3 Cheap Tools for Fast, Actionable Insights


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For our November meeting, the DC Search Engine Marketing Meetup group shared the tools we were most thankful for. Melanie Phung presented case studies of how she's used three of her favorites: remote user testing (UserTesting.com), click mapping (Crazy Egg), and site crawlers (Screaming Frog). #SEMdmv

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  • Google analytics visitors, SERP rankings, inbound links, etc.
  • 3 Cheap Tools for Fast, Actionable Insights

    1. 1. Melanie Phung DC Search Engine Marketing Meetup November 12, 2013
    2. 2. If you have ever asked… What are my users really thinking? What design elements and content do users engage with? How do I wrap my head around what’s on my site? #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    3. 3. Try these tools… #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    4. 4. Case Study #1 Teacher Search Motivations We wanted to know: Does my keyword research really reflect the search motivations of my target audience? Supplement: – Legacy organic referral data – Site search terms – Standard keyword research data
    5. 5. #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    6. 6. What We Asked: • How do you typically look for “this type” of content? • Give examples of recent searches you conducted. • Explain your reactions to these results. • What catches your eye? • What makes you more likely to click? #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    7. 7. What We Learned Insight: Implicit search intent didn’t match explicit search query. Recommendation: Tweak the messaging to speak to unspoken motivation. #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    8. 8. What We Learned Insight: Long-tail search behavior different than behavior in the head. Recommendation: Focus on scaling SEO efforts via training and automation to address this behavior. #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    9. 9. Other Uses • • • • Remote, moderated tests Agile testing of mobile apps Competitor site testing Poor man’s focus group #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    10. 10. Case Study #2 PBS Parents Homepage We wanted to know: Does the design and layout of the page lead users where we want them to go? Supplement: – Google Analytics data
    11. 11. #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    12. 12. What We Asked: • Are people using the scroll buttons on the carousel? • Do they use the tabs on the tool box? • How far do they scroll down the page? • Where on the page are users clicking? • What we can now ask: How does click behavior differ between desktop and mobile? #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    13. 13. What We Learned Insight: Users didn’t interact with the links in the feature carousel. Recommendation: Make the cues to click much more obvious. #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    14. 14. What We Learned Insight: Character thumbnails were the most engaging part of the homepage. Recommendation: Add character navigation to the navigation, so these links are accessible on every page. #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    15. 15. #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    16. 16. Result: Lowered bounce rate and increased time on site by 8-10% #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    17. 17. Other Uses • Use real-time data to make editorial decisions “on the fly” • Baseline behavior before testing changes • Compare click patterns between desktop, tablet and phones to identify UX issues #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    18. 18. Case Study #3 Content Inventories for Site Migrations We wanted to know: How much and what content are we dealing with? Supplement: - Manual reviews - Other data sources
    19. 19. #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    20. 20. What We Asked • How much content does this site have and how is it organized? • What URLs are thin or duplicate content? • What kinds of errors are on the site? • What content does Google have indexed? • What content should be prioritized for migration? #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    21. 21. Scrape SERPs for Indexed URLS • Run importXml in Google Docs to scrape indexed URLs from Google. • Dedupe against your crawled URLs #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    22. 22. VLOOKUP to insert other types of data #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    23. 23. What We Learned • Site was MUCH bigger than originally thought • But only a small portion of pages had traffic • A number of pages were published in the wrong place (easy to miss) • A lot of duplicate or missing titles and descriptions  A full audit led to a much more realistic content migration strategy #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    24. 24. Other Uses • • • • • • • Identify internal link-building opportunities Audit pages for GA code Audit response times Find and filter duplicates Find all pages containing specific code elements Generate an XML Sitemap Do all of the above for competitor sites! #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    25. 25. Where to Get Them • UserTesting.com Remote user testing - $49/participant • CrazyEgg.com Click mapping – Starts at $9/mo • ScreamingFrog.co.uk SEO Spider Site crawl/diagnostics – FREE up to 500 URLs #SEMdmv @melaniephung
    26. 26. THANK YOU! www.melaniephung.com @melaniephung /melaniephung +melaniephung