Computing@Conestoga 2012


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Computing@Conestoga 2012

  1. 1. Library Resource Centre
  2. 2.  Logging in to computers Logging in to: ◦ Email ◦ Student Portal ◦ ANGEL ◦ Library Resources Saving Printing Rules Wireless Access Getting a Locker
  3. 3. Visit or call:• Ask Me (near Tim Hortons) desk • Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm • Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm• IT Services Office 1E19 • Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm • 519-748-5220, Extension 3444 • Email:• Library Staff and Computing Assistants whenever the library is open
  4. 4. Email Student Portal ANGELLibrary Resource Centre
  5. 5.  Logging in to the To change your Computers: password: ◦ username-cc  CTRL+ALT+DELETE i.e. jsmith-cc ◦ The Rules:  6 characters ◦ password is Cc and  Lower and upper case your student ID #  One number ◦ You must change it  Can’t contain your first or last name right away!  i.e. Password1
  6. 6.  Email-click on email from the  Your computer login and email website login will be Students web email login the same (once you have Email Address: changed it from the default) Log in using your full email  It is important address to check your Conestoga Password: email the same as computer login often/daily TIP! If you can’t check your Conestoga email often, forward it to your Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or other primary account. Click here for directions.
  7. 7. Enter ID andPassword
  8. 8. Welcome to yourConestoga Email!
  9. 9. Timetables Grades ANGEL, MyCareerView Bills / Tax Forms
  10. 10.  Top right of Conestoga Website (beside email) Login: Student ID number Password: birth date YYYYMMDD New password must be six digits at least, have upper and lower case and contain at least one numeral. Make this password the same as the PC login and email Do this in Personal Information (under the Profile Tab) For accessing all of your course information: Timetables, grades, etc.
  11. 11. ANGELView BillsTimetable Grades Tax Forms MyCareer
  12. 12. Online Course Content
  13. 13.  What is ANGEL? ◦ Conestoga’s Online Course Management System ◦ Like a course website where you will access information from your instructor. ◦ Not all courses will have an ANGEL site Same login as Student Portal – can be accessed through Student Portal, under Services, or… TIP ! To go to ANGEL directly: Click Student Services  E learning  ANGEL
  14. 14. Check for news about class events Check your Course MailSelect aCourse
  15. 15. CourseLessons
  16. 16. Use library resources from off-campus Access your library account Renew library booksPlace a hold on a book that is signed out
  17. 17.  Go to Library Resource Centre Website Let’s learn how to get Research Help On campus no need to login Off-Campus – anywhere with internet access Login: Student ID Password is your PIN ◦ The LRC gives you this. You can ask for it at the circulation desk (bring your student card). Demonstrate
  18. 18. Research Help
  19. 19. Research Articles
  20. 20. LibraryCatalogue
  21. 21. You can:• Review Your Account• Change Your PIN• Renew Books TIP! My Account Login: • Student Number • 4 digit Library PIN number (Available at the Circulation Desk)
  22. 22. Finding your G Drive Creating a Folder Saving a File
  23. 23. The two best places to save your work:  Your G: Drive is your personal computing space on campus. You can access it from any computer on campus, as well as from home.  Find it by:  Clicking the Start Menu  Selecting “Computer” Folder  Network Location – (G:) – You’ll see your name next to it. If you’ve inserted a USB Drive, you can access it from the same “Computer” folder.
  24. 24.  From your G: Drive click on the New Folder button For practice, Name it Computing@Conestoga
  25. 25.  Open Word: Start Menu – the icon may be there, if not ◦ All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Word To Save: ◦ Click the File Menu ◦ Always choose Save As, NOT save (Same process we used to create a new folder) ◦ Select “Computer” Folder ◦ Network Location ◦ G Drive ◦ Give the file a name ◦ Save
  26. 26. Printing at Conestoga College
  27. 27.  You have a printing account with the College. ◦ Printing must be school related. ◦ You can print in any lab, classroom or the library. The maximum print job is 25 sheets of paper. ◦ Larger jobs must be broken into quantities of 25 or less Maximum 2 copies at a time. ◦ Larger jobs must be broken down into multiples of 2 copies. Each student has1500 pages per semester.
  28. 28. Using Wireless at Conestoga College
  29. 29. Wireless Internet access is available in locationsaround Conestoga College.  If you have a laptop computer you can bring it to campus and access the College Internet service.  The login for wireless access is the same as your PC login, e.g. jsmith-cc.  Laptop Loans are available in the Library. ◦ Laptop Loan period is 3 hours. ◦ In Library use only. Wireless Printing is available.
  30. 30. Get your own locker on campus
  31. 31.  Under student services – Locker Selection Use network ID and password ◦ i.e. jsmith-cc and computer password ◦ Will NOT work with the default password. Choose based on parking location and/or location of most classes. Check the Floor Plan when you login to Locker Selection
  32. 32.  We’re here to Email help! ◦ There are many Phone services available 519-748-5220 x 3485 to help students at (Circulation) x 3361 (Information Desk) Conestoga College. Instant Messaging ◦ The friendly staff Monday-Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. (Starting September 6th) at the library are Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. available to help you! MSN: AIM: Yahoo!: condor_chat GTalk: