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World litfinal2


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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World litfinal2

  1. 1. Importance of Religious Supporting Characters IB A1 English SL Year 2 Mr. Fitzgerald January 7, 2012 Candidate Number: 000307-108 Word Count: 2361
  2. 2. Bunker 2James FitzgeraldIB SL A1 English Year 2Date finished Importance of Religious Supporting Characters Albert Camus, the author of The Stranger and Naguib Mahfouz who is the authorof The Theif and the Dogs have created a specific set of characters designed to supportthe protagonist in each novel. (In both existentialist novels, The Stranger by Albert Camus and TheThief and the Dogs by Naguib Mafouz, the authors utilize unique minor characters to accentuate thequalities of each protagonist). Minor characters in each piece of work (literary work) heavilyinfluence the mindset and character development of the protagonists(; one throughinstruction and the other through interrogation). In these pieces of work, the minor charactersthat influence (Influential characters (minor characters that influence seems somewhatclumbsy/awkward) (either positively or negatively not really necessary) happen to be religiousfollowers(more eloquent form: pious zealots of religion). The Magistrate from The Stranger is astrong, faithful (devout instead of strong, faithful) Christian who does not understand whyMersault cannot open his eyes and his heart to believing in God (Maybe: “The Magistrate….Who cannot empathize with Mersault’s callous disposition towards the notion of God.”) In the otherpiece of work from The Thief and the Dogs In The Thief and the Dogs (the other piece of workisn’t necessary and is a bit informal), the Sheikh is a Suci who is a faithful Muslim that advisesSaid Mahran how to transform into a better person by applying the Muslim faith into hisdaily life.( I think it is “Sufi”. Sufi who is a faithful muslim seems redundant. Maybe “The Sheikh is afaithful practitioner of Sufism, a Muslim denomination, WHO instills in Said Mahran a desire to cast awayhis past and become a moral man through applying the Muslim faith into his daily life.” (or “a desire to
  3. 3. Bunker 3cleanse his heart of all but God”?) While exploring (Not necessary, but if you want to use it, you canwrite “Through exploring…. One finds that the magistrate…”)The Stranger and The Theif and theDogs, the Magistrate and the Sheikh Ali al-Junaydi work as a religious catalysts in eachbook (never say “book” always “novel”)to support the protagonist’s development (Enhance thecharacterization of each corresponding protagonist.)from each piece of literature Repeatingbecause you already said “in each novel” before, so pick one. Though both are minor charactersSupporting characters (avoid repeating minor characters) and are mentioned only periodicallythroughout each work, they are essential to contributing to the protagonist’sdevelopment; however the minor characters have different roles in each novel. “essentialto contributing” is redundant. So “they are essential to the protagonists growth; however theircontributions differ."As Said is released from jail and after he tries to reunite with his daughter, he seeksrefuge from the Sheik’s (not concise sentence, try: following Said’s release from prison and attemptedreunion with his daughter, he seeks refuge IN the Sheik’s…) spiritual, emotional and physicalshelter. Said is released (Repetitive (used released in the previous sentence) “Returns to reality”)back into reality where freedom and betrayal come hand in hand, he was (Always usepresent tense!!!) starving for revenge of those who put him in jail in the first place. I wouldcombine the two sentences to: “hand in hand. (end sentence) He starves for retribution against thoseresponsible for his imprisonment.” Top section not in chronological order (release from jail to sheiksshelter to release from jail back to sheik – confusing) Said first goes to the Sheikh of his fatherfor a longing of his past filled with memories of nostalgia. Maybe: “Said immediately seeks thecouncil of his father’s friend, the Sheikh in a longing for the catharsis of nostalgia from his pastexperiences.”? When Said first enters the Sheik’s (Saying sheikh too much. Here it is notnecessary) mosque he “ [finds] himself bending over [Sheik’s] hand to kiss it” which
  4. 4. Bunker 4shows (never use shows) portrays/illustrates/depicts/exemplifies Said’s trust and calm manner aroundthe Sheikh. Said’s feelings of being comfortable with the Shiekh and trusting him(Mahfouz 33). Especially since his daughter, Sana, disowned him, Said feels that heneeds to go to an emotional, spiritual and physical safe shelter in which he feels secureat the Sheik’s because Said asks himself, “What other refuge have I?” (Mahfouz 33).Said’s rhetorical question, “What other refuge have I”(Mafouz 33), enhances feelings of insecurity,resulting from Sana’s rejection, that he removes through the comfort of the Sheikh’s refuge” (theemotional, spiritual… thing is repetitive if you use it again) The Sheikh repeatedly replies“repeatedly replies to said by telling him that” is awkward: “counters Said’s remarks by responding, ‘….”(Mahfouz 32). to Said by telling him that “ ‘ If you love God, then follow me and God willlove you’ and words: ‘Love is acceptance, which means obeying His commands andrefraining from what He has prohibited and contentment with what He decrees andordains.’ ” (Mahfouz 32). More wise words from the Sheikh allows Said to have aopened point of view, “ ‘the eyes of their hearts are open, but those in their heads areclosed’ ” (Mahfouz 75). (“The Sheikh’s sage advice allows Said to open his mind, since, ‘the eyes oftheir hearts….”). Join the next two sentences: “the similarities between the Sheikh and Said are evident inthat the protagonist is not in this world, but lost in his hatred and vengeance while the supportingcharacter "is lost in heaven." The Sheikh shows similarities to Said. This is shown when Said is not in thisworld and is lost in his hatred and vengeance as well as Sheikh “is lost in heaven”(Mahfouz 33). Said does not intentionally refuse the Shiekh’s advice that Said “seek[s]the walls, not the heart”, meaning that Said is set on revenge and cannot dig deeperand listen to his advice to become a better person (Mahfouz 27). “cannot be introspectiveand realizes that he needs to better himself”. The minor role of the Sheikh has a major
  5. 5. Bunker 5impact on the reader’s personal view points of Said and their relationship. Reorganizesentence: “the minor role of the sheikh and his relationship with the protagonist impact the readerspersonal interpretation of Said." The examining intrusive Magistrate from The Stranger, allows the reader’s to seethe stubbornness (accentuates/enhances/reveals the stubbornness) of Mersault’s character toremain faithless and to remain “to remain” = repetitive and not necessary outside of society’srules. (and an anomaly to societies standards” or “a stranger to societies rules/standards” (second oneplays with title)  I so clever) When Mersault is arrested, the Magistrate questions Mersaultseveral times after his arrest Repetitive. “…the magistrate questions Mersault repeatedly.” Afterthe Magistrate is disturbed by Mersault’s lack of grief over his mother’s death, Awkwardbeginning, try: “Disturbed by Mersault’s lack of grief over his mother’s death, the Magistrate continuesto…” he continues to “ask [Mersault] if [he] believed in God” (Camus 69). The Magistrateis very upfront about his religious confrontation to Mersault, and tells Mersault Awkward,try: “the Magistrate’s conspicuous disapproval to Mersault’s religious theories is evident when he says…”“it was impossible; all men believed in God, even those who turn their backs on Him”(Camus 69). The Magistrate could not understand that someone would want to remainwithout believing in God Make more concise: “Godless/faithless”?. The Magistrate is very Neveruse “very/so/really” pushy Word choice: aggressive/assertive/relentless in trying to convince andunderstand Mersualt’s way of thinking. He represents society at large in that he isthreatened by Mersault’s unusual, amoral beliefs (y) awesome sentence!. From theMagistrates questioning, it shows that Mersault is not playing “society’s game” of beingreligious Through the Magistrate’s interrogation, it is evident that Merault is not playing “societies game”of zealous devotion to religion.. It seems that Don’t weaken your argument by seeming unconfident.Just say “By the end of the novel…” by the end of the novel, Mersault is killed not for killing a
  6. 6. Bunker 6man “Mersault is not executed for murder, despite his victims ethnicity, but…” (even if he was anArab) not necessary but for not believing in God since “all men believed in God” (Camus69). “He told me that he believed in God, that it was his conviction that no man was soguilty that God would not forgive him, but in order for that to happen a man must repentand in so doing become like a child whose heart is open and ready to embrace all.”(Camus 68) Long quote, where are you going with this?. In this piece of literature, the minorcharacter fails to make an Unnecessary: “fails to imprint”imprint on Mersualt’s spirit, howeverit (he) helps guide the way for the reader’s “guide the reader(singular) to see…” to seeMersault’s true chracter. The Magistrate helps to show the readers of Mersault’satheism and him not following the rules of society. “reveal Mersault’s atheist beliefs andrejection of societies rules."The minor characters in The Stranger and The Thief and the Dogs contribute greatly tothe protagonist’s development “contribute IN the protagonist’s development” (greatly doesn’t helpthe sentence) throughout each novel, however, the Magistrate and the Sheikh differ in theways of how they went about encouraging their faith to each protagonist. A more conciseway of saying this is “the magistrate and sheikh differ in their methods of a religious intervention on theprotagonists.”The Magistrate continues to push and interrogate Mersault’s atheismRemember those adjectives I suggested before? “the magistrate’s routine isaggressive/assertive/relentless in cleansing Mersault’s atheism and says…” and says, “ ‘I havenever seen a soul as hardened as yours. The criminals who have come before me havealways wept at the sight of this image of suffering’ ” (Camus 69). While the Sheikh is acharacter shown as Unnecessary: “is a calm spiritual advisor…” a calm and spiritual advisorwho wants Said to come unto the religious teachings, Start new sentence the difference isthat he does not force it upon Said but instead he embraces it about him. He does not
  7. 7. Bunker 7force his ideals upon Said, rather he guides Said in the right direction through passive instruction.TheSheikh says the following phrases four times in a humble matter, I think you meant to sayThe Sheikh repeats four times in a humble MANNER,…” “ ‘take a copy of the Koran and read…wash yourself now and read’ ”, which stresses the importance of him wanting Said tofind that religious spark and follow it (Mahfouz 31). Which stresses his attempt to rid Said ofunnecessary thoughts and seek guidance from God. Said comes to the Sheikh, askingUnnecessary: “Said comes to the Sheikh for spiritual advice…” for spiritual advice because his“own daughter has rejected [him]” (Mahfouz 29). Said comes willingly because hequestions that “ ‘if it is true that man can be poor in God, so is it true man can be rich inHim’ ”(Mahfouz 79). Both of the supporting characters want these criminals (in theirown view) Do you mean “self proclaimed criminals”? to come unto either Christianity or MuslimSufism?. The Magistrate says to Mersault that “ [He is] a Christian. I ask Him to forgiveyou your sins. How can you not believe that He suffered for you?’” (Camus 69). TheMagistrate is astounded that Mersault cannot appreciate the fact that there is a Saviorwho suffered for his mistakes. Mersault remains faithless until the end of his own timeand being punished for not being just like everyone else who were faithful Christians.Awkward: until his demise as punishment for not accepting societies religious principles. Thesupporting characters compare and contrast Are distinctive in each piece, but they bothadd to the character development of Said and Mersault in ways that if those supportingcharacters were not there then the protagonists would not have developed the way thatthey did. “In ways essential to the plot development”? Im not sure how to word that, but the last partafter “Mersault” is awkward… The supporting characters, Remove, we can put it in later in the sentence the Shiekh and
  8. 8. Bunker 8the Magistrate, from each piece or of literature gives aid in showing the reader’s howtheir beliefs try to influence the criminals but they influence the protagonists in differentways. “aids the reader’s understanding of the intrinsic value of the supporting characters in influencingthe criminals in their own manner.” While the Magistrate is trying to force upon Mersault thathe is the only one different and needs to repent and come unto God, the Sheikh on theother hand wants Said to develop faith however as Said comes to him the Sheikh. I’mconfused with this sentence. Try: “While the magistrate forcefully proposes that Mersault must convert tosocieties ideology, the sheikh slowly instills the importance of faith in Said.” Mersault is forced tolisten to the Magistrate while Said desires to go to his father’s spiritual leader. “Goes to hisfather’s spiritual leader of his own accord” The chosen list of characters “Combination of characters”in each novel really Remember, don’t use “really/very/so” helps shows the audience Notaudience(that is for plays): reader. Also, “helps show” can be more eloquent. Try “highlights the mindsetsof the protagonists to facilitate the readers comprehension of the text.”? the mindsets of theprotagonists. If the reader did not have that supporting character to count on as theprotagonist developed, then the plot would not have developed and been portrayed toits audience. “Without the supporting characters characterizing the protagonists, the plot andmessage/theme would not have developed to its full potential.” My teacher here recently told menot to make hypothetical remarks. I don’t know about fitz but if you want to be safe you canwrite: “The supporting characters are essential in characterizing the protagonists to develop theplot and message/them to its full potential.”
  9. 9. Bunker 9 Works CitedCamus, Albert. The Stranger. New York: Vintage International, 1988. Print.Mahfouz, Naguib. The Thief and The Dogs. New York: Anchor, 1961. Print.