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Search-driven apps with SharePoint 2013 - Whats possible with the new platform?


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Short presentation I gave at Sharecamp 2013 in Munich.

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Search-driven apps with SharePoint 2013 - Whats possible with the new platform?

  1. 1. Search-driven apps with SharePoint 2013what‘s possible with the new plattform?Maximilian Melcher| Managing Consultant| 14. April 2013
  2. 2. Maximilian MelcherMaximilian Melcher (MCITP, MCPD) is a Managing Consultant for Alegri International Services inMunich, Germany. Max is a specialist in SharePoint technologies focused on search, socialcomputing, web content management and collaboration. Max has led SharePoint implementationsfor Dax 30 companies since 2009. Max’s free time is spent on twitter mostly with a good coffee inhis hands.Twitter: @maxmelcherBlog: Melcher.itEmail: Maximilian.Melcher@alegri.euToolbox: sharepointtoolbox.dewww:
  3. 3. About Alegri Foundation year: 2001 225 employees (DACH region) 8 locations One of the biggest Microsoft-and Unite- (SAP & Microsoft)partners in Germany 60+ of DAX 100 companiesare our costumers Consulting Excellence in MicrosoftEnterprise Solutions (<= SP2013)
  4. 4. Search in SharePoint 2013 Are there any relevant changes?
  5. 5. Tue 9:00am - SPC063 - Customizing Search Experiences in SharePoint 2013Mon 3:45pm - SPC202 - Search Architecture in SharePoint 2013Tue 10:30am - SPC044 - Crawl and Index all Enterprise Content withSharePoint 2013 SearchTue 10:30am - SPC125 - Hybrid and Search in the CloudWed 9:00am - SPC143 – Making Great Search Based Applications with QueryRules in SharePoint 2013Wed 5:00pm - SPC145 – Optimize Search Relevance in SharePoint 2013
  6. 6. Tue 3:15pm - SPC230 - Step by Step: Building Search Driven Applications withSharePoint 2013 - Speaker: Scot HillierTue 9:00am - SPC063 - Customizing Search Experiences in SharePoint 2013Speaker: Kerem YuceturkTue 5:00pm - SPC172 - Overview of Capacity Planning, Sizing and High Availability forSearch in SharePoint 2013 - Speakers: Barry Waldbaum, Olaf BirkelandWed 9:00am - SPC143 - Making Great Search Based Applications with Query Rules inSharePoint 2013 - Speaker: Pedro DeRoseTue 5:00pm - SPC203 - Search Content Enrichment and Extensibility in SharePoint2013Speakers: Runar Olsen, Kathrine Hammervold
  7. 7. Wed 10:30am - SPC231 - Step by Step: Search Development in SharePoint 2013Speakers - Andrew Wardly, Matt KingWed 10:30am - SPC117 - How to Manage and Troubleshoot Search: A Practical GuideSpeakers: Darrin Allred, Ed Barnett, Agnes MolnarWed 1:45pm - SPC095 - Effective Search Deployment and Operation in SharePoint2013 - Speakers: Darrin Allred, Knut BrandrudWed 3:15pm - SPC049 - Custom Security Trimming for Search in SharePoint 2013Speakers: Morgan Larsson, Sveinar RasmussenWed 5:00pm - SPC145 - Optimize Search Relevance in SharePoint 2013Speakers: Jan Inge Bergseth, Victor PoznanskiWed 3:15pm - SPC150 - Microsoft Early Learning: Moving Search to O365 andBuilding a Hybrid Experience - Speaker: Rene Sanchez Almaguer
  8. 8. Search-Driven Apps Search-driven apps are applications utilizing the search index to query data and present them. Examples in SharePoint 2013:□ My Tasks□ Sites I can access□ News□ Newsfeed□ …
  9. 9. Search Driven Apps Pro□ Easy to implement□ Fast response times□ Cross-Site / Cross-Webapp / Cross-Farm Con□ Content-Freshness => invest in hardware□ Content must be indexed (of course)What sites canI access ?
  10. 10. Continuous crawlingSP2010 SP2013
  11. 11. Pre RTM Rumors… Doc-Push API?□ Nope.
  12. 12. New WebParts Many new WebParts You need ECALs for the good ones
  13. 13. Example: Content Search WebPart Wizard-based 7 Display modes□ Diagnostic mode! Query Variables Enterprise CAL only!
  14. 14. Display Templates Html & JavaScript You can debug display templates!!!
  15. 15. Hover Templates Html & Js Custom Hover Templates Customizable Action pane
  16. 16. Query Rules Intention-based Query parsing□ Lots of options…
  17. 17. Content Enrichment Web Service (CEWS) Read more:
  18. 18. Custom Connector Possible Lots of work Documentation -> not available. If you still wanna do it: start with the MyFile Connector:
  19. 19. Import / Export Settings
  20. 20. Tool-Support REST Many parameters Very detailed output - oder „cinst SearchQueryTool“ via
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Maximilian MelcherTwitter: @maxmelcherBlog: Melcher.itEmail: Maximilian.Melcher@alegri.euToolbox: sharepointtoolbox.dewww: http://alegri.deThanks!