Smelly Vagina Cures - 3 Easy to Follow Self Help Remedies For Treatment of Vaginal Odor


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Although vaginal odor is a common problem that women suffer most of us prefer not to discuss it openly. I

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Smelly Vagina Cures - 3 Easy to Follow Self Help Remedies For Treatment of Vaginal Odor

  1. 1. Smelly Vagina Cures - 3 Easy to Follow Self HelpRemedies For Treatment of Vaginal OdorAlthough vaginal odor is a common problem that womensuffer most of us prefer not to discuss it openly. It is a verysensitive topic which majority of us find embarrassing totalk about. I used to be a chronic vaginosis sufferer. Nowthat I have got rid of my vagina odor I feel that instead ofgetting frustrated and suffering in silence, it is better totreat it permanently. There are a number of bacterialvaginosis home remedy methods which you can make useof to get rid of vaginal odor for good.In this article I am going to share a few home treatmentideas which are very effective in getting rid of fishy vaginalodor associated with vaginosis.As soon as you identify the foul smell the first thing youmust do is to take a re look at your hygiene habits. Badhygiene, wearing underwear made of synthetic fabrics andtight fitting clothes will aggravate your condition. This isbecause moist area is an ideal environment for the harmfulinfection causing bacterial to breed. Hence wearing cottonunderwear and loose clothes will ensure that your vaginalarea is always dry.Another popular bacterial vaginosis home remedy fortreating fishy vaginal odor is tea tree oil. Add a few dropsof tea tree oil to your bath water and soak in it for sometime. However care must be exercised to ensure that you
  2. 2. dilute the oil properly as per specifications mentioned inthe product label before use.Vinegar is also useful to get rid of smelly vagina. Make useof vinegar by mixing two table spoon of vinegar with waterand have a bath in it.Garlic is an effective herbal remedy to cure a number ofbacterial infections. It is popularly used to treat fishyvaginal odor. To make use of garlic grind it to a paste byadding a little water. Apply this paste directly on thevaginal area and leave for an hour or more for best results.Relief obtained by making use of these bacterial vaginosishome remedy methods may differ from person to person.Many a times you may be required to make use of acombination of these remedies instead of using just one inisolation. I got relief from my smelly vagina by making useof some natural remedies listed in an online guide. Thisguide is available for immediate download on the internet.It gave me permanent relief from vagina odor in matter ofdays.