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City Concrete inc. corporate brochure

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City Concrete Brochure Web

  1. 1. Our cOncrete is custOm mixed tO suit yOur unique needs
  2. 2. // sectiOn 1 // cOncrete supply At city cOncrete, we tAke pride in prOviding All Of Our custOmers with Only the finest And mOst durAble cOncrete – custOm mixed tO suit yOur unique needs. Our experienced stAff will help yOu cOnceive, design And reAlize yOur prOject sO thAt yOur next cOncrete creAtiOn will Add vAlue, enhAnce And beAutify yOur hOme fOr yeArs tO cOme. • brOchure cOntents • s ectiOn 1:cOncr ete su pply Concrete Pouring Quality Assurance sectiOn 2: cOncrete finishing Commercial / Industrial New Foundations & Footings Waterproofing Services Underpinning Polished Concrete Slabs cOncrete pOuring Residential All of the equipment and materials needed for your project are loaded onto our truck, driven to Patterns Sealant your location and the concrete is dispensed exactly as and when you requested. Colouring Certification sectiOn 3: sAtisf i e d custOm e rs Testimonials 5
  3. 3. sectiOn 1 : cOncrete supply // quAlity AssurAnce sectiOn 1 : cOncrete supply // cOncrete pOuring Our cOmmitment tO quAlity City Concrete adheres to stringent quality control measures to ensure that our concrete is highly durable and resistant to even our harshest winter conditions. We use only premium grade, washed aggregate as part of our raw ingredients and we have A.C.I. certified members on staff for all field sampling and handling. Our professional mobile technicians By dispensing the concrete freshly Since we dispense the exact amount strive to provide the best quality on-site, we optimize the concrete’s of concrete used, there’s no waste concrete possible. strength and workability. and or added expense. Our mAin gOAl is tO benefit bOth the envirOnment And yOur pOcket bOOk. 6 7
  4. 4. sectiOn 1 : cOncrete supply // cOncrete pOuring sectiOn 1 : cOncrete supply // cOncrete pOuring city cOncrete supplies cOncrete fOr bOth smAll residentiAl prOjects And lArge-scAle industriAl prOjects. “I have been a pump truck operator for 7 years now and I have never had a better experience that with the City Concrete trucks. Their mobile mixers are the best I have ever dealt with. They are low maintenance, pour very fast and give no problems to operate. I have no complaints. I am always well taken care of and their trucks, products and services are excellent.” - Steven, Independent pump truck operator Our ability to dispense fine aggregate for the priming of the concrete pump renders our service very concrete-pump friendly. 8 9
  5. 5. // sectiOn 2 // gtA cOncrete finishing One Of city cOncrete’s speciAlities is decOrAtive residentiAl flAtwOrk in expOsed AggregAte with stAmped, pAtterned Or brOOm textured finishes in A vAriety Of cOlOurs And cOmbinAtiOns.
  6. 6. sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // cOmmerciAl / industriAl sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // cOmmerciAl / industriAl industriAl / cOmmerciAl We specialize in concrete flatwork, concrete overlays, and foundation footings for both large commercial and residential projects. 12 13
  7. 7. sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // cOmmerciAl / industriAl sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // cOmmerciAl / industriAl “We were very happy with City Concrete’s flexibility and ability to work around our schedule. They were also very pro-active and came promptly whenever we called them.” - Gurmeet Bharj, Project Coordinator, Rand General Contractors 14 15
  8. 8. sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // new fOundAtiOns & wAterprOOfing services sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // industriAl wAterprOOfing industriAl wAterprOOfing Hand finishing the circumference of the tunnel to maintain the specified circumference. Structural reinforcements applied to increase tunnel integrity. municipAl undergrOund stOrm tunnel wAterprOOfing And structurAlly reinfOrcing the tunnel wAll’s integrity. City Concrete Inc , also offers excavation and construction of new foundation footings and new concrete walls. We also provide waterproofing services for new wall construction and older wall restoration as well as basement floor underpinning in buildings or homes where the floor-to-ceiling height is too low for functionality. 16 17
  9. 9. sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // residentiAl wAterprOOfing sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // residentiAl wAterprOOfing residentiAl wAterprOOfing Care is taken to keep the property clean. Both exterior and internal waterproofing services are available for residential and industrial buildings. Power washing the wall to expose the deteriorated Hand digging is the preferred method around foundation cracking. utility and gas lines. Newly installed Delta dimple membrane. 18 19
  10. 10. sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // underpinning sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // pOlished cOncrete slAbs pOlished cOncrete slAbs Where the new concrete aesthetic appeal is desired we provide polishing of the concrete slab. The resulting finish is very underpinning Of the residentiAl fOundAtiOn wAlls smooth to the touch with no compromise to the traction when wet. Furthermore, depending on the desired concrete Basement floor underpinning in buildings or homes where the floor-to-ceiling height is too low for functionality. specification and appearance, we offer concrete hardeners, epoxy finishing and clear coat sealants. 20 21
  11. 11. sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // residentiAl cOncrete finishing // residentiAl residentiAl Add instAnt curb-side AppeAl tO yOur hOme with pOured cOncrete stAirs… Accent yOur gArden with custOm-mixed cOlOur Or Add flAir with free flOwing curves… Concrete is no longer the industrial-looking choice reserved for heavy use construction. Today, concrete offers a choice of gorgeous textures, colours and designs that will suit any look, project and use. At City Concrete, every client is matched with a concrete designer who takes them through the process step-by-step – in order to ensure that they are fully aware and satisfied with each decision. 22 23
  12. 12. sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // pAtterns pAtterns stAmped cOncrete finishes Are A smArt chOice when lOOking tO give yOur hOme thAt nAturAl stOne lOOk but hAve tO wOrk within A budget. when instAlled prOperly, stAmped cOncrete is highly AttrActive And will lAst A lifetime. yOur chOice Of stAmp pAtterns Stamped concrete offers you an unlimited design palette to work with, when customizing your concrete creation. With minimal care, decorative concrete is highly resistant to the elements and can be given an array of appearances by varying the combination of stamps and colour used. 25
  13. 13. sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // residentiAl sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // seAlAnt seAlAnt tO ensure A lOng-lAsting jOb, Our seAlAnt is Applied tO the surfAce nO detAil is tOO smAll when it cOmes tO creAting A wOrk Of cOncrete Art. Our passion shines through in our skilful handcrafting, careful construction and attention to detail. 26
  14. 14. cOlOuring yOur cOncrete creAtiOn cOlOuring yOur cOncrete creAtiOn cOlOuring yOur cOncrete creAtiOn 28
  15. 15. sectiOn 2 : cOncrete finishing // certificAtiOn // sectiOn 3 // sAtisfied custOmers AmericAn cOncrete institute (Aci) city cOncrete finishing services Are cOmmitted tO the OngOing trAining Of Our speciAlist teAms sO thAt Our cOncrete knOwledge is AlwAys current And Our prOduct And service Offerings cOnstAntly reflect nO business will thrive unless their custOmers Are chAnging tAstes And trends. fully sAtisfied. city cOncrete knOws thAt custOmers whO receive tOp-nOtch treAtment And superiOr Our staff includes: quAlity prOducts will remAin lOyAl And will A.C.I. Certified Concrete Seal Testing Technicians Concrete Countertop Canada Training Craftsmen AlsO tell their cOlleAgues And friends, thereby building A sOlid reputAtiOn fOr the cOmpAny. Each Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I must demonstrate the knowledge and ability to properly perform and record the results of the Our Countertop Craftsmen have been trained in the “Buddy Rhodes finishing technique” of creating concrete counters, sinks, tiles and furniture. it is fOr this reAsOn thAt we Are prOud tO list following seven basic field tests on freshly mixed concrete: Their training allows us to offer various finishing textures including the: the fOllOwing testimOniAls AmOng Our • C 1064 - Temperature of Freshly Mixed Portland-Cement Concrete • Depressed technique mAny sAtisfied clients.. • C 172 - Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete • Smooth Surface technique • C 143 - Slump of Hydraulic Cement Concrete • Toweled technique • C 138 - Unit Weight, Yield, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Concrete • C 231 - Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Pressure Method “We are a construction management company and rely heavily on our contractors to leave us with a good • C 173 - Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Volumetric Method image before our clients. City Concrete provided us that reassurance with their professional attitude, • C 31 - Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field knowledge and attention to detail. They thoroughly guided our clients throughout the entire process and in A.C.I. – Concrete Flatwork Technicians the end, left them better informed on their options. We trust City Concrete for their honest, knowledgeable and high quality workmanship. We plan to keep them on hand for future business. A Concrete Flatwork Finisher/Technician is a craftsman who has demonstrated the ability to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure and protect concrete flatwork. A concrete flatwork technician needs to know: City Concrete, peace of mind, highly recommended. • 1 - Basic concrete technology • 2 - Concrete materials and mix proportioning - Vazir Khan, Project Manager • 3 - Concrete control tests • 4 - Proper use of finishing tools • 5 - Placing, consolidation, and finishing • 6 - Edging, jointing, curing, and protection 30
  16. 16. sectiOn 3 : sAtisfied custOmers // testimOniAls “Exceptional service and speed! We were already behind “My wife and I were in a real bind. An amateur on a job and they came in and finished the work in record contractor had left our place in a shambles. We called time. I would use them again in a heartbeat!” in City Concrete and they were a God-send! They dug down to our basement foundation by hand, fixed-up - Max Greco President our basement and driveway impeccably and even Advance Distribution & Logistics replaced the topsoil and re-sodded our front lawn! People just love the work they did! We are constantly “we hAd A very gOOd experience with city cOncrete. being asked who did our driveway – it’s that good. nOt Only were they very pOlite, prOfessiOnAl And City Concrete provided excellent service, great pAtient, they wOrked ArOund Our schedule, which workmanship and all of the workers were gentlemen!” wAs difficult fOr them. plus, they were very hOnest. - Mary & David Podge we Asked fOr different OptiOns including A rAther Homeowners pricey, stAmped cOncrete ApplicAtiOn, but city cOncrete tOld us thAt AlthOugh they wOuld lOve tO shOw us their expertise with stAmped cOncrete, it wAs nOt right fOr whAt we needed And steered us tOwArd A lOwer cOst OptiOn thAt wAs reAlly whAt we required. All thAt tO “City Concrete is the best! Their work is professional, their sAy, thAt they Are very hOnest – they did nOt staff is extremely courteous and their drivers have the try tO sell us sOmething we didn’t need.” most patience of any I have ever dealt with. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” - jeremy mehew - Phil Grenfell “Very quick responses; work is done on time – every grOunds mAnAger Owner, G.P.C. Services & Grounds Manager, time and they provide exceptional quality!” benjAmin pArk memOriAl chApel Mount Sinai Cemetery - Mr. Phil Van Housten Contractor Pro Check Home Services 32
  17. 17. gOt A prOject? simply emAil us yOur ArchitecturAl drAwings Or prOpOsAl tO prOjects@citycOncrete.cA And we’ll hAve A free detAiled estimAte reAdy fOr yOu in nO time.
  18. 18. 20 Hyde Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6M 1J3 • Phone 416 225-2544 • Email