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Cambridge LRC Student Forum Feedback


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Cambridge LRC Student Forum Feedback

  1. 1. WeYfeedback.Thank you to everyonethat participated inFall 2012Student Forum. LRC
  2. 2. Some of the feedback we received . . .Quiet studying room (like the studyingrooms in the Doon Library)We agree, quiet is important!• Try visiting the LRC during off-peak hours.• You may also check out the small lounge areas around campus.Your peers may become disruptive. To address this:• Staff monitor and address noise as needed• We have policies in place regarding disruptive practices, such as cell phone use• Free earplugs are available at the Service desk• Please feel free to respectfully ask others to lower their voices. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, please immediately report the situation to one of the staff at the Service desk and they will address the situation accordingly. LRC
  3. 3. Some of the feedback we received . . .Library Access Tools (Photoshop, scanner)Scanner: We do have a scanner! It’s connected to one of the computers in the DogBone. If you need help using it please see the Service Desk.Photoshop: Photoshop is currently not available on the LRC Cambridge computers.Please send your software related feedback to: Let Melanie Parlette, the Engineering and IT Liaison for the LRCknow. Email her at LRC
  4. 4. Some of the feedback we received . . .Is it possible to bring more resources intothe library for studying purposes relatedto math, physics and other key courses?Of course! Your LRC liaison, Melanie Parlette, is always interested in taking yoursuggestions. Send her an email: mparlette@conestogac.on.caIt’s helpful if you can be more descriptive about what type of resources you would like.Feel free to send titles or web links to her.Also, ask your faculty to help suggest helpful books.However, if you are thinking about textbooks, unfortunately we don’t purchasetextbooks (sometimes they are donated by faculty or former students and we addthem to our collection). If we purchased all the textbooks we wouldn’t be able to buythe supplementary items needed by the programs at Conestoga. LRC
  5. 5. Some of the feedback we received . . .Is it possible to add more fictional readingmaterial in the library for pleasure readingperiods during the day?Our @ease collection is hosted at the Doon Campus LRC. Unfortunately we don’t havethe space to host this collection here (or the money to duplicate it - this collection hasbeen established through donations).But don’t worry! You can request any item from the @ease pleasure reading or DVDcollection by speaking with someone at the Service Desk or filling out an Inter-Campusloan request. Your item will be delivered to this campus within a few days.Check out the @ease collections here: LRC
  6. 6. Some of the feedback we received . . .Group Meeting Rooms – can we bookonline?Group Meeting Rooms at the Cambridge LRC can be booked three ways:1. Sign up using the signup sheet on the door (posted Monday mornings).2. Call the Service Desk: 519-748-5220 Ext. 45263. Email the Service Desk: LRC
  7. 7. Have a question orcomment?Let us know using ouronline suggestion box. LRC