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New features in java se 8


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New features in java se 8

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New features in java se 8

  1. 1. External Use TM New Features in Java SE 8 N O V E M B E R . 2 5 . 2 0 1 5 Melania Mitisor
  2. 2. TM External Use 1 New Features in Java® SE 8 • Lambda expressions • Default or Extension Methods • Static Methods in Interfaces • Functional Interface • Method references • Annotations on Java Types • Access to Parameter Names at Runtime
  3. 3. TM External Use 2 Lambda Expressions • Lambda expressions provide anonymous function types to Java. − It’s a method without a declaration, i.e., access modifier, return value declaration, and name. − It allows you to write a method in the same place you are going to use it. It is useful in places where a method is being used only once, and the method definition is short. It saves you the effort of declaring and writing a separate method to the containing class.
  4. 4. TM External Use 3 Static Methods in Interfaces • Starting with Java 8 it is possible to include static methods in an interface • Static methods can’t be overridden in the implementation classes.
  5. 5. TM External Use 4 Default or Extension Methods • Provide a mechanism to add new methods to existing interfaces − Without breaking backward compatibility − JDK itself is utilizing default methods. java.util.Map interface is extended with several new default methods e.g. replaceAll(), putIfAbsent(Key k, Value v) and others. − Default methods are similar to the static methods, but they can be overridden in implementation classes.
  6. 6. TM External Use 5 Functional Interface • Single Abstract Method (SAM) type • A functional interface is an interface that has one abstract method − It can have more than one method • @FunctionalInterface annotation had been added − Helps ensure the functional interface contract is honored − Compile error if not a SAM
  7. 7. TM External Use 6 Method references • Method references let us reuse a method as a lambda expression
  8. 8. TM External Use 7 Annotations on Java Types • Annotations can currently only be used on type declarations − Classes, methods, variable definitions • Extensions for places where types are used: − E.g. parameters • Permits error detection by pluggable type checkers − E.g. null pointer errors, race conditions, etc
  9. 9. TM External Use 8 Access to Parameter Names at Runtime • Mechanism to retrieve parameter names of methods and constructors − At runtime via core reflection • Improve code readability − Eliminate redundant annotations • Improve IDE capabilities − Auto-generate template code • Method and Constructor now inherit from new Executable class − getParameters() returns array of Parameter objects − Name, type, annotations for each parameter
  10. 10. TM External Use 9 References • • 2100321.html • 2157071.html • tutorial.html • 55-new-features-java-se-8-2202551-zhs.pdf
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