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  • I congratulate you for your excellent presentation ! Amazing and wonderful pictures... Thanks

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  • Superbe imagini, foarte frumos pps . Daca nu ar fi asa de frig acolo poate ca asi da o fuga , dar deocamdata e frig si pe la Cj si ninge
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Alaska in images

  1. 2. Yukon Territory
  2. 3. Gastineau Channel
  3. 4. Alaskan Hoary Marmot
  4. 5. Alaskan Tundra in Autumn, Denali National Park
  5. 6. Anchorage
  6. 7. Anchorage Skyline Evening
  7. 8. Blackstone Bay
  8. 9. Brooks Falls
  9. 10. Brooks Lodge Cabins
  10. 11. Brown Bear and Bald Eagle
  11. 12. Coastal Sitka, spruce for est-southeast
  12. 13. Downtown Juneau
  13. 14. Eagle River
  14. 15. Fairbanks, New Bridge Over The Chena River
  15. 16. Fairweather Range Glacier Bay
  16. 17. Full Rainbow, Denali National Park
  17. 18. Iceberg, Derickson Bay
  18. 19. Johns Hopkins Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park
  19. 20. Juneau Boat Harbor At Sunset
  20. 21. Kenai Mountains, Cany on Creek
  21. 22. Kettle Pond Interior
  22. 23. Kodiak Harbor
  23. 24. Male Caribou
  24. 25. Mc Carthy Lodge Wrangell, St Elias National
  25. 26. Mc Neil River Sunrise
  26. 27. Mendenhall Glacier
  27. 28. Northern Sea Otter, Glacier Bay
  28. 29. Pioneer Park, Matanuska Valley
  29. 30. Sunset Over Knik Arm and Six Mile Creek
  30. 31. Thompson Pass Chugach Range