Training Lab Puppies Simple Tips to Bear in Mind


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If case you happen to be a Labrador pup owner you will agree that at times Labrador puppies can be a real nuisance if they choose to. Hence training lab puppies is something you as the owner must consider at a very early stage itself. Training can be of immense use for lab owners to cope with not so acceptable behavior of the lab

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Training Lab Puppies Simple Tips to Bear in Mind

  1. 1. Training Lab Puppies- Simple Tips to Bear In Mind At times Labrador puppies can be a nuisance if they chose to be. Hence training lab puppies is something the owners must consider at a very early stage itself. Training can be of immense use for owners to cope with not so acceptable behavior of the lab. Lab puppy obedience training will ensure that a lab puppy does not grow up to be a terror your neighbors are afraid of. It will ensure that you dog does not jump on strangers or engage in destructive behavior of any sort. When to start training lab puppies? It is advisable to begin the training when your puppy is young- 8 weeks old or as soon as you bring him home whichever is later. Once you bring your
  2. 2. pup home let it get accustomed to its surroundings before the training starts. What to expect from while training lab puppies Labrador training will take a lot of time. The trainer and owner both must be dedicated and patient during the training period. Since the IQ of an average Lab puppy similar to that of a 2 year old child- you can expect it to behave like a child. This means that the puppy will get tired easily and its attention span will be a short one. Training sessions must be short, repetitive and most importantly regular.
  3. 3. Praise good behavior Praise works wonders with both humans as well as animals. Make sure that you praise your Labrador, when he does something right during Labrador retriever training course. Praise could be a simple pat, a special treat, or just about anything you use to convey your affection to your pet. Consistent commands While training you must be consistent with the verbal commands you use. For instance, if you want your lab to sit, do not shout different instructions each day- keep it same day after day- it could be anything- like “Spunky sit" or “Spunky Sit down". What is important is that you must stick to the same instruction during the entire training period and thereafter too. Punishment Never punish a puppy for something that is beyond his control. This will only add to his confusion and grief. Just like disciplining a child you need to be sensitive with a dog too. Punishing or beating a dog is not something you should do while training a dog or otherwise.
  4. 4. Punishing a dog particularly when it is for something which is beyond his control will lead to aggression. For example in the initial stages while potty training your lab puppy, there may be times when it pees or poops at places it is not supposed to. Rather than punishing the dog for it, praise and appreciate him on the days he goes out to relieve himself. Convey by praising you lab that this behavior is something that has your approval and is therefore an acceptable behavior. The positive feedback and attention that you give the puppy will make him want to please you. It will reinforce the fact that his good behavior is something that pleases his owner.
  5. 5. Pack leaders While training lab puppies he needs to be taught that the owner and other family members are the pack leaders. Being a pet your lab must always follow their commands. Establishing the owner as the pack leader takes calm-assertive energy. In the long run this is very important to discipline the dog. Routine Finally remember to establish a routine with your pet. As far as possible, stick to the routine. Ensure that your pet’s feeding, walking, playing and training times are at the same time every day. Establishing a routine will make training lab puppies easy. This is because your pet will know what to expect and what will be expected of him at different times during the day. Click here to know more about Labrador retriever training and Free access to a video course on Essential Dog Training