March Discovery Land meeting agenda powerpoint


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Powerpoint from our March childrens ministry meeting.

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March Discovery Land meeting agenda powerpoint

  1. 1. MCC’s Vision Praise God Serve Others Grow in Christ
  2. 2. MCC’s Christian Ed. Team Vision Statement Caring for others,  Committed to Jesus Christ, and a community of fun and faith. Dedicated to increasing the knowledge, involvement, and numbers of our students by... Inviting new students and making follow up calls. Involving students and developing their leadership potential and using communication that is informing between all involved .
  3. 3. Example lesson format for Kid’s Time! Kid’s today are used to multi-sensory approach!! Repetition Repetition Repetition helps learning!! Find different ways to demonstrate the same thing so that children will discover Christ!! Make things as hands on as possible.
  4. 4. Example lesson format for Kid’s Time! You can put lessons on the computer!! Make it the best hour in a child’s week!!  Remember we are leaders not teachers!! This is Children’s Ministry, not Sunday School!! Be creative!! Have fun!! Figure out ways to help children develop leadership skills!! Help them feel important!!
  5. 5. Welcome to Discovery Land!! Lesson 19 March 4, 2007 Elisha Shows God’s Love Kim—Discovery Land Leader Discovery Land Kids
  6. 6. Story -- Elisha Shows God’s Love Elisha was out working hard in his father’s field when Elijah the prophet came by. Elijah came up and threw his cloak over Elisha. He did this to show that God had chosen Elisha to follow Elijah and learn from him. Elisha left home to learn from Elijah and help him. Years later God brought Elijah to heaven! Elisha was now the prophet of God
  7. 7. Elisha Shows God’s Love God gave Elisha power to do amazing things, even to help people who didn’t believe in or care about God. One man who didn’t care about God was the commander of the Aramean army (Israel’s enemy). This man, Naaman, got a terrible skin disease called leprosy. He tried everything he could think of to get rid of his disease. But nothing worked.
  8. 8. Worship Time!!! “We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19 Who do you know that needs us to pray for them? Prayer and Lord’s Prayer Communion music Let’s thank God that He loves and cares about everyone—even people who don’t care abut Him
  9. 9. Verse 1: God’s love lives in me; God’s love lives in me. Now I can care for anyone in need, ‘cause God’s love lives in me. Verse 2: God’s power lives in me; God’s power lives in me. Now I can show God’s love in ev’ry deed, ‘Cause God’s power lives in me. Verse 3: God’s love lives in me; God’s love lives in me. Now I can show love in my family, ‘Cause God’s love lives in me. Verse 4: God’s power lives in me; God’s power lives in me. Now I have power to love my enemies, ‘Cause God’s love and power live in me.
  10. 10. Verse 1: People waved palm branches one sunny day; People praised Jesus in many ways. Some sang songs, some clapped their hands, some shouted words of praise. Jesus rode in on a donkey, and Easter was on its way. Chorus: Easter means salvation, salvation means we win! Easter means salvation, salvation means Jesus died for our sins, He rose again, And we’ll live forever with Him! Verse 2: Jesus died on the cross one dark day. Jesus died for our sins; He is the way. He was buried, He came back to life—He rose from the grave! This is what we celebrate every Easter Day! CHORUS Verse 3: Jesus friends talked to Him on Easter Day; Jesus’ friends walked with Him and talked and prayed. Jesus went to heaven, sent His Spirit here to stay. We remember Jesus’ death and resurrection when we say: CHORUS
  11. 11. Game Time!!!!  Helping others is something we can do to show God’s love to others. Let’s play a game in which you have to help your partner.
  12. 12. What are some ways a person can show God’s love to someone else? Because God loves all people, He wants to help them. If a kid wants God’s help, what should he or she do?
  13. 13. God wants all of you to become His children. --John 1:12 Do you know why God wants you in His family? –1 John 4:8 We have all done wrong things.– Romans 3:23 The Bibles word for doing wrong is “sin.” What do you think should happen to us when we sin? –Romans 6:23
  14. 14. Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday!!  Palm branches are ordered Easter egg hunt after church Radio commercials and flyers Expect visitors!!! 
  15. 15. Ideas ??? What more can we do to reach our vision!! Be crazy and creative!! IE. Painting the rooms.
  16. 16. Wall murals before after Check in
  17. 17. MCC’s Vision Praise God Serve Others Grow in Christ And meet our 140 x 140 challenge!! 