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Dream Team Formula


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Viral traffic feeder and downline retention for your MLM business. This blog writes about new school MLM technique using Profit Sharing Marketing concept which maximizes leverage with the automatic vertical spill-over downline recruitment

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Dream Team Formula

  1. 1. Welcome Back! In the next 1min we will reveal to you the solution behind the problems of a MLM business models. The solution is based on a system called “Profit Sharing Marketing” or PSM™ developed and run at
  2. 2. Benefits of PSM System Greatly reduces fall out rate ➲ because members see results almost immediately Never have to rebuild a team ➲ Build it once and the team continues to generate income year after year Income never dips ➲ It continues to increase steadily over time
  3. 3. Revolutionary PSM System Your main focus is build You a self-sustaining team
  4. 4. Revolutionary PSM System This is how your team looks You like after you recruit your first member #1
  5. 5. Revolutionary PSM™ System When you recruit your 2nd You member, instead of keeping 100% of the profit, you share it with your 1st member. #1 Thus, the name of our system is “Profit Sharing Marketing” or PSM™ #2
  6. 6. Revolutionary PSM™ System You continue to share your You profit to a fixed number of levels deep under you #1 Member #1 Sees results almost immediately Becomes a bit more active Our system will place new #2 comers strategically in your business #3 #1.1
  7. 7. Revolutionary PSM™ System You For example, If you decide to share your profit Level 1 #1 #5 up to 5 levels deep, when your first team reaches 5 levels deep you will start building your 2nd Level 2 #2 team. Level 3 #3 Level 4 #1.1 Level 5 #4 Level n #1.n Team 1 will never stop growing!
  8. 8. Revolutionary PSM™ System You The system continues to build team by team Level 1 #1 #5 Level 2 #2 #6 Level 3 #3 #7 Level 4 #1.1 #2.1 Level 5 #4 #2.2 #2.3 Level n #1.n Team 1 will never stop growing!
  9. 9. Revolutionary PSM™ System You When your 2nd team reaches the targeted depth, you move on to Level 1 #1 #5 #8 build your 3rd team and so on…… Level 2 #2 #6 At the same time, most of your initial recruits should also be starting Level 3 #3 #7 on their 2nd and 3rd teams. Level 4 #1.1 #2.1 Level 5 #4 #2.2 Level n #1.n #2.n Team 1 and 2 will never stop growing!
  10. 10. Dream Team Formula Start building your MLM businesses with the revolutionary “Profit Sharing Marketing™” (PSM) system. Visit Us at (Where Everyone Wins™)