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Jennifer Flynn, Health GAP,  2/25/13	                   1	  
Health	  GAP	  is…	  •  An	  interna5onal	  AIDS	  ac5vist	  organiza5on	  dedicated	       to	  elimina5ng	  the	  barrie...
The	  Solu5on	  We	  Can	  All	  Work	  on	                    Together     	                Gorillas,	  LGBT	  community,...
What	  is	  the	  Robin	  Hood	  Tax?	  •  Taxing	  financial	  instruments	  such	  as:	     	  Stocks,	  Bonds,	  Foreign...
History	  of	  FTTs                                       	       	       •  Tobin	  taxes:	  Originally	  refer	  to	    ...
Legisla5on	  and	  Support	  So	  Far:	                                                	  •  The	  Currency	  Tax	  Levy	 ...
How	  Does	  It	  Work:                                               	                                               Nego...
Myth	  Bus5ng…	  2/25/13	                           8	  
It	  Needs	  to	  Happen	  Everywhere…	  •  FTTs	  –	  commonplace:	  over	  25	  years	    	  introduced	  permanently	  ...
Will	  it	  Hurt	  the	  Financial	  Sector?	  •  Profit	  to	  Financial	  Sector:	         •  Bonuses:	  global	  pot	  f...
It	  WILL	  Hurt	  the	  Financial	  Market…	    •  Volume	  of	  financial	  transac5ons:	  70x	  the	  size	       of	  “...
We	  Can’t	  do	  it!	  •      Syringe	  Exchange	  •      Inclusion	  of	  women	  in	  clinical	  trials	  •      Ryan	 ...
Grassroots	  Ac5on	  Thus	  Far…	  2/25/13	                                               13	  
Health	  GAP	  and	  VOCAL-­‐NY	                   Mobilizing	  Occupy	  Wall	  Street                                    ...
VOCAL-­‐NY	  on	  World	  AIDS	  Day	  2/25/13	                                                    15	  
AIDS	  Ac5vists	  have	  been	  Occupying    	         Wall	  Street	  for	  25	  Years…	  2/25/13	                       ...
2/25/13	     17	  
2/25/13	     18	  
2/25/13	     19	  
UPCOMING	  OPPORTUNITIES…	  •    Jack	  Lew	  hearing	  today	  •    Metro	  Commioees!	  •    DRESSING	  LIKE	  ROBIN	  H...
Contact	  Info	                           Jennifer	  Flynn	                       Managing	  Director	                    ...
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Robin Hood is coming!


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A presentation by Jennifer Flynn of Health GAP about the potential for the Robin Hood Tax to help end AIDS.

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Robin Hood is coming!

  1. 1. Jennifer Flynn, Health GAP, 2/25/13   1  
  2. 2. Health  GAP  is…  •  An  interna5onal  AIDS  ac5vist  organiza5on  dedicated   to  elimina5ng  the  barriers  to  lifesaving  HIV   treatment  for  everyone.  •  A  strong  believer  in  direct  ac5on  organizing  and   strategic  policy  making.  •  The  sponsor  of  the  Student  Global  AIDS  Campaign  •  Began  with  a  series  of  beau5fully  choreographed   direct  ac5ons  targe5ng  then  VP  and  Pres.  Candidate   Al  Gore  for  his  role  in  preven5ng  South  Africa  from   impor5ng  generic,  affordable  medica5ons.  •  NPA  is  •  NNU  is  2/25/13   2  •  Over  150  endorsers  
  3. 3. The  Solu5on  We  Can  All  Work  on   Together   Gorillas,  LGBT  community,  People   living  with  AIDS,  Homeless,   Unemployed,  Unions,  etc.  2/25/13   3  
  4. 4. What  is  the  Robin  Hood  Tax?  •  Taxing  financial  instruments  such  as:    Stocks,  Bonds,  Foreign  Exchange,  Deriva5ves:  Futures,   Swaps,  Op5ons  •  Average  rate:    0.05%  would  generate:      up  to  $400b  worldwide  •  Rate  of  .5%  would  generate  up  to  $350  billion  in  the   U.S.  alone  •  In  Europe,  campaign  calls  for  50%  domes5c;  50%   interna5onal:       –  Jobs+Development/health  +  climate  change  •  In  U.S.  campaign  is  asking  for  higher  percentage  point   to  add  addi5onal  demands:    create  jobs,  provide   educa5on,  full  healthcare.      2/25/13   4  
  5. 5. History  of  FTTs     •  Tobin  taxes:  Originally  refer  to   James  Tobin,  currently  used  by   the  media  to  mean  all  financial   transac5on  tax.   •  1970s:  Tobin’s  original  idea  was   about  taxing  currency/forex     –  1%  in  order  to  REGULATE  not   generate  revenue   –  Would  drama5cally  cut  down   on  transac5ons…  which  Tobin   wanted  2/25/13   5  
  6. 6. Legisla5on  and  Support  So  Far:    •  The  Currency  Tax  Levy  is  a  subset  of  this  larger  tax.    Just  on   currency.    Would  raise  $30  billion  if  there  was  a  .005%  tax  on   4  most  traded  currencies.  •  Congressmember  Pete  Starks  introduced  legisla5on  to  create   a  currency  transac5on  levy  that  would  specifically  fund  the   fight  against  global  AIDS  and  climate  change  (DeFazio-­‐Harkin   bill  would  fund  domes5c  jobs)  •  Congressmember  Ellison  Bill,  HR  6411  with  a  great  rate  of  .5%   and  talks  about  AIDS  in  the  findings.  •  Gates,  the  Pope,  Sachs,  Archbishop  of  Canterbury,  Chris   Mar5n,  Anna  Wintour,  Mark  Ruffalo,  to  name  drop  a  few,   have  come  out  in  favor    2/25/13   6  
  7. 7. How  Does  It  Work:   Nego5ate   Seller   Buyer   on  an   Clearinghouse  holds   asks   wants  to   exchange   broker  to   buy  that   or  through   the  security,  confirms   sell   security   the  sale   soiware   security   on  price   Clearinghouse   Both   Buyer  sends   releases  the   par5es   money  to  the   security  to  the   agree  to   clearinghouse     buyer   the  terms  2/25/13   VAT?  /  Sales  Tax   7  
  8. 8. Myth  Bus5ng…  2/25/13   8  
  9. 9. It  Needs  to  Happen  Everywhere…  •  FTTs  –  commonplace:  over  25  years    introduced  permanently  or  temporarily  on  stocks,   corporate/government  bonds,  futures,  general   computerised  financial  transfers  •  Argen5na,  Australia,  Austria,  Belgium,  Brazil,   Chile,  China,  Colombia,  Denmark,  Ecuador,   Finland,  France,  Germany,  Hong  Kong,  India,   Indonesia,  Italy,  Japan,  Malaysia,  Morocco,   Netherlands,  Pakistan,  Peru,  Philippines,  Portugal,   Russia,  Singapore,  South  Africa,  South  Korea,   Sweden,  Switzerland,  Taiwan,  UK  and  US     2/25/13   9  
  10. 10. Will  it  Hurt  the  Financial  Sector?  •  Profit  to  Financial  Sector:   •  Bonuses:  global  pot  for  2011  $600  billion  and  a  $1,000   billion  (one  trillion  dollars);    R1.1  billion  from  must  ABSA  in   South  Africa  •  banking  was  the  most  profitable  industry  in   the  world,  26  5mes  more  profitable  than  the   average  industry    2/25/13   10  
  11. 11. It  WILL  Hurt  the  Financial  Market…   •  Volume  of  financial  transac5ons:  70x  the  size   of  “real  economy”     •  Tradebots  in  the  US  who  hold  a  stock  on   average  for  just  11  seconds.     •  Financial  experts  agree-­‐this  is  the  danger  zone   of  trading.   •  RHT  will  kill  about  50%  of  (robo)  trading   •  Our  revenue  es5mates  take  this  loss  into   account   2/25/13   11  
  12. 12. We  Can’t  do  it!  •  Syringe  Exchange  •  Inclusion  of  women  in  clinical  trials  •  Ryan  White  CARE  Act  •  Housing  for  people  with  AIDS  •  US  Global  AIDS  Plan  and  subsequent  expansion  to  $48  billion  •  AIDS  drugs  drop  from  $15,000  to  $89/year  due  to  generic  compe55on  •  Ac5vists  campaigned  for  the  crea5on  of  the  Global  Fund  to  Fight  AIDS,  TB,   and  Malaria-­‐new  way  to  do  development  •  Americans  with  Disabili5es  Act  •  Bank  Regula5on  •  End  of  Child  labor  •  Etc,  etc.  2/25/13   12  
  13. 13. Grassroots  Ac5on  Thus  Far…  2/25/13   13  
  14. 14. Health  GAP  and  VOCAL-­‐NY   Mobilizing  Occupy  Wall  Street  2/25/13   14  
  15. 15. VOCAL-­‐NY  on  World  AIDS  Day  2/25/13   15  
  16. 16. AIDS  Ac5vists  have  been  Occupying   Wall  Street  for  25  Years…  2/25/13   16  
  17. 17. 2/25/13   17  
  18. 18. 2/25/13   18  
  19. 19. 2/25/13   19  
  20. 20. UPCOMING  OPPORTUNITIES…  •  Jack  Lew  hearing  today  •  Metro  Commioees!  •  DRESSING  LIKE  ROBIN  HOOD  IS  NEVER  A  BAD  THING  •  GOING  NAKED  IS  NEVER  A  BAD  THING  •  Organize  a  rally  outside  your  Member  of  Congress’  office  or   invite  them  to  a  town  hall  on  global  AIDS.    Now  is  the  5me  for   Congress  to  keep  their  promises  on  AIDS.  •  Meet  with  your  congressmember-­‐very  few  people  actually  do   this!  •  Ellison  bill  to  be  re-­‐introduced,  press  conference,  day  of   ac5ons  in  early  March  •  MOBILIZE  FOR  APRIL  20TH  (NO,  NOT  THAT  4.20)  IN  DC  (G8/ G20  FINANCE  MINISTERS  AND  GOVERNORS)  •  FTT  messaging  at  Occupy  Everywhere  2/25/13   20  •  Do  any  Robin  Hood  Ac5on!  
  21. 21. Contact  Info   Jennifer  Flynn   Managing  Director   Health  GAP   Cell  +  1  917  517-­‐5202   Skype:    jenniferaliceflynn   Headquarters:    +1  212  537-­‐0575  x  3   ______________________    2/25/13   21