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Halal Tech Challenge - Shopify Presentation


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Shopify Features and resource centres

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Halal Tech Challenge - Shopify Presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR ONLINE SHOP Never sold online before? It’s easy. Shopify is perfect for beginners and experts alike. You don't need to have any technical or design experience to easily create a beautiful online store. Simply choose a stylish ecommerce website design, easily customize your online store, add products, and you're pretty much ready to accept payments.
  3. 3. What is Shopify? Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.
  4. 4. Shopify powers over 90,000 successful stores. These are just a few of our happy customers
  5. 5. All the features you want, none of the clutter
  6. 6. Rated the #1 ecommerce solution by storeowners and journalists alike.
  7. 7. Used by Major Corporations
  8. 8. Used by FMCG
  9. 9. Used by Celebrities
  10. 10. Used by Malaysian merchants
  11. 11. SHOPIFY FEATURE TOUR All the features you want, none of the clutter. Shopify handles all the hassles of online retail.
  12. 12. Beautiful and totally flexible website designs. The Shopify Theme Store hosts a collection of over 100 beautiful premium and free ecommerce website templates. Every website template comes with its own settings so you can quickly and easily customize your website's design
  13. 13. Manage and Run Your Website with Ease 1. Shopify helps you understand your customers through collection of detailed customer profiles. You can encourage returning customers to create accounts, and categorize them easily 2. With complete control over your website's navigation, content pages and design, Shopify is a fully- featured wysiwyg content management system. 3. Shopify is a complete blogging platform to help you get involved with your customer community.
  14. 14. Secure shopping card, multiple shipping options Over 70 payment gateways integrated The Shopify website checkout process is simple and secure Choose from a number of local currencies and we'll automatically handle major country and state tax rates. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, free 128-bit SSL certificate to keep your information secure Flexible shipping options: either fixed-price or weight-based rates; or automatic carrier shipping rates
  15. 15. Unlimited web hosting, worldwide 99.94% uptime, blazing fast global servers networks, unlimited bandwidth. Level 1 PCI Compliant
  16. 16. Online Marketing Ready SEO friendly CMS, Shopify supports best practices like customizable H1, title and meta tags and SEO friendly urls Use the Shopify coupon engine to create sales, discount codes and coupons to help promote your products. Shopify includes built-in analytics that let you keep track of your web sales and progress over time..
  17. 17. Mobile Commerce Put your store in your customer's hands. Your Shopify plan includes a free, built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. This means your customers can browse and buy from your store while on the go, using any mobile phone With Shopify Mobile you can view all vital information about your shop from your iOS device. Check your sales statistics, view products, orders, and customer data.
  18. 18. Shopify App Store Extend the functionality of your store. Ecommerce plugins found in the Shopify App Store add features to your store.
  19. 19. Akan Datang: Shopify POS
  20. 20. Starting an Online Business: 5Ps 1 Product
  21. 21. Starting an Online Business: 5Ps 1 Product 2 Presentation
  22. 22. Starting an Online Business: 5Ps 1 Product 2 Presentation 3 Promotion
  23. 23. Starting an Online Business: 5Ps 1 Product 2 Presentation 3 Promotion 4 Process
  24. 24. Starting an Online Business: 5Ps 1 Product 2 Presentation 3 Promotion 4 Process 5 Profit
  26. 26. Resources
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