Why Does My Vagina Smell- How To Get Rid of Vaginal Odor Forever?


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Things you can do to get rid of the vagina smell naturally include

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Why Does My Vagina Smell- How To Get Rid of Vaginal Odor Forever?

  1. 1. Why Does My Vagina Smell- How To Get Rid ofVaginal Odor Forever?Why does my vagina smell like fish? How to get rid ofvaginal odor once you get it? Just like me are you alsounable to figure out how you got the smell in the firstplace? Please understand that fishy vagina smell isdefinitely not something that is OK. It is a clear indicationof a bacteria infection of the vagina for which formaltreatment is always required. Here I am going to share withyou some of the excellent cures which will help you get ridof this smell forever.The most common cause of fishy vaginal odor is bacterialinfection of the vagina, Vaginosis. What causes this smellin the first place? The exact cause of vagina smell is verydifficult to ascertain. It could be something that you didlike douching or having sex without protection. It could bedue to the type of clothes and panties that you wear.Basically whenever the healthy pH and bacterial balancewithin the vagina is disturbed for any reason whatsoeverthe infection sets inA fishy vaginal odor and a white or gray milk-like vaginaldischarge are some of the common bacterial vagisymptoms.Things you can do to get rid of the vagina smell naturallyinclude
  2. 2. a) Hydrogen Peroxide- this is a cleansing agent. Bymaking use Peroxide the bad bacteria in the vaginaresponsible for the infection will get eliminated. At thesame time this helps in increasing the count of goodbacteria required in a healthy vagina to restore the vaginalph balance.b) Folic Acid and iron supplements boost the natural bodyimmunity and enable it to fight infections on its own.c) Apple cider vinegar is also very useful to restore thevaginal ph balance and get rid of the vagina odor. Add acup of vinegar to warm bath water and soak in it for around15 minutes.Rather than over “why does my vagina smell” make use ofthese simple cures to eliminate your vagina smell in notime. I sincerely hope that the above natural cures work foryou too. In case you are a chronic sufferer you may befrustrated and looking out for a definite answer to thequestion how to get rid of vaginal odor, you can considertrying the exact remedy that I used to get rid of my fishyvaginal odor.