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Vanderbilt newsroom structure


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Vanderbilt newsroom structure

  1. 1. Vanderbilt University’s Online Newsroom Melanie Moran Bulldog Reporter May 11, 2011
  2. 2. Organization•  Housed in the Division of Public Affairs•  Reporting: –  Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs –  *Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs –  *Associate Director of News Service and Director of Web Communications –  *Assistant Director for Editorial Content
  3. 3. Organization•  Vanderbilt News Service –  Media relations –  University relations –  Internal communications (online and print) –  Science communications –  Web Communications –  Video Unit
  4. 4. Staffing•  Public Affairs Officers: 8 –  Write and pitch releases –  Contribute / manage internal communications –  Media relations –  Media training –  Video / audio production•  Print Writers / Editor: 2•  Web Team: 5 (Director, 2 Developers / Designers, Content Manager, Calendar)•  Video: 5 (some overlap with PAOs)•  Support / Content Posters: 2
  5. 5. Art Resources•  In-house video and podcast production•  In-house photography•  Stock art
  6. 6. Newsroom workflow1.  Writers conduct interviews, write stories, gather art, prepare story for Web2.  Writers send stories to editor for review3.  Editor approves and sends back4.  Writer makes final changes and sends to content poster5.  Poster posts story6.  Other staff then tweet / Facebook / monitor and respond to comments7.  Video: Videographers send finished product to Web content manager for publication
  7. 7. Sites powered by newsroom via WordPress•  Vanderbilt News•  myVU•  Vanderbilt View•  Research News @ Vanderbilt
  8. 8. Contact•  Melanie Moran Associate Director, Vanderbilt News Service Twitter: @melaniemoran