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Wood Creations


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My dumpster diving becomes useful art. I use found an reclaimed wood to make decorations, furniture and fun.
Stay tuned for more creations.

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Wood Creations

  1. 1. Wood Creations My dumpster diving becomes useful art. I use found an reclaimed wood to make decorations, furniture and fun. Stay tuned for more creations.
  2. 2. The hand-painted original designs are painted on reclaimed fence pickets. Yard Art
  3. 4. Nativity Yard art $50 Each design was created by Melanie. The tall one is made from Ike rescued fence pickets and scrap wood pieces. The hay is made from all of those chunks of wood that other people would have thrown away. Purchase Request The white nativity was made from plywood and some left over lumber. This was made because someone asked for a more traditional nativity. Purchase Request
  4. 5. Christmas Train $100 This was a commission for a friend but it could be copied. Purchase Request
  5. 6. Nutcracker Yard Art $35 The necklace that reminds you of jelly beans is 2" wide and has an overall curved length 7" and height of 3". It weighs only 2oz. The 20" cream satin ribbon can be tied at choker or bust length. Purchase Inquiry
  6. 7. Autumn Art These assorted pieces are hand crafted by Melanie. Purchase Inquiry
  7. 8. Thanksgiving Yard Art $35 The pilgrim couple is hand crafted by Melanie. Purchase Inquiry
  8. 9. The hand-painted original designs created from my trash finds and “gifts” from friends. Before you throw away anything wood, call me. Other Wood
  9. 11. Hand-painted shelves Purchase Inquiry
  10. 12. Blue Dresser $150 The dresser was found at the curb. It is all wood with dove tail joints in the drawers. The broken drawer was replaced with a coordinating basket Purchase Inquiry
  11. 13. Vintage Vanity $150 The vanity is wood with dovetail joints. The original round mirror is heavy. Melanie created the colorful design and drawer pulls. Featured in an earlier Blog: Purchase Inquiry
  12. 14. Hand-painted Side Table $35 The soft yellow and tan floral design on this side table was created by Melanie. Purchase Inquiry
  13. 15. Custom Before and After These trash finds were created for a friend by Melanie. Look at older Blogs:
  14. 16. Toddler Daybed $300 This bed was created by Melanie using a discarded baby bed. Melanie also made the crazy quilt cover and all of the pillows. Purchase Inquiry
  15. 17. Kindergarten Chair This is the chair that Melanie used in kindergarten. It now belongs to my grandson. Look at a pervious blog for the rest of the story.
  16. 18. Hand-painted Folding Table $75 This folding side table could be used inside or on the deck. The design is hand-painted by Melanie Purchase Inquiry
  17. 19. Vintage Suitcase Table $35 The side table is made from a vintage suitcase attached to a chair base. The suitcase can be used as storage. Purchase Inquiry