The 3 C's of Breastfeeding Conversations and Consultations


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A surefire way to provide high quality breastfeeding support by mastering clarity, consistency, and concise communications.

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The 3 C's of Breastfeeding Conversations and Consultations

  1. 1. The 3 C’s Of BreastfeedingConversations and ConsultationsA Surefire Way To Provide High Quality Breastfeeding Support By Mastering Clarity, Consistency, and Concise Communications Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  2. 2. Welcome To The Training! As a Certified Perinatal Educator, I’ve worked with hundreds upon hundreds of expectant couples and breastfeeding moms over the past three decades. What you might find surprising is my “other” field of expertise -- “Small Business Marketing”. This training will have both of my niches joining hands to form a cohesive and creative partnership. Enjoy! Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  3. 3. It All Begins (and ends) With A Business Marketing CONCEPTProvide SOLUTIONS To Breastfeeding Problems Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  4. 4. Your Ultimate Breastfeeding Support **GOALS** Patient Service Patient Satisfaction Patient Loyalty Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  5. 5. What Do Breastfeeding Moms REALLY Want From You?Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  6. 6. First, Here’s What Breastfeeding Moms DON’T Want Statistics, Percentages, Analytics, Numbers, Case studies, Origins, Charts, Graphs, Trends, Derivatives, Long Lectures (Yikes!! New moms have more important things to focus on.) Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  7. 7. When It Comes To LendingBreastfeeding Support … Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  8. 8. Put Yourself In The Seat Of A New Breastfeeding Mom … And Imagine Being Faced With Loads Of Parenting Advice And All The Adjustments Of The Postpartum Period.Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  9. 9. Layering On PILES and PILES Of Breastfeeding Information Is Apt To Leave A New Mom Feeling CONFUSED, OVERWHELMED, STRESSED, and UNSURE Of Herself.Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  10. 10. Don’t Make Moms Feel Like They’re About To Climb The Stairs To The Top Of The Empire State Building! Make The Steps To Breastfeeding Success Clear, Concise, And Stress-Free.Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  11. 11. The Best And Most Effective Breastfeeding Support Sessions Will Be Perceived As … Casual and Intimate Conversations Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  12. 12. Ever Feel Exhausted, Worn Out, And Burned Out? New Moms Can Feel That Way, Too. Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  13. 13. Stay Reminded Of: Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  14. 14. The K.I.S.S. PrincipleKeep. It. Short. & Sweet. Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  15. 15. Providing Clear, Concise, & Consistent BreastfeedingSupport That Educates, Empowers Mom, Builds Her Trust In You, And Boosts Her Confidence … Will Make You A Breastfeeding SUPER HERO! Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  16. 16. Time For A Dose Of Melanie’s Magic Marketing Medicine! (Corny, I know. But I Couldn’t Resist) Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  17. 17. Get Your Injection Here >>>>>> Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  18. 18. Don’t Worry – It’s Painless. And It Will Help YouRemember This Important Marketing Concept: Don’t talk “features” … Talk “benefits”. Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  19. 19. Does A New Mom Need To Know EveryComponent Of Colostrum?No, she doesn’t.The “components” are a “feature”.Instead, share the “benefits”. Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  20. 20. Simple Equations To Demonstrate The Difference: FEATURES = FACTS BENEFITS = SOLUTIONS Breastfeeding moms want “solutions”. Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  21. 21. Getting The Idea? Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  22. 22. Put This Marketing Concept IntoPractice. What “Solution” Can You Provide For This Problem? “My baby is latching on to my left breast very easily. But she’s fussing and fighting me to latch on to my right breast. What can I do?” Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  23. 23. And How About This Problem? What Is Your “Solution”? I asked my nurse for a pacifier and it’s really helping to soothe my baby in between feedings. But my mom doesn’t like pacifiers and she told me not to use one. What should I do? Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  24. 24. Keep Your Ultimate Breastfeeding Support Goals In Mind, Your Newly Discovered Marketing Concept, And … The 3 C’s! Melanie Kissell CCE, LC
  25. 25. Melanie Kissell, CCE, LC melaniekissell@yahoo.comMelanie Kissell CCE, LC