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DTU’s maritime centre

  1. 1. 5/6/2014 DTU’s maritime centre Conference - Innovation consortium PROTEUS 12th December 2013 Henrik Carlsen Head of Dept. Of Mechanical Engineering
  2. 2. Technical University of Denmark The Technical University of Denmark • 9,000 students • 4,100 employees (1,800 scientific staff) • 1,150 PhD students • BSc, BEng and MSc programmes • 20 departments
  3. 3. Technical University of Denmark3 Maritime Center at DTU - objectives Industry University Student Authorities • Support the recommendations of the "Growth Plan for the Blue Denmark“ • Focus on interdisciplinary research and education • Strengthen innovation and cooperation with the industry • Strengthen interdisciplinarity and cooperation between the departments at DTU • Strengthen cooperation with other universities DTU
  4. 4. Technical University of Denmark4 • Strong support and initiative from management at DTU • All relevant researchers and teachers at DTU are invited • DTU Mechanical Engineering is hosting center • Steering committee consisting of head of department from DTU Mechanical Engineering, DTU Transport and DTU Management Engineering • A professor from each of these departments represent the scientific activities • Recruitment of Head of center ongoing DTU Maritime – Organisation
  5. 5. Technical University of Denmark DTU Maritime – Need for education • Survey in 2011 (ATV and the Danish Maritime Fund) prepared by a working group consisting of representatives of industry and universities • There is a lack of engineers in the Danish maritime sector! • There is a need for a combination of classic and new skills in an inter- disciplinary and practice-oriented approach
  6. 6. Technical University of Denmark6 New study plans in Maritime Technology: • BEng, BSc, MSc in Mechanical Engineering • New study line in maritime logistics in the MSc education in Transportation and Logistics • Special courses in e.g. arctic operation New Initiatives in Education - 1 New graduate course in Green Transportation Logistics (DTU Transport)
  7. 7. Technical University of Denmark7 • Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering (accredit MSc education in cooperation with the universities in Nordic Five Tech) New Initiatives in Education - 2 The Nordic Five Tech is a strategic alliance between the five strongest technical universities in the Nordic region, with partners in Denmark (DTU) Sweden (KTH and Chalmers) Norway (NTNU) Finland (Aalto University)
  8. 8. Technical University of Denmark Maritime research - Green Shipping Technological improvements • More efficient engines • Better boat hull design • Cleaning of flue gas 8 Logistic improvements • Route net design • Disruption management • Stowage • Collaboration • Green corridors • Decision support systems Majestic Maersk, Daewoo Shipbuilding, South Korea 2013
  9. 9. Technical University of Denmark DTU Departments – Maritime Research Projects 9 Department Topics DTU Mechanical Engineering Hydrodynamics, strength of structures, ship operations, ship design, wave loads, fluid mechanics, environmental issues, offshore constructions, reliability analysis, composite materials, ship engines, cooling technology, fuels, emissions, product/service concepts. DTU Civil Engineering Risk analysis, experimental structural mechanics, fatigue. DTU Electrical Engineering Fault-tolerant control automation, autonomous systems. DTU Transport Maritime logistics, transport optimisation, operations analysis, stowage planning. ship emissions models, market based measures, lifecycle analysis, green corridors DTU Management Engineering Life cycle analysis, operations analysis, innovation, product development, production management, project management, sustainability. DTU Chemical Engineering Environmental technology, energy, combustion, emissions, exhaust gas cleaning, anti-fouling. DTU Chemistry Exhaust gas cleaning. DTU Business Innovation in network, business development, entrepreneurship. DTU Space Route optimisation, surveillance of maritime traffic, satellite-based navigation, E-navigation, maritime communication. DTU Aqua Aquaculture, oceanography, climate, fisheries technology. DTU Energy Conversion and Storage Fuel cells, batteries. Polar DTU (center) Monitorering of climate change, exploration of polar resources.
  10. 10. Technical University of Denmark DTU Research Projects, Danish Maritime Fund
  11. 11. Technical University of Denmark DTU Research Projects, Danish Maritime Fund
  12. 12. Technical University of Denmark12 6 May 2014 • Strong support from industry! • Significantly more maritime students at DTU (125 members of the maritime student organisation) • Study excursions - also abroad (Norway, Singapore) • Increased interdisciplinarity • New research projects started, among others: - Energy Efficient Safe Ship Operation - Major Retrofitting Technologies for Container Ships - Composite structures for Larger Passenger Ships • DTU hosts the "International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and other Floating Structures" in 2016 DTU Maritime center - status
  13. 13. 6 May 201413 Thank you for your attention