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Trabalho sobre os problemas da água em Portugal

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. 2017 Water problems in Portugal
  2. 2. Introduction Portugal is not a country with a tendency to create water problems, but unfortunately, last summer there was a situation that led Portugal to run out of water in some areas. Lisbon, Portugal Capital Viseu, a City of Portugal Porto, a City of Portugal
  3. 3. What happened The dam that supplies water to the city of Viseu and to the neighboring cities is the dam of fagilde; This dam has no longer been able to supply the cities because water was necessary for... Before what happened
  4. 4. Why did it happen? ... put out the fires; Well, last summer there were a lot of fires in this part of our country, and it took water to extinguish them, water that went to the dam that provided the city of Viseu, leaving the dam with only 8.4% of its full capacity; After what happened
  5. 5. Consequences of what happened The consequences were not immediately noticed, because at the time of the fires what really mattered was to extinguish them; Consequences:  two or three days later the people began to notice the lack of water; The ground dried up as seen in the image beside; A dry ground
  6. 6. What steps have been taken? Trucks were hired to transport water from other dams, so that enough water could be obtained to supply the city of Viseu and the neighboring cities; Fagilde Dam
  7. 7. Conclusion News reviled on January 11th of 2018, showed the dam completely full; As for the moment Viseu and the neighboring cities have water again; Viseu City