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Social Media & Digital PR - A Marriage Made in Heaven #SESSF


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Best practice tips and tricks from Mel Carson speaking at SES San Francisco in September 2013 on social media and digital PR, how to set up a team, how social media and digital PR fit into the inbound marketing mix, and why your business needs to be less siloed in it's approach to amplifying brand messages through PR and use social media and digital as an effective channel to create meaningful connections with consumers in a digital age.

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Social Media & Digital PR - A Marriage Made in Heaven #SESSF

  1. The Marriage of Social & PR Making It Work for Your Brand @MelCarson
  2. I Live in Sunny Seattle…. Jeff Abel Photography
  3. @MelCarson A Little Background….
  4. @MelCarson A Little Scene Setting….
  5. @MelCarson 27% of Time on Social Media
  6. @MelCarson 2016 Forrester 2012
  7. @MelCarson Context Matters Microsoft Advertising
  8. @MelCarson Look At My Book on Forbes!! Published At 11.13pm 150K Per Year
  9. @MelCarson WARNING!
  10. @MelCarson
  11. @MelCarson Rand Fishkin PR & Social = Inbound
  12. @MelCarson Bonfires = Social/Community
  13. @MelCarson Fireworks = PR & Events
  14. @MelCarson Brand Building Through PR & Social • Build a relationship to become more trusted • Differentiate through an emotional connection to become more remarkable and unmistakable • Nurture loyal fans to become more essential **How Social Media Is Changing Brand Building – 2012
  15. @MelCarson
  16. @MelCarson Multimedia Increases Impressions Use Images Use Video Include Links Be Tweetable Render Properly
  17. @MelCarson Interesting Stories Please
  18. @MelCarson Science of Great Content The DNA of successful and enduring digital content has FOUR elements: • Authentic • Useful • Relevant • Actionable
  19. @MelCarson Science of Great Content You’ll be roaring with joy when you see our latest Cape Town & Safari deal! Click to watch our stunning slideshow: Customer-centric Emotion Real-Time Actionable Measurable Affordable
  20. @MelCarson Science of Great Content Aspirational We Take Care of You Something for Everyone Always fancied a “wee dram” on a beautiful Scottish Island filled with coastal walks and magnificent wildlife? Leave your rental car keys behind on this tour of 8 of Scotland’s finest whisky distilleries. “Like” and we’ll do a little jig! Product Detail Call to Action Personality
  21. @MelCarson Digital PR & Influencer Discovery
  22. @MelCarson Dollar Shave Club PR
  23. @MelCarson Dollar Shave Club PR
  24. @MelCarson Dollar Shave Club PR
  25. @MelCarson Google Alerts &
  26. @MelCarson followerwonk
  27. @MelCarson socialbakers
  28. @MelCarson You Would Be Wise…
  29. @MelCarson Facebook – Add a URL
  30. @MelCarson YouTube – Add a URL
  31. @MelCarson Twitter – Add a URL
  32. @MelCarson Attribute Your Owned Media Via Who?
  33. @MelCarson Attribute Your Owned Media Via Who?
  34. @MelCarson Don’t Do This!
  35. @MelCarson Or This!
  36. @MelCarson Do This!
  37. @MelCarson Big Images Please!
  38. @MelCarson Where is the Big Fat Image in this Blog Post? Corporate Blog
  39. @MelCarson What Image is Showing Up When Someone LIKES? Own The Image
  40. @MelCarson How To Think About ROI • It’s not just about Awareness • Partnership with Media • You are Lowering Cost • You are creating Brand Affinity • You are Increasing Customer Spend • You are anticipating the Return On In-Action
  41. @MelCarson Be Agile
  42. @MelCarson Be Delightful
  43. @MelCarson Be Unexpected
  44. @MelCarson Must Reads…. @GregJarboe @AimClear @LeeOdden @LisaBuyer
  45. @MelCarson Thumbs Up To Your Happy Union
  46. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHI Thank You! @MelCarson