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Treating BV Simple Natural Remedies for BV Cure


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Natural remedies for bv is becoming more and more popular these days. A number of women are now making use of natural cures for treating vaginosis. Vaginosis is a condition which can happen due to multiple factors. Although sexually active women are at a greater risk of getting vaginosis, virgins can also get it.

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Treating BV Simple Natural Remedies for BV Cure

  1. 1. Treating BV- Simple Natural Remedies for Bv Cure Natural remedies for bv is becoming very popular these days. Vaginosis is a condition which can happen due to multiple factors. Although sexually active women are at a greater risk of getting vaginosis, virgins can also get it. There are a number of options of treating bv ranging from otc medications to natural cures for bv. Here in the article I am going to share some information regarding simple natural cures for bv. Before we get into the actual cures let me briefly explain some of the advantages of treating bacterial vaginosis naturally which are •Healthy and Quick option Natural remedies for bv eliminate the root cause of vaginosis without causing any adverse side effects. When natural cures for bv are used, only the bad bacteria responsible for the condition is eliminated from the vagina. The good bacteria which is required in a healthy vagina is not disturbed in any way. •Guaranteed relief Vaginosis sets in whenever the vaginal pH balance is disturbed for any reason. The pH balance of a healthy vagina is normally acidic in nature. What causes an imbalance is not really easily to ascertain. The cause of vagina pH imbalance could also vary from person to person. Natural remedies work to restore the vaginal pH balance for good. These remedies help in re-introducing good healthy bacteria in the vagina and also ensure that imbalance does not recur. •Inexpensive
  2. 2. Natural cures are easy on the pocket too as compared to bacterial vaginosis antibiotics and over the counter medications. •Home treatment Natural cures can be used by anyone from the confines of their homes to treat bv. Women often find it embarrassing to discuss BV and its symptoms with others. Once the condition is diagnosed as bv treating bacterial vaginosis naturally can be easily done from the privacy of your home discreetly. Natural Cures for Treating Bacterial Vaginosis 1. Apple cider vinegar Vinegar is acid based and has almost the same level of acidity that is required in a healthy vagina. Hence making use of apple cider vinegar is very useful to restore the pH levels of the vagina. 2. Yogurt Yogurt is another excellent natural bv cure. Yogurt contains healthy bacteria which is capable of fighting the bad bacteria responsible for causing this vaginal infection. Yogurt can be consumed orally and used for vaginal application too. For vaginal application you can soak a tampon in plain, unflavored yogurt and insert directly into the vagina. 3. Cranberry juice Cranberry juice is very effective for bv cure. This juice is popularly recommended by doctors for detoxifying the body. However it is essential to have it in fresh form since the canned variety usually contains sugar and added preservatives which can aggravate the vagina infection. What can be done to prevent this condition naturally? 1) Avoid douching: douching is not a very healthy practice. In fact it is not at all necessary because our vagina is naturally a self cleansing
  3. 3. body part. Vaginal discharge flushes out any unwanted substance. It also helps to maintain a healthy pH balance. Douching is capable of disturbing the natural pH balance of the vagina and cause infections. 2) Protected sex: BV is not a sexually transmitted disease. However having multiple sexual partners and unprotected sex greatly enhances the chance of contacting BV. Hence always make use of condoms. It would be sensible for you to carry some condoms in your bag just in case your partner forgets about protection.
  4. 4. 3) Smoking: Statistically women who smoke are twice likely to get Bv as compared to non-smokers. Smoking makes it difficult for the vagina to maintain the natural pH balance. 4) Hygiene: Wash the vagina with plain water twice a day. Wear underwear made of cotton which does not restrict the air flow in the vaginal area. The bacteria responsible for this infection can survive without oxygen. In fact if there's air circulating around the vagina the bacteria may find it difficult to thrive. Lastly always remember to wipe from front to back after using the toilet to avoid the bacteria present in the rectum from entering the vagina. Natural remedies are one of the best options for treating vaginosis. In this article I have given the 3 most effective ones. There are many such remedies which work differently for different women. When you make use of natural cures it is important to understand that you will not get instant results overnight. You may have to make use of natural remedies for a 7-10 days depending upon the severity of your condition. Another thing about natural remedies for bv cure is that not all remedies may not be effective for one and all. You may have to try out each of these to find out what works for specifically for you. I figured out what remedies were effective in treating my chronic bv after trying out 6-7 natural cures for bv. To know the exact cures which worked to treat my recurring bv CLICK here.