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  1. 1. .  One of the Largest Car Insurance Providers in the United States.  New and Affordable Insurance  Online Service: Easy and Fast
  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE • People would like to use internet. THE BIG IDEA: • The Unique Mobile App COMPANY GOALS FOR 2015: • Provide more conveniences and benefits • Increase brand awareness
  3. 3. THE MOBILE APP Follow the development and trend of technology
  4. 4. TO PROVIDE MORE CONVENIENCES AND BENEFITS TO EXIST CUSTOMERS • Auto payment Loyalty program • Birthday greetings
  5. 5. TO PROVIDE MORE CONVENIENCES AND BENEFITS TO EXIST CUSTOMERS Promotion is always important! Promotions for customers who refer another one Lower price for consistent and return customers
  6. 6. TO INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS Social Media Networks
  7. 7. MAKE USE OF FACEBOOK PAGE Gather customers together, leave them a space to talk and comment
  8. 8. TO INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS Advertising is always important, try to use Google Adward!
  9. 9. ADVERTISING BUDGET For Progressive Corporation, the estimated advertising budget for Progressive is around $71000 a month. Facebook Page: $15000 Twitter:$15000 Instagram: $10000 YouTube: $10000 Google Adwards: $21000
  10. 10. ANALYZE CUSTOMER ACTIVITIES Sidekick: an approach of inbound marketing to get more information from customers. • Track customers’ activities • Upgrade and optimize systems and service • Provide better service to customers