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ROCK YOUR LIFE: From Miserable to Beautiful (2017)


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Look around - is everything beige? When did your Crayola box of colors disappear and your idea of adulting become so boring? What happened to that amped-up kid - the one who was happy to jump on her bike and ride as fast as she could to the lake near her house and play all day with her friends? Badasses don't wear beige.

When you walk into a room, do you make it brighter or darker? Many of us live beautiful lives, yet are miserable. But the opposite is also quite true. Those who live in the most miserable conditions tend to be the most beautiful human beings. It's time to take a deep look at ourselves and see the purpose we were given to live out in this lifetime.

Everyone has a purpose, but few actually use them. When we are living on purpose, we spread light. When we share our light with others, we are able to change the world. Let's find your thing, create a plan, and start making the impact you were put here to make. But let me warn you, you may need to clear out some stuff in your life to make that happen - job, friends, family, to-do lists, priorities. Are you truly ready to live a beautiful life of color?

In this 45min keynote or 3-hour workshop, we'll start:
- Telling your story
- Understanding your own personal brand
- Finding your purpose
- Putting together a plan for taking the next step

It's up to YOU to rock your life!
Find out more at

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ROCK YOUR LIFE: From Miserable to Beautiful (2017)

  1. 1. #rockyourlife @melaniespring
  2. 2. You are right where you’re SUPPOSED TO BE
  3. 3. MELANIE SPRING twitter: @melaniespring insta: @melaniespring Approachable Badass at BRANDED CONFIDENCE
  4. 4. Life isn’t measured in minutes, it’s measured in MOMENTS-MARKBATTERSON
  5. 5. The shortest distance between truth & human being is the -ANTHONYDEMELLO STORY
  6. 6. You are right where you’re SUPPOSED TO BE
  7. 7. YOUR STORY
  8. 8. it takes courage to grow up to be who you -eecummings REALLY ARE
  12. 12. You are right where you’re SUPPOSED TO BE
  13. 13. YOUR BRAND
  14. 14. your brand is built on what EVERYONE ELSEis saying about you.
  15. 15. WORK FRIENDS FAMILY OTHER Life isn’t about balance, it’s about INTEGRATION.
  16. 16. YOUR PURPOSE
  17. 17. You dishonor yourself when you play small with your -ROBINSHARMA TALENTS
  18. 18. GENETICSLOVE MONEY WORLD FIND YOUR SUPERPOWER What you love to do What the world needs What you’re genetically engineered to do What you can make money doing
  19. 19. YOUR PLAN
  20. 20. Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary -CSLEWIS DESTINY
  21. 21. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the -JIMROHN MOST TIME WITH
  23. 23. Be in love with your life. Every -JACKKEROUAC MOMENT OF IT
  24. 24. Want the workbook? Go to
  25. 25. You are right where you’re SUPPOSED TO BE
  26. 26. miserable or beautiful? YOUR CHOICE.
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