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Blood Donor


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blood donation & eligibility for blood donor....

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Blood Donor

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  2. 2. Blood transfusions save lives. There's no substitute for human blood. Every three seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion. We can learn your blood type.
  3. 3. • Age: between 18 to 60 years. • Body weight: 45 kg and above. • Pulse rate: regular • Hemoglobin content as minimum 12.5 gm% . The person should not be suffering from any of the following diseases or taking medicines for them. Hepatitis B, C . AIDS Diabetes Fits/ Convulsions. Cancer  Leprosy or any other infectious diseases.
  4. 4. Any allergies (Only if you are suffering from severe symptoms) Hemophilia Kidney disease  Heart disease  Small Pox Vaccination (within the last 3weeks) Drastic weight loss (recently) Hemoglobin deficiency / Anemia (recently) Hormonal disorders  Any other type of Jaundice (within 5 years)
  5. 5. Tuberculosis (within 2 years) Chicken Pox (within 1 year) Malaria (within 1 year) Organ Transplant (within one year) Blood Transfusion (within the last 6 months) Pregnancy (within the last 6 months) Blood Donation (within the last 3 months) Major Surgery (within the last 3 months)
  6. 6. Please have a good meal at least 3 hours before donating blood.  Please accept the snacks offered to you after the donation, it is vital you have them. You are recommended to have a good meal later. Please avoid smoking on the day before donating.  You will not be eligible to donate blood if you have consumed alcohol 48 hours before donation. How frequently you can donate Blood? Males - Every 3 Months, Females - Every 4 Months
  7. 7. Not really. A small percentage of first time donors may psychologically feel a little dizzy but only for a few minutes. The donor's blood gets replenished within 24 - 48 hours. In fact there are many people who have donated more than 100 times in their life time.
  8. 8. Donating blood may reduce the risk of heart disease for men and stimulate the generation of red blood cells. The amount of toxic chemicals circulating in the blood stream is reduced by the amount contained in given blood.
  9. 9. Blood donation is a noble, selfless service! It gives the donor a feeling of joy. Also this is an expression of love for Mankind, as blood knows no caste, color, creed, religion or race, country, continent or sex.