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The Cupcake Catalyst


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Professional Development Website Creation
Via Project Based Learning
at The University of Texas Arlington

Published in: Education
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The Cupcake Catalyst

  1. 1. The Cupcake Catalyst Professional Development Website Creation Via Project Based Learning at The University of Texas Arlington
  2. 2. On the menu • Examine a methodology for pushing students' learning outside the classroom • Identify 21st century skills used within the project • Generate scenarios for interdisciplinary collaboration • Investigate trends in online Educational Profession Development • Establish the importance of creating Professional Learning Networks
  3. 3. Solve a problem • Outdated text book • Course offered every third semester constituted time intensive reboot • Course needed a 21st Century update COMS 4321 Readers Theatre Readers interpret various kinds of literature for an audience using group dynamics. Analysis and criticism of literature are stressed
  4. 4. Resources available • Enrolled students had prior knowledge of content • Enrolled students are digital natives • Support from Department Chair
  5. 5. What to do…. What is this exactly? Who is using this method? Where is it being used? Why is being used? How is it being used? And most importantly – How can my students bring their expertise to these questions?
  6. 6. Inspiration
  7. 7. “ ” Let’s stop wasting teachers’ time and money. Let’s start empowering them to find the knowledge they need and create effective learning communities with other educators that does not require large budgets or days spent out of the classroom." Dr. April Sanders Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL So, what are you in the mood for…?
  8. 8. How to please the "Foodies" How Teachers are learning
  9. 9. Nutritional Value Student Objectives • Build an online open source PDW • Make connections with peers & experts • Discover value through use of these tools • Transfer this learning to professional practice User Benefits • Unlimited access to information • Integration of video into the learning process • TEACHER CHOICE • Informal learning • Connecting teachers strategically, with a plan
  10. 10. Savor the flavor Don't try to reinvent the wheel Weebly Follow a good example Connect 2 Learn Encourage student creativity The RT Room
  11. 11. Ingredients Digital Tools Students were encouraged to use digital tools that they were familiar with and to incorporate in new and creative ways.
  12. 12. Tellagami (Kinder/1st)
  13. 13. Slideshow (2nd/3rd)
  14. 14. Podcasting (4th – 6th)
  15. 15. ESL Cross Circularly University level Regional and Professional Theatres RT was being used in all sorts of places…
  16. 16. Spice it up with optional “add ins” Communication Studies Senior Level Reader’s Theatre Theatre Studies Senior Level Acting Styles Pre-Service Teachers Junior Level Foundations of Reading Instruction
  17. 17. Theatre Studies (most notable Bio Ethics and Outreach)
  18. 18. Instructional Technology
  19. 19. Go Bird, Go! AN INVENTIVE APPROACH, utilizing information seeking strategies, FOR BUILDING A BUZZ AROUND CLASSROOM or individual PROJECTS, portfolios and/or designs USING TWITTER.
  20. 20. 3, 2, 1… •Smore
  21. 21. Top with a few sprinkles… Launch Event in the CUBE
  22. 22. And serve! Professional Learning Community Mini Conference CONNECTIONS. It’s your opportunity to connect with innovative ideas and colleagues across campus in an informal but informative atmosphere. PLC members will be discussing their projects and experiences in lightning rounds with small groups of participants with the opportunity for Q&A.
  23. 23. Resources • Weebly • Tellagami • Youtube • Smore • Twitter • Pintrest • Docstoc • Scribd • Audacity • Google Docs
  24. 24. Bios Dennis Maher, Ph.D. Melanie Mason, BFA, MS @MelMasonUTA