Management  NōtiFind® to send and receive Solution automates Business Continuity communications whenever necessary by processes and integrates expert guidance way of several options  Incident Manager Powered by WebEOC® and best practices to manage any disruption you may encounter  Modular approach – provides flexibility,  PLANet® for Community Financial allowing customers to start with a single Institutions to help ensure plans are key process and add functionality as constructed according to BCP regulations such as those enforced by the FFIEC needed and NCUA Business Continuity Management Software strongly supports companies Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans. Regardless of technologies used for BCDR (e.g., physical, virtual, cloud) businesses will continue to rely on Software to manage a holistic Business Continuity strategy, including people and partners. © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 9
  10. 10. SunGard Services Leverage Our Availability Foundation Always Available Just In Time Production & Recovery Cloud Pooled Usage Cloud Services Services Managed Online Capacity Backup – SunGard Mitigates on-demand Secure2Disk Customer Risk Shared Capacity Virtualization Services Virtualization Virtual Server Services SunGard Mitigates Replication Customer Risk Utility Computing SM SM Managed Solutions AdvancedHosting AdvancedRecovery Enterprise Managed Services Storage Replication Server Management, Services Application Management, Server Replication DataBase Management, SunGard Mitigates Services Customer Risk Storage Management Recovery Services Dedicated Infrastructure Production/ Recovery IT Recovery, Workforce Enterprise Managed Services IT continuity and Co-location Operations © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 10
  11. 11. Global facilities by location © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 11
  12. 12. SunGard Global Solution Centers Shanghai, China Pune, India Bangalore, India © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 12
  13. 13. Sustainable Development  We believe in accountability, doing business ethically and doing the right thing  Our employees identify strongly with global social, ethical and environmental issues such as climate change  The customers we do business with, and the communities and environment we act in are increasingly influenced by sustainability issues  We recognize that we are at the beginning of an important journey  We hope our customers and partners will join us to provide business leadership as a catalyst for change in the information technology sector © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 13
  14. 14. Why SunGard? Proven Track Record  100% recovery success rate since 1979  Supported over 100,000 tests and 2,300 recoveries  Delivered over 100,000 action plans People & Processes  Over 2,500 Information Availability experts Infrastructure & Operations  24/7 technical centers of excellence  More than 80 facilities world wide  Crisis management process  Over 5 million square feet of global operations space  Integrated customer support through our Service Desk, Monitoring Services  More than 40 mobile recovery units Operations and Crisis Management Team world wide for at-premises assistance  Operational excellence and alignment with ITIL-driven standards, etc.  Operational structure and best practices backed by ITILv3 service-centric model, SAS 70 Type II & ISO 9001 certification and PCI DSS-compliant facilities and processes © 2010 SunGard Availability Services LP. - All Rights Reserved - 14