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Storyboard edwards


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Storyboard edwards

  1. 1. SCENESHOT # SHOT # SHOT # 1 2 3ACTION ACTION ACTION[Shot 1: show David inputting information into cell [Shot 2: Show cellphone transmission to satellite and [Shot 3: show David leaving the office slightly dishev-phone] then down to car] eled and rushing to his car with a book-bag, sunset sky behind]DIALOGUE DIALOGUE DIALOGUEDavid is 25 and has suffered from epilepsy all his life, Now that he has started driving around with Beth “David has had a long day at the office full of meet-but since he was 10 he has been able to manage his he has even more piece of mind. He was able toseizures with the help of medication. According to ings; he was up late the prior night working and onlystate law, David can drive if he has been seizure-free tell Beth about his medical conditions and place afor at least six months. closer watch and certain aspects of his behaviors. got 3 hours of sleep.”FX FX FX
  2. 2. SCENESHOT # SHOT # SHOT # 4 5 6ACTION ACTION ACTION[Shot 4: David turns on the car and settles in for his [Shot 5: Dashboard plays music] [Shot 6: David Driving Lots of traffic]drive home]DIALOGUE DIALOGUE DIALOGUEBeth says, “David, your blood pressure is slightly David says to the voice-activated system, “Turn on As David turns onto a road with heavy traffic, hehigher than normal, and your heartbeat appears to the Relax playlist. Turn on back massage.” notices his vision becoming blurry. He begins to feelbe 5 bpm faster than normal.” dizzy, as though he is going to pass out.FX FX FX
  3. 3. SCENESHOT # SHOT # SHOT # 7 8 9ACTION ACTION ACTION [Shot 9: 911 taking a and blue lights[Shot 7: Car swerving down the road] [Shot 8: Beth in the dashboard] around phone with voiceover]DIALOGUE DIALOGUE DIALOGUEHe begins to swerve in the lane. Beth says, “You do The dash displays a soft light signaling a medical Beth contacts David’s emergency contact, physician,not have control of the vehicle. Your brain activity emergency. David has just enough time to pull over and 911 to alert them of the medical erratic. Pull the vehicle over.” to the shoulder before he suffers a mild seizure.FX FX FX
  4. 4. SCENESHOT # SHOT # SHOT # 10 11 12ACTION ACTION ACTION[Shot 10: Emergency lights are flashing [Shot 12: A ‘looking back’ scene with David being [Shot 11: ambulance speeding down the road]on a dark street] interviewed up close to the camera]DIALOGUE DIALOGUE DIALOGUEMUSIC: soft melancholy music plays An emergency vehicle appears on the scene “I never really thought Beth would actuallyduring this scene. in five minutes. save my life.”FX FX FX