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Old Pacific Realty - California Real Estate


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Old Pacific Realty - California Real Estate - Commercial and Residential
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Old Pacific Realty - California Real Estate

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  14. 14. Represented Landowner for Yorba Linda Pagentry for Single Family Luxury Homes Development Yorba Linda Subdivision Kathleen Haub served as the Project Manager, as well as Marketing Broker for this complicated project which was encumbered with encroachment issues, flood control channel requirements, Department of Fish & Game issues, EPA resolution, inverse condemnation issues, Orange County Flood Control District mitigation, Environmental Management Agency requirements, City of Yorba Linda Planning & Engineering Departments, Soils, Engineering & Water issues, Geotechnical surveys, Water Flow Calculations, Project Feasibility, Project Management Pro-forma. Marketing Subdivision Site. This project was deemed a worthless site by many Engineering firms and Developers. Kathleen, as project manager, solved the issues and the site was sold to a British Developer who built upscale luxury homes. (Examples of finished homes below) Testimonial from Land Owner "Kathleen has experience in ALL Real Estate. Her integrity is Heaven High, and this Ladies competence can't be beat. She is thorough and quite diligent, I bet she could find the "Holy Grail". She is the Best of all the Rest in the West. " Mrs. Ava Page, Land Owner
  15. 15. Somerset Apartments - 416 Unit Project 15.80 Acres This project required the assembly of over 20 parcels which involved complex negotiations with: • 9 land owners, • Three oil companies, one energy company • A.T.& S.F. Railroad. Negotiations included: • Railroad abandonments agreement • Research with the Department of Oil and Gas • Abandonment of oil wells and easement mitigation. Kathleen Haub turned this impossible project into a success story. "I have worked since 1984 with Kathleen Haub. During this professional relationship, I have repeatedly been impressed with her work ethics as well as her personal values. She is a tireless worker that is always striving to provide the best that is attainable. Kathleen Haub has assembled one of the most impressive Real Estate Brokerage databases that I have seen. All of her efforts and work product are impeccable.“ Neal D. Graham, Developer Somerset Apartments
  16. 16. 81 Home Subdivision - Yorba Linda Kathleen Haub was hired by Judge John Stodd, Successor Trustee for the Goodwin Thompson site. The site was encumbered with a railroad tract splitting the site. Kathleen worked with the railroad and had the entire track abandoned. During the 1920's, the 3 original landowners had deeded their subsurface (MOG) and surface rights to their families and friends. Seventy years later the ownership had grown to 1581 owners. It took over eleven years to clear the title. Kathleen negotiated with the railroad, worked with the oil companies, Department of Oil and Gas and several law firms. Her project management, market research and contract negotiations were presented to the Probate Court and approved. Services performed for landowners by Kathleen Haub: * Demographic Reports * Marketing and Research * Negotiations on 16 oil wells * Oil Well abandonment per D.O.G. Regulations * Acquisition Negotiations with A.T.& S.F. Railroad * Abandonment of railroad tracks in center of project * Presentation to the Probate Court & Successor Trustee * Retained by Law Firm to Represent Land Owners. Terra Linda Estates - Yorba Linda Subdivision