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Bruckeder cbnt1050 january2013


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Bruckeder cbnt1050 january2013

  1. 1. Exploring Woodworking ResourcesSMART START
  2. 2. I AM . . .Melanie ParletteLRC Program Liaison forSchool of Engineering and Information Technology,School of Trades and
  3. 3. TODAY we will…• Locate key sections of the LRC’s website• Perform a basic search of LRC resources, narrow our search and create a list of relevant results• Perform a search in woodworking magazines and browse for information
  4. 4. Off-Campus AccessPIN NUMBERS - You can use your PIN to: • Access resources from Off-Campus • Renew a book, place a hold • Review your account
  5. 5. Let’s Explore!
  6. 6. Let’s Explore!
  7. 7. Today’s Research Topic is….•What safety practices are important when using a band saw?
  8. 8. Finding A Source to AnswerYour Question• Where do we begin? • Google • Wikipedia • Other suggestions…
  9. 9. LIBRARY as a GATEWAY• The LRC is a gateway to a variety of quality resources for your College studies
  10. 10. LIBRARY as a GATEWAYAdhesive Dowel Band Saw Joint Grain Furniture Repair Veneer
  11. 11. LIBRARY as a GATEWAY Band Saw and Safety • Date Range? (narrow by last 5 years) • Source Type? Are you looking for a print book or trade publication • Subject? Use the subject check boxes to narrow your search • Looking for books in print or online? Try checking “Catalogue only”
  12. 12. SearchingTips:• Select “Full Text”• Narrow by Date• Determine appropriate source type• Consider narrowing by subject
  13. 13. Looking at a book . . . Bring your student card to check out Print Books from the library.
  14. 14. LIBRARY as a GATEWAY • Discovering • Pennsylvania Dutch Shaker • Victorian cabinetry styles • Chippendale Tips: • Add “furniture” or “cabinets” to your search • Date might not be relevant • Look at the Publications section and check the ones that you are interested in
  15. 15. Browsing Woodworking magazines. . . Browse current issues or search for topics in each of these magazines.
  16. 16. Browsing Woodworking magazines. . . Woodworker’s Journal:Browse current issues or search for topics in each of these magazines. Let’s “Search within this publication” for: table saw safety We can also browse issues from +2013: Vol. 37 Issue 1 - Feb2013
  17. 17. Today We…• Located key sections of the LRC’s website• Performed a basic search of LRC resources, narrowed our search and created a list of relevant results• Browsed current woodworking magazines
  18. 18. HELP AT THE 2B18LIBRARY  Visit the Service Desk  Email or Phone  Instant Messaging