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Itct year3 mitchell


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Itct year3 mitchell

  2. 2. I AM . . .Melanie ParletteSchool of Engineering and Information Technology andTrades and Apprenticeship
  3. 3. TODAY we will…• Your Research Guide• The Discovery Tool• IEEE• IEEE Spectrum and how to access it• RSS Feeds, how to use them and where you can find them• Citations and tools available to help you
  4. 4. Off-Campus Access
  5. 5. Your Research Guide
  6. 6. LIBRARY as a GATEWAY• The LRC is a gateway to a variety of quality resources for your College studies
  7. 7. ONLINE DATABASES andLibrary Discovery Individual Databases Discovery Search• Databases are usually • Searches majority of LRC’s organized by major subject databases all at once i.e. nursing, business, etc • Benefit: you just search—• Benefit: use advanced simple and convenient search tools to find millions • Detriment: You don’t get of trustworthy, subject- the specific treatment and specific resources advanced search Detriment: you have to capabilities of individual choose and search multiple databases. databases
  8. 8. IEEE
  9. 9. IEEE Spectrum • In print • online
  10. 10. RSS Feeds
  11. 11. Citations and RefWorks
  12. 12. Today We…• Discussed the importance of your Research Guide• Discovered IEEE and IEEE Spectrum• Explored RSS Feeds• Discovered the importance of Citing and RefWorks
  13. 13. HELP AT THE LIBRARY instant messaging information service email or phone