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Trabalho sobre os refugiados

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. For the subjects of Civics and Geography.
  2. 2. Refugee is a concept which is associated with the verb to take refuge (run away, take shelter, escape). The term is used with reference to the individual that, due to political persecution, war or other life-threatening situation, is forced to seek refuge abroad. In this case we will talk about refugees fleeing their native country to escape the dry season.
  3. 3. If we look at the Earth's surface, 71% of our planet is water. However, come from the ocean, only 3% is freshwater. To exacerbate the situation, of these 3%, most are in glaciers and underground reserves. For this reason - and also because of the irregular distribution of water in the world - there are several regions suffering from water shortages, which involves territories from various parts of the globe.
  4. 4. Among countries with water shortages, the countries of the Middle East, a region with many deserts and little availability of water resources, besides some regions of Africa, Asia and also of the Americas.
  5. 5. Kuwait with 10 m3 per capita of water; Arab Emirates with 58 m3 per capita of water; Bahamas with 66 m3 per capita of water; Qatar with 94 m3 per capita of water; Maldives with 103 m3 per capita of water.
  6. 6. To combat water scarcity in the world, there must be heavy investment by governments in, treatment and preservation of water resources, given that access to water is a universal right. According to UN data, about 1.1 billion people suffer from the lack of this important natural resource (water).
  7. 7. The drought that is punishing the eastern region of the African continent, known as the Horn of Africa, is being overloaded with refugees camps in countries of that region. Which ccontinuous affect the region over 60 years.
  8. 8. The refugees camps in this regions are always overlapping. For example the number of people in a refugee camp in Somalia doubled in a matter of days. .
  9. 9. Establish better agricultural systems; Avoid war; Make refugees camps self-sustaining; Loans for development projects such as the construction of dams for the generation of electricity and new agricultural techniques.