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EclipseCon Fr 2018 - The future of development tooling: The example of Eclipse Che, Theia and Sirius.

The journey of building developer tooling has never been as exciting as it is right now. Eclipse Che is getting more and more mature, bringing collaboration and teams capabilities for developer workspaces. Theia, integrated in Eclipse Che, is providing the foundations for a modern and extensible web IDE. With the rise of cloud development platforms, we see the industry defining new server protocols, such as "Language Server Protocol" and "Debug Server Protocol" which allow to bring tooling on a wide range of platforms, such as Eclipse, Eclipse Che and VS Code.

During this session, we will discuss about the future of development tooling, we will briefly review the progresses made over the last years and where the community is moving towards. We will discuss how "Server Protocols" are allowing to bring our tools on different platforms and environments which can run on the cloud or locally. To illustrate the discussion, we will take few examples: The JDT Language Server, the Debug Adapter Protocol implementation in Theia and the Graphical Server Protocol initiated during the journey of bringing Sirius to the cloud.

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EclipseCon Fr 2018 - The future of development tooling: The example of Eclipse Che, Theia and Sirius.

  1. 1. The future of development tooling Mélanie Bats, CTO @ Obeo Stevan Le Meur, Product Manager @ Red Hat The example of Eclipse Che, Theia and Sirius
  2. 2. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
  3. 3. {OOP}
  4. 4. “In 1995 IDE was not well received by developers since it would fence in their creativity” Wikipedia
  5. 5. Tools are helping us to be more productive and focus our time on bringing value to the products we are building. Unleash our complete potential...
  6. 6. A developer today:
  7. 7. A developer today: - Works mainly on his localhost.
  8. 8. A developer today: - Works mainly on his localhost - Codes in only few technology sets
  9. 9. What are the trends ?
  10. 10. A new generation of IDEs Developers love them because of : ● Lightweight ● Simplicity ● Powerful tooling ● Easy customization ● High release cadence
  11. 11. The VS code example ● <100Mb download ● Light UI ● Marketplace ● Extensions, Language Servers ● Each month a new version
  12. 12. And other light editors And now Atom IDE
  13. 13. Not afraid anymore by... browser IDE
  14. 14. Codesandbox
  15. 15. The newborn: Eclipse Theia
  16. 16. Eclipse Che
  17. 17. Che workspace IDE RuntimesProject Files
  18. 18. Workspace Runtimes Application stack + “Dev Mode” IDE Tooling as microservices in sidecars Language IDE Debugger Test App
  19. 19. Demo Sidecars
  20. 20. Workspace Runtimes Application stack + “Dev Mode” IDE Tooling as microservices in sidecars Language IDE Debugger Test App
  21. 21. Dedicated workbenches
  22. 22. The well known… RCP applications
  23. 23. Don’t touch it, it’s mine!
  24. 24. Use a sledgehammer to crack a nut!
  25. 25. ONE tool dedicated to ONE task!
  26. 26. The way we develop is changing 40% Of enterprise developers are already using >3 languages in development. Using Many Languages 66% Of enterprises are already using containers in development, test or production. Adopting Containers Source: Cloud development Survey 2017 - Evans Data Corp
  27. 27. Being more agile with our tools Iterate faster Focus on value to create Share workspace with all stakeholders Pair programming Live collaboration
  28. 28. Live collaboration
  29. 29. Evolution of the IDE concept? More accessible tool Tools integrated Different “views” for different use cases and different users
  30. 30. IDE-agnostic tools Tools to be opened to more “domains”, not only engineering Tools to be available more broadly, to more platform, to more users
  31. 31. Sirius in the Web Prototype
  32. 32. Sirius integrated in Theia Prototype
  33. 33. Sirius integrated in Che Prototype
  34. 34. What’s next ?
  35. 35. “Cloudifying” our tools More resources More calcul engine Simplification of deployment Tools lifecycle
  36. 36. IA for developers Machine learning applied to : ● Code recommendation ● Team collaboration ● Auto layout mechanism
  37. 37. Chatbots W hyNot?
  38. 38. Deep learning Soundscool:) Layout?
  39. 39. Blockchain Buzzword! Model collaboration?
  40. 40. Virtual Reality? OM G!
  41. 41. What do you want ? Come to chat with us
  42. 42. Open source is the only way Catalyse of energies Opportunism from different ideas and visions Open protocols : language server, debugger, and others...
  43. 43. Graphical Server Protocol ● Lowering the cost of integrating a graphical tool in a platform ● Defining a protocol used to communicate between a platform and a graphical designer ● Open source initiative :
  44. 44. Next steps for Che & Sirius? - Eclipse Che: Platform to build cloud tooling - Extensibility, Pluggability - Cloudifying your tools - Sirius needs you: - Contribute to Sirius : it will remain open source - Share needs & feedback - Participate to the Graphical Server Protocol - Support Obeo
  45. 45. Thanks! Questions? Stevan Le Meur - Che maintainer : @stevanLM / Mélanie Bats - Obeo : @melaniebats /