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Our prayer


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Published in: Spiritual, Travel
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Our prayer

  1. 1. Our Prayer HSI F uay- ach 20 ebr r M r 12
  2. 2. Thank you all for being my family away from family.
  3. 3. Im so thankful for each andevery one of you and Im gladIve made friends that I knowIll have for the rest of my life
  4. 4. Thank you all for putting upwith my sarcastic remarks and impressively loud belches. You are all beautiful and special in your own way.As the notorious simple minds once said “don’t you forget about me”
  5. 5. HSI for me is the greatest experience I’ve ever had
  6. 6. I cam e to this p rogram to escap e m y life at hom e, now, just 2 m onths later; I ’m leaving with 2 3 am azing new friend s and an exp erience thatI ’ll rem em ber for the rest of m y life
  7. 7. I came here expecting to learn about Judaism and I’m leaving with an even bigger Jewish family
  8. 8. I came into this so scared andworried about not having any friends and now I’ve made friendships to last a lifetime
  9. 9. I came to Israel to find myself…I found 23 amazing people as well
  10. 10. The friends I made hereare going to be my familyforever and I don’t want it to end
  11. 11. People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime
  12. 12. HSI has been a blastI can’t believe it went by so fastHiking and laughing together I’ll miss it when it has passed
  13. 13. HSI has been a trulyincredible experience
  14. 14. These two months have changed my life… Forever
  15. 15. Muss is where the heart is.My life, my home, my love.
  16. 16. Muss is where I discovered my love for Israel
  17. 17. F or m e , th e d e s e rt’s s ile nceam p lifie d m y own inne r voice
  18. 18. Nowhere else have Iconnected to others and gotten so emotionally close with my peers
  19. 19. We’ve made memories together in Israel that will last foreverEven if we didn’t always have the best weather
  20. 20. I learned that it’s possible to never stop eating for two months straight
  21. 21. From coffee at Ofers to nap time on the bus You’ll never forget 2012 Muss
  22. 22. Every time you come to Israel youll remember this, Youll think of all thememories with such fond bliss
  23. 23. We had such great times with Alon and Niritno other madrichim are so sweet
  24. 24. Ive learned a lot about myselfthroughout these two months. It was hard for me to believe people when they told me that this was going to change meand make me a stronger person, but it truly has.
  25. 25. AMHSI made me look at mycountry in a tourist’s eyes and fall in love with her all over again
  26. 26. HSI is what you make of itIf you want it to change your life, It will
  27. 27. HSI to me is treasuring thesemoments forever because they will soon be gone
  28. 28. I know these have been some of thebest weeks of my life because they’vealso been some of the fastest. It’s like we’ve been here forever, but I can’t believe it’s almost over. I love youguys and I’m going to miss you all so much!
  29. 29. A few months ago I found love…it wasamazing…actually. Doesn’t happen alot. But then we broke-up, she left me and the future looked pale, loveless - so sad and empty. I asked myself, who will fill the void, how can I love again? But then you, HSI came into my life and gave me light once again. Hope, smiles, laughs and so muchlove, like I never thought I could have. HSI, I love you truly.
  30. 30. I L OV E YOU A L L !