Social Media For Grant Writers


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Slides as presented at the Mid-Atlantic Conference of the American Association of Grant Professionals (AAGP) on May 17, 2010

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Social Media For Grant Writers

  1. 1. Social Media for Grant Writers Why Wh and How to Get I dH G Involved l d
  2. 2. What W ’ll Cover Wh t We’ll C What is social media and why should I consider getting involved? What communities are currently available to y me as a grant professional? What questions should I ask/answer before q / getting involved in social media? How do I even get started with things like LinkedIn, Twitter, Ning, or blogs? Should I integrate my social media?
  3. 3. Who’s H Wh ’ Here? ? Melanie R. Negrin, consultant & founder of the For GrantWriters Only network Susan Caruso-Green, consultant & founder of , Nonprofit Central Pat Bruder, director of grants at EIRC & g moderator of the NJ Grantwriters Forum Pamela Grow, consultant & expert on growing your following using social media
  4. 4. What is social media and why should I consider getting involved?
  5. 5. What i S i l Media? Wh t is Social M di ? A set of online tools designed to promote two-way conversations between people Often focused around a shared interest With content that is customizable and able to be easily shared with p y peers Members/followers contribute content Part of an integrated marketing mix g g An element of your social/learning network
  6. 6. Some Examples S E l Social communities (general, special interest) Photo, news, and video sharing sites Learning communities and forums Professional networking sites Blogs, podcasts Blogs podcasts, internet radio shows, and shows other knowledge sharing tools Instant chat programs RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
  7. 7. Why P ti i t ? Wh Participate? To garner social support To establish credibility and expertise To get your questions answered To track sector leaders and stay abreast of current developments To increase web traffic and prequalify p potential new clients To simplify your inbox
  8. 8. What communities are currently available to me as a grant professional?
  9. 9. Founded by Melanie R. Negrin Launched April 2009 Includes professional learning community, with built in groups, forums, chat, and event listing Complemented by learning blog, LinkedIn group with forums and j b postings, and twitter f d d job i d i feed @melanienegrin
  10. 10. Founded by Susan Caruso-Green Launched in 2007 Includes Consultants Directory & Capacity Building Events Listing Complemented by two LinkedIn groups (The Healthy Consultant and Nonprofit Central Consultants) @suecarusogreen
  11. 11. NJ G Grantwriter’s F t it ’ Forum Founded by Pat Bruder Launched July 2006 Includes twitter updates and links to grant writer resources Complemented with articles by Pat in the NJEA Review and access to Pat and others at EIRC @grantsbrarian
  12. 12. Pamela’s G P l ’ Grantwriting Bl t iti Blog Founded by Pamela Grow An independently hosted Wordpress bl launched i 2008 W d blog l h d in Accompanied by weekly eZine, The Grow Report (1,000+ readers) (1,000 And by Facebook page: Simple Development Systems @pamelagrow
  13. 13. What questions should I ask/answer before getting involved in social media?
  14. 14. How has engaging in social media enhanced y g g g your career as a grant professional? How do social networks contribute to the overall grant community and its professionalism? t it d it f i li ? In what ways does social networking give you the support you need to stay motivated? pp y y What strategies do you use to ensure that your participation in social media does not become overwhelming i t h l i in terms of time or effort? f ti ff t?
  15. 15. What skills are needed to be successful in social media? Which ones are helpful, but not required? Are there any guidelines that you follow when participating in social media? ti i ti i i l di ? What do you see the future of social media to be as it relates to grant writers and nonprofit fundraising? g p g
  16. 16. What t Wh t to avoid? id? Anything that could get you into legal trouble or damage important relationships Copyright infringement py g g Recommending people or products without revealing a p g paid advertising agreement g g
  17. 17. Continue the Conversation C ti th C ti Melanie: Sue: Pat: pbruder@eirc org Pamela: p p y